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5 Healthy Resolutions You Need to Make

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Most of us set healthy resolutions on January 1st, but the best time to make any healthy lifestyle change is right now.

While you may think about diet or exercise changes when setting healthy resolutions and goals, it’s really important to look at our total body health. That includes your mental and emotional well-being!

Following are five healthy resolutions that you need to make right now (and ones that I’m definitely making right now, too!)

  1. Love Yourself

    Wow, that’s a novel concept, right? Practicing self-love is actually the key to any healthy lifestyle. When you love yourself, you’ll respect your body.

    This year I challenge you to take steps toward loving yourself more fully. Own your actions, accept your faults and relish your individuality. There’s no one else quite like you, after all!

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  2. Express Yourself Artistically


    Before I had kids I used to paint and draw almost every day.

    Of course, life gets busy when you’re a mom, and I’ve found that I truly miss being creative.

    I’m resolving to make time to express myself artistically this year and I challenge you to do the same. Pull out that old sketchbook or even a ball of yarn and your crochet hooks. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you feel when you let your inner artist shine again!

  3. Keep A Journal


    I’m also trying to keep a journal this year, and I mean a real journal—one that you can pick up and hold!

    Computers and apps are great, but there’s something special about a tangible journal and the pleasure of putting pen to paper.

    Journaling is a wonderful way to relax, but it’s also so beneficial for working through any issues or stressors in your life.

  4. Meet New People

    Image Source: Death to Stock Photo

    Image Source: Death to Stock Photo

    I’ve been guilty of sticking to my inner circle of family and friends, but it’s my goal this year to make an effort to meet new people. I feel that it’s important to continue to grow socially as we get older, and meeting new people can be great for our mental well-being.

    I’m working hard to come out of my shell and to add new, interesting people to my life.

    For me, that means spending less time at home on the computer or in front of the television and making more of an effort to spend time in social situations with my husband. I know that it will be beneficial for our marriage as well!

  5. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Image Source: Death To Stock Photo

    Image Source: Death To Stock Photo

    Meeting new people will definitely pull me out of my comfort zone, which is another of my big resolutions for the year.

    It can be easy to get stuck in a rut, so maybe it’s time to try something new and exciting?

    5 Healthy Resolutions You Need to Make Right Now!

    Whether it’s signing up to join your local gym, talking to your boss about a position in the company you’ve been eyeing, or even climbing a mountain, it’s important for us to break out of our comfort zones to grow as people.

    Maybe this is your year to make that big decision or take a leap toward an important goal in your life!

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc., Medina, ND, USA


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  1. Excellent list! I am chronically ill, so some of this stuff is more difficult (okay, challenging is a more positive word). 
    I am doing 2 and 3 together with a picture a day. I will journal my days in a lovely book I received for Christmas. Then, every month, I will get 4×4 prints through the Shutterfly app (free with shipping) and add the physical photos to my journal. Hope to expand my smaller world through this photo-a-day project. I’m carlahaunted on instagram if you want to follow along. Or you can follow #apictureaday2018carla. ?

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