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Oh, my teething baby!

This is one of the many instances when being a first-time-mother can be somewhat tricky. Evan has two adorably-sparkling little chompers on the bottom, and we’ve noticed some redness and swelling in the past few weeks around these teeth and on his upper gums. With a whole new style of crankiness going on, and his desire to have his fingers in his mouth pretty much all the time, I can only assume the poor little guy is having some discomfort.


He has also been having a really rough going to sleep, and staying asleep at night. Do any of you who have raised children through this phase have some advice on what I should do about his gums? We really haven’t tried much yet beyond cooled teethers, and certainly haven’t gone the pain medication or Baby Oragel route yet. I’m not really sure when the problem would merit those courses of action.

The realization that we’re transitioning into toddler issues is just, crazy!

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  1. I always thought that magical combination was Hyland's teething tablet and Tylenol. I was hesitant to give Tylenol to my first baby, but that wore off after the first couple teeth came in. The first year is basically teething hell. Sorry! I have an almost three year old and a four month old. We're about to start the whole teething process again with the baby. Oh the joys of motherhood! Stop by my blog if you have a chance. Good luck!

  2. Ice in a mesh food feeder helps

  3. The only thing that worked for Fumiko was frozen blueberries. She refused pretty much everything else. I used lemon balm and white willow bark brewed into a tea for Sascha when he was a baby and it worked wonders. Fumiko wouldn't take it though.

  4. Frozen breastmilk (or formula) cubes can be helpful.

  5. Oh, I'm right there with you. My little one has two on the bottom and two on the top. When she's cutting them, she doesn't sleep (wakes up every 20 minutes for several hours at a time). We also do the homeopathic teething tablets. They do help, but she still wants to wake up and be cuddled a little during the night. When babies hurt, they need their mommies. After she gets them cut and they start coming in she starts sleeping better. I'm not looking forward to the next few that come in. She's been cutting them two at a time.

  6. Teething Tablets and A frozen washcloth (just damp it and place it in the freezer for 5-10 seconda) and let him chomp on it.
    I love your whole entire blog. So I awarded you with the "A Blog with Substance" award. You can come pick it up @


  7. I have had a couple people mention the amber to me now. It does seem kind of strange, but I am not above trying it for sure!!

  8. Having a 13 month old baby myself, this was definitely a great post worth reading!

  9. Our son has 4 teeth on top and 3 on bottom (he's almost a year). but ever since the bottom 2 came in we used a teeny bit of baby tylenol (ok per the doc of course). The orajel never helped us much bc his mouth was so drooly that it would basically wash it away. So we do the tylenol and wet cold washcloths.

    • Wow, lots of teeth! Only 2 here so far, but he's struggling. I need to try the wet washcloths. Thanks!

  10. we are going through the same thing with Lily. sleeping has been tough, there has been no sleep!

    i find that the Hyland's teething tablets really soothe her. they are homeopathic so i don't feel bad giving them to her. you can get them anywhere, cvs, walgreens…

    wish they could bottle patience.

  11. I can’t relate to human babies, but when animal babies are teething, we take dampened washcloths and roll them up as tight as possible and put them in the freezer. They’re great to chew on, and we sometimes add peppermint before freezing for its soothing properties.

  12. Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets have saved us, I wouldn't use anything else! They really work and I make sure I'm always stocked up. They really are like magic and she loves taking them, they're not messy, non-habit forming, and not a drug. I've never had to use drugs on her, even through some severe teething episodes.
    We also like the Natursutten teether, we put it in the fridge. It's BPA free.

  13. My daughter is 13 months and has 4 teeth on the bottom and never showed signs of teething besides drooling a whole lot. But now she's getting her top front two teeth. Her gums look so red and swollen, she's also been tucking in her lips a lot almost as if they itch? Anyway, she also hasn't been sleeping well. I've been giving her ice cubes or frozen fruit such as grapes or watermelon in the Munchkin fresh food teether mesh bags:

    It seems to be helping. Good luck, I hope he's teething lets up soon.

  14. I have a 4 year old and 18 month, so I have definitely been there. I never gave them meds. With the 4 yr old I barely knew she was teething so never had a fever, no extra crankiness. With the 18 month old he has had his bad days with teething. We just used teethers and cuddling.

    • It's so funny how they can all have such different experiences with things. Teethers and cuddling are the routine here too!

  15. I froze wheat bagels for my son to chomp on. I also froze yogurt into sticks he could hold, messy but fun. when it's bad during the day we use hyland's homeopathic teething tablets and when he can't sleep at night we do give him tylenol.

  16. I asked my doctor what the dosage was for my son's age and weight, and used a combination of Tylenol or Motrin when necessary.

    Necessary meant he was crying out in pain with his hands in his mouth and couldn't be soothed with cooled teethers, washclothes, or by eating cold food like applesauce. Some of those teeth were pretty painful and definitely required medicine!

    I also tried the teething tablets for a bit (not sure how well they worked, can't hurt though), and orajel but I didn't think the orajel worked very well.

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