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When God forces a hiatus

“The kids haven’t been sick for a while.”

The moment I spoke the words to my mother, I knew I had made a mistake. My mom told me I should find some wood to knock, and looking back, it definitely couldn’t have hurt. The week of wrath that swept into our lives following that statement still lingers by way of persistent coughs and fatigue.

When God forces a hiatus

I swear, we’re hit with a whammy like this every December. The flu descended on our house last Friday, the day before Kara’s planned 3rd birthday party and also my birthday weekend. It knocked me and the kids on our backs—literally. The party was cancelled and we endured a really rough week that included severe body aches, fevers, incessant coughing and sinus/ear infections. Bad, bad, bad week.

Work also came to a grinding halt for me, and the timing couldn’t have been worse. Of course, when it comes to these things, the timing is never great. Never.

I spent a good deal of the past week in physical misery, but I was also forced to completely stop everything in life to focus on three things. Taking care of myself, taking care of Evan and taking care of Kara.

It’s really sad when it takes something like a terrible illness to truly bring things into perspective. I spent days wrapped-up with my little ones wiping noses and comforting coughs, fetching glasses of water and combing knots out of hair. It wasn’t a fun time for any of us, but there were moments of quiet and comfort and love that are healing in their own ways and for that, I’m grateful. I am grateful that after just a few short days, our bodies have recovered, when there are so many who are dealing with chronic illness, life-threatening diseases and hardships beyond what I can fathom.

I’m trying to bounce back mentally from this week, too, but it’s tough. I am not sure what happens to me after getting sick, but I always find it difficult to get back into the regular swing of life. For whatever reason, though, God wanted me to stop for a moment. I know that what feels like a roadblock is actually just exactly what I am supposed to be experiencing in my life at this time, and I’m trying to appreciate and reflect on that as Christmas approaches.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday—Merry Christmas!

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  1. BOTH of my kids had strep twice each in the past month. It always seems to happen around the Holidays or before a birthday, the worst timing ever. My youngest’s birthday was Sunday and she was sick, but she held her own (because I had spent too much money to cancel it!) and slept all night after her party. It seems like everyone is getting sick right now, it’s horrible!

  2. Glad you are all starting to slowly (and yes we need that slowly at certain times in our lives) get back into the groove after a family illness. I think it really sometimes takes Moms a bit longer to get in the upswing again because they are not usually babied when they are sick, because they are usually babying the others around them that get sick at the same time. God Bless you and your whole family, you have a great outlook even on illness.

  3. God has also caused me to take pause. I had surgery on both eyes on Dec. 15th and am having a painful recovery. This pain comes on top of the back pain that I have every day since my second back surgery in Sept. of 2012. And of course I am the one who usually plans and hosts my family’s Christmas celebration. Though I always anxiously look forward to gift giving (I could not exist, it I didn’t), trying to plan, clean, cook and hostess is not physically going to happen this year. I truly thought that when I didn’t get the ball rolling earlier this month, that someone in my family, mother or siblings, would step up. Well that hasn’t happened, even now, three days before Christmas. Although most of my family does not know about my eye surgery, there were members that did. I guess I thought the word would spread without me, as family may say, “called and whined to anyone about my troubles”. So this year will be Christmas for our children and their families, whenever it’s easiest for them to stop by. Our Christmas will be full of love, regardless. Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy New Year!!

    • I’ll say a prayer for your continued healing right now and that your pains ease up (I too am a chronic pain sufferer, so I can relate). Don’t put guilt upon yourself that you choose not to be the hostess to extended family this year, and don’t be bitter that others didn’t step up. Maybe it was God’s plan that you and your extended family all celebrate this year in smaller more intimidate groups, just immediate family. You never know maybe an immediate family celebration is exactly what some of those extended family members really needed this year (remember only God knows what is best for all). I know you’ll enjoy your Christmas even if it is less crowded with people, and less busy for you, because you seem like a person who truly enjoys Christmas. God Bless.

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