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How to clean & sanitize baby toys

Fisher Price Jumperoo

Kara is in a drooling phase, and that means her toys and baby gear are getting particularly messy!

That said, keeping her toys clean and sanitized is important to me, so I thought I would pass along a few tips for cleaning and sanitizing baby toys. I even have a great tip for using Q-Tips Cotton Swabs that will help make the job easier!

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How to clean and sanitize baby toys

Cleaning: Clean baby toys with regular soap and water. You can use an anti-bacterial soap if you want, but regular dish soap really works just fine. Cleaning will remove dirt and debris from your baby’s toys.

For baby equipment like the Jumperoo, I use soapy water and a washcloth to clean, however, to get the dirt (and drool) out of the small crevices and between movable pieces, I dip a few Q-Tips Cotton Swabs in soapy water. This is a great way to really get the baby’s equipment clean!

Sanitizing: To sanitize your baby’s toys, you’ll want to use a sanitizing solution. Your sanitizing solution will kill the germs that can make your baby sick. To make a simple sanitizing solution, add one tablespoon of household bleach in 1 quart of water. Diluted bleach is considered non-toxic and safe to use in cleaning your baby’s toys and equipment because the chlorine actually evaporates within minutes.

Always be sure to CLEAN before you sanitize, this will ensure you’ve removed grease and dirt.

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  1. I always bleached the toys and then ran them thru the dish washer

  2. Bleach is so toxic! There are so many other options. Why not just use baking soda and vinegar?

  3. who won ?????

  4. I use them wipe the excess nail polish off my toes and fingers

  5. I use them for my manicures!

  6. We use them daily for ears and detail cleaning in the bathroom

  7. I clean my computer keyboard with them.

  8. We use it to clean kids toys also. They are great to get in where washcloths can’t reach.

  9. I use them to fix my eye make-up.

  10. Clean out ear wax.

  11. To clean hard to reach areas of drawers.

  12. Other than to clean out my ears, I use Qtips to fix my eyeliner. :)

  13. I actually use them to clean my dogs ears

  14. I use them for make-up application

  15. To help put on nail polish!

  16. little places every where?

  17. Clean my ears and use with nail polish remover to fix just painted nails.

  18. to fix makeup mistakes

  19. For everything. They are so handy to have around, its a perfect tiny tool in abundance.

  20. I use Q-Tips to clean around my fingernails to wipe up any polish that got on my skin.

  21. To clean my baby’s belly button

  22. I use cotton swabs for make up clean up the most

  23. use q-tips to remove makeup from underneath my eyes.

  24. To remove make up

  25. i use them to fix my eye makeup especially eyeliner and mascara

  26. I use them for touch up painting on the ceilings and walls, among other uses!

  27. I often use Q-Tips to clean my keyboard! Great tips for cleaning baby items too! Thanks! :)

  28. I use Q tips to clean the outside my ears. Thanks!

  29. to clean my laptop!

  30. I use Q-tips everyday to dry out my ears after I shower

  31. to clean my ears

  32. I use them to clean my ears and remove nail polish from my cuticles.

  33. Every morning, after shower and even nap – I clean my ears!

  34. I use them to clean all small spaces, like car controls & keyboards.

  35. I obsessively clean nooks and crannies of my house with them.

  36. lol I use them to clean my ears twice a day. and of course, makeup, especially smudged eyeshadow & eyeliners

  37. I use Q-tips to clean around the twist knobs on the bathroom sink. My husbands hairs gets under after ha shaves and Q-tips grabs the hairs up and pulls them out. :)

  38. I use them as a match believe it or not. It’s a trick my friend taught me. Light it on the gas burner, then use to light candles.

  39. i use qtips to remove smudged mascara

  40. I use Q-tips cotton swabs to clean tough to get areas around my son’s crib: the corners and in between the rails. Gets rid of dust and debris.

  41. Use q-tips to apply my doTerra essential oils ~ everything from cuts and scrapes to cleaning ~ love my q-tips… especially since I’ve never found the off-brand kind equivalent. Q-tips are definitely superior

  42. I like to use them to clean my ears-which I do religiously!

  43. I use them to clean the refrigerator gasket

  44. I use them to clean in between small places.

  45. we pretty much just use qtips for ears or baby’s belly button. :)

  46. To clean my earrings. A little gentle cleanser on a q-tip brings back the shine on earrings.

  47. To remove nail polish with polish remover. Boring I know. :D

  48. I use then to apply special lotion to behind my sons ears.

  49. I use them to clean my ears.

  50. Clean my ears!!

  51. I use Q-tips to apply baby oil behind my babies ears to clean them and for moisturizing…sometimes he gets dry skin there.

  52. remove nail polish

  53. i use Q-Tips to apply and remove makeup, clean my ears, clean up baby toys and other hard to clean areas. great product

  54. I use them for my ears (oops.) and for nail polish removal when it gets on my skin!

  55. to clean my ears :)

  56. I use q-tips to clean up my fingernail polish around my nails.

  57. This would be awesome! diapers can be so spendy!

  58. I use qtips to clean the little keys on the dashboard of our cars! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  59. t clean tiny corners and spaces

  60. I use them to take off makeup around my eyes.

  61. I use qtips to clean those little tiny crevices! I once joked with an ex that he should use them to clean his mustang since he was always trying to keep it squeaky clean lol

  62. I use them to clean my keyboard.

  63. for deep cleaning little crevasses.

  64. I use them to clean the small area between my bathroom faucet and the wall

  65. I use it to clean straws.

  66. I use them to get paint into small spaces when painting furniture

  67. To clean the sink fixtures!

  68. Thanks for the tips. I’ve always wondered about things like this.

  69. i use them to clean out ears and noses

  70. i use it for normal use, my ears and also makeup removal

  71. to clean ears

  72. I use Q-Tips Cotton Swabs to clean my ears.

  73. I use them in my paintings!

  74. We use them to pack teeth with calcium powder after brushing!

  75. I also love to use q-tips to clean those little cracks and spaces of baby toys! We also use them if one of the kids gets a cut and bleeds on their clothes to get the stains out. I use them for make up (eyes). We’ve used them for crafts in the past too. My dad loved q-tips LOL and I think he passed that love on to me.

  76. Cleaning my car–all the nooks and crannies

  77. Like everyone…to clean my ears!

  78. We use Q-Tips for everything! Cleaning ears and noses and eyes, make up, cleaning toys and kitchen appliances. I don’t think we could function in our house without Q-Tips.

  79. For make up!

  80. cleaning my keyboard

  81. I use them to clean my ears.

  82. I used them to clean my ears, clean those hard to reach areas in the home, and a few other things.

  83. I use them to lighten my eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide

  84. I use them to wipe off mistakes when I’m painting my toenails. I also use them to clean in small crevices, like around the fixtures in my bathroom.

  85. cleaning my laptop (helps get to the fan intake)

  86. I use it to apply neosporin before applying band-aids.

  87. I use them to clean my ears,even though I know you are not supposed to!
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  88. I use them for my nails when painting, makeup goofs, and cleaning small spaces

  89. To clean behind my ancient bathroom sink! I know it sounds OCD, but it gets brown water back there! Yuk! Q-Tips makes it easy cuz you just toss it! YAY!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Blue Strong on FB!

  90. I use Q-tips to dry ears after shower

  91. We use them for painting crafts

  92. Cleaning hard to reach places… makeup… cleaning ears

  93. cleaning ears =)

  94. To clean my weapons – they get into those hard to reach places that a rag or cleaning cloth just don’t reach! And of course the regular cleaning our ears! ;-)

  95. I use Q-tips when cleaning nearly all of our electronics – including my laptop keyboard and trackpad. There are so many useful ways to use Q-tips. I always have to make sure we have plenty on-hand in our home!

  96. I use them to apply eye makeup.

  97. I use Q tips for cleaning, but mainly when I paint my nails.

  98. Carters teething bibs are amazing. I didn’t need them for my son, but my little girl is quite the drooler. Target sells them too.

  99. To clean our ears.

  100. i use q-tips in a multiple different ways: to paint with my kids, clean our ears, wipe off mascara smudges around the eyes etc…

  101. To fix eye makeup jobs gone awry!

  102. To clean around the grooves in the bathroom sink! Thank you! Mattandcolleen Fuller on FB

  103. I use them to clean inside valves and straws of my kids sippy cups. It really helps to clean up the buildup that accumulates in them.

  104. To remove nail polish!

  105. We use q-tips only to clean ears around here

  106. Clean up nail polish on my cuticles.

  107. I use Qtips for everything!

  108. I use q-tips to remove makeup.

  109. I love them for detailing our car

  110. I use it to clean up mascara and other eye makeup around my eyes :)

  111. i use them to fix my nails when i am painting them

  112. i use q-tips for my ears lol to clean in between small places!! for makeup

  113. clean air vents in the car

  114. I used them on my sons belly cord to clean it when he was a newborn

  115. I soak all my girls toys in white vinegar water. Clean toys – no chemicals! This works great for kids with very sensitive skin.

  116. I use Q-tips for my make up need, so handy to do a quick fixer upper when I mess up or fix ups too!

  117. I use them to clean tiny areas, and my ears (shh dont tell)

  118. I use them when I paint my nails to go around and clean the egdes

  119. I use q-tips to clean/sanitize the posts on my earrings. I dip them in alcohol first.

  120. I use Q-tips to clean tricky spots in our home, as well as using them for crafts and painting. They’re also handy for applying balms and salves on the little one’s “owies”

    Erin Cox on RC form

  121. I use them as little paint brushes for my littlie….. thats before I use soapy water to clean up ;)

  122. My son uses them to paint with. Easy cleanup!

  123. I use them when I get mascara in the wrong places on my eyes.

  124. I use Q tips to clean my computer keyboard (and often!) lol

  125. Q-Tips are great for cleaning those hard to get places!

  126. Clean my ears

  127. to clean our ears

  128. I use them to clean the corners of my son’s high chair

  129. For make up removal!

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