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Hail pictures: Baseball-size hail in Ohio

Hail Pictures

I’ve seen some impressive hail pictures in my life, but never have I witnessed true baseball-size hail fall from the sky in my own yard — actually — my parents’ yard.

We’ve had some wild storms here in Ohio this summer. In fact, last Friday’s severe storm left most people in my city without power for several days. Combine that with record heat and you have one miserable week, especially for those of us out in the boontoolies.

The storm that produced the hail in these pictures popped up out of nowhere on Sunday. The sky had a creepy dark yellow glow, and before we knew it we could hear what sounded like bricks hitting the house.

Hail pictures: Amazing baseball-size Ohio hail!

Baseball size hail

I knew I wanted to get some hail pictures to document this incredible event, and before I even asked, my dad was running outside with an umbrella trying to collect a good specimen. Their neighbor was running around in a bike helmet!

Trying to get hail photos before it melts!

Hail pictures

The unique formation of the hail was so beautiful and fascinating. My husband commented that the hail looked like Everlasting Gobstoppers from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

To answer your question, no, we didn’t have any damage to our house or cars that we saw thank goodness! Actually, we were super fortunate through the whole severe weather event. Yes, it was hot and bothersome to be out of electricity, but at least we weren’t dealing with a tornado or a wildfire like so many in our country right now.

No one in my family had ever seen hail like this, and I’m so glad that I was able to get these cool hail pictures. I didn’t have my Nikon with me but at least I had my phone!

Have you ever seen hail this big?

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  1. that is some pretty impressive hail !! i wish it would start to snow here now today is so hot in kansas

  2. WOW! that’s the biggest hail I have ever seen!!!

  3. that has to be the biggest hail cluster I have ever seen, Thanks for sharing

  4. How amazing! They are beautiful.

  5. Wow that’s crazy. I’ve never seen that in Ohio, either.

  6. This does NOT surprise me. In 2005 or 2006, there was a massive hail storm (out of nowhere) in Northeast Ohio (I was in Akron). My entire vehicle had what looked like pock marks from front to rear. It was about $4000+ in damage. What a mess.

  7. Oh dear lord! I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed hail that size before, and you know what? It DOES look like everlasting gobstoppers! LOL

    Thank goodness no damage was done and everyone is safe and sound!

  8. That is some amazingly HUGE hail!! A couple months ago we had a 5 minute hail storm, and I thought those were big (golf ball size), but this beats it! So glad you didn’t suffer any damage


  10. We didn’t get i it nearly as bad as you all did. My friend in Columbus is still out and hoping to be back on tomorrow. Up here we just got little hail and it didn’t last very long.

  11. Holy cow! We had hail the other day, but it wasn’t nearly this massive. We still got dents in both vehicles, though — you’re lucky to have avoided damage!

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