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Hoarding my memories

I’m not sure when it happened, but I am keenly aware that I’ve transformed into a terrible blogger.

Hoarding my memories

I’ve been keeping an online diary since I was sixteen years old, and I’ve always felt a mix of pleasure and compulsion in this act. Even after becoming a mother, I was so eager to share photos and stories from my life, but it’s different now.

I feel powerless to time, the aging process, and change. I also feel very protective of my moments and memories and pretty reluctant to share any of it through blog posts. I don’t feel guilty about this, in fact, I think it’s probably a pretty healthy place to be.

Hoarding my memories

That said, I still have passing urges to chronicle some of this here, especially when fall rolls around and I’ve made such a tradition of sharing photos of the kids in the leaves, and in their costumes.

Hoarding my memories

I just can’t believe how big Evan and Kara are getting. I have a hard time articulating myself beyond that disbelief, it’s like a part of my mind and heart shuts down when I try to really focus on the speed at which this is all happening. It’s just going too quickly and I want to reach out and grab it. I just want to hold onto it a little longer.

Hoarding my memories

Also? We got a dog. This is JoJo and he’s a Chiweenie (his dad is a Chihuahua and his mother a Dachshund.) My husband says I was struggling with baby fever and pretty much everyone told me that I was crazy to get a puppy at the exact moment in time when both of my kids were finally going to sleep at night.

Hoarding my memories

He’s sweet, though, and we all love him very much. :)

Hoarding my memories

Back to me being a terrible blogger, it’s true and I’m sorry. Please hang tight with me over the next few weeks as I attempt to kick myself back into gear and start writing more personal posts here soon.

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  1. Embracing life and living in the moment is, at times, incompatible with the time demands of blogging. Blogging changes very little when you take a short break. Children, on the other hand, change in the blink of an eye. Personally, I say, “Carpe Diem”. Your readers will be there when you get back. :) p.s. The children (in their adorable costumes) and the puppy are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Crissy for sharing the photos and your thoughts. Kids do grow up faster than we want them to. Your blog is great and always a pleasure to look forward to.

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