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Wordless Wednesday: My little shadow

This child… this adorable child, is driving me nuts. I am a human pacifier, and I pretty much haven’t slept in 5 months. I am delirious.


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    25 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: My little shadow”

  1. awww what a cutie and i know how you feel my daughter is 1 now and still isn’t on a great sleeping schedule =}

  2. Oh my goodness! She is growing so fast and did I mention oh-so adorable??!!

  3. He’s so cute though, but I think I know what you’re saying. My daughter finally got over that with her little guy. She was sooooo tired all the time. Being a single parent & four kids I didn’t have time for that not even when I was married because I was the only one working. I would’ve liked to to perform that bond, but we still have a great bond smong us. Treasure the moments for they’ll soon be gone and you’re going to say “Remember when” to yourself like I do with a smile I promise.

  4. I’m sorry you aren’t getting much sleep. I hope she calms down a little bit so you can rest.

  5. I’ve been meaning to participate in this since you introduced it on your blog! Finally doing it, hooray. Miss K has such a delightful smirk

  6. Geez Louise ~ That sucks !! literally. I think I would be trying to break the habit at this age but I am old school. I think we let our kids cry it out some. My son’s colic faded away at three months. You must really be sleep deprived which is not good. I once burned the bottom out of a pot and drove in the wrong direction because of lack of sleep during the colic days. ;(

  7. I love, love your Kara’s Photogenic talents!!! She is a doll, Big Beautiful eyes, cute smile a little Angel :). She loves her Mommy if she is your shadow. Nothing like having a baby, it’s been awhile for me , but I will never ever forget that Miraculous experience… Enjoy time fly’s!!!!

  8. haha I’m starting to get there.

  9. She is adorable and I think she knows it! I feel you. I’d love to give you some hope that it gets better, but I’ve got a 14 month old who does the same thing. I’m exhausted! I console myself with the knowledge that this is my last baby – I’ll never get to repeat the snuggles or have another baby need me like he does…so I’m trying to just enjoy as much of it as I can!

  10. But she is super duper adorable!!!

  11. I hear you! But, don’t worry … I promise it doesn’t last forever. The terrible two’s, moody tweens and restless teens are soon to come. Adorable photo!!

  12. What a little doll she is! Makes it tough to get upset with her. lol I nursed 3 of my 5 kiddos… one of my twins was the same way. He nursed every couple hours non-stop.. the other one would sleep 8 hours through the night. Total opposites.

    My Hawaiian Princesses

  13. Human pacifier..Ha! I remember those days being one myself. I had a recliner that I would get comfy in at night, and me and the baby would sleep there quite a lot. I would finally get some halfway decent sleep, instead of staying up, and then putting the baby back down in the crib. I never liked bed sharing, because I was always afraid of rolling over on the baby, and so was my husband. I read somewhere that this loss of sleep makes women much more hardier than men, and that’s why women usually live longer than men. Don’t worry about it, You will survive this, and it will be a happy memory one day, just like it is for me.

  14. I remember those days with both of my girls. I know how exhausting and frustrating it can be. Even now at 4 and 8 they are both still extremely attached to me. They both are also a bit stuborn and set in their ways. They can be very sweet do not get me wrong…they are very funny too…it’s just they know what they want. I wonder if babies that feel the need to be so close from birth are just that kind of personality type? Cause I think of a few friends who have kids that had to co sleep and use mom as a pacifier that are kinda that way too. However, I have read several articles on co sleeping recently that say how good it is for them and that we are one of the only countries that doen’t promote co sleeping. My 4 year old atleast starts out in her own bed now however, she always come in my room around 2 am. I know there will be a day the you (I) will probably miss these days and the fact that they wanted to be with us all the time. I do try to cherrish our closeness. In fact I just started a little journal with my 8 yr old…because I feel like since she doesn’t get in bed with me anymore we are not as close (weird I know). We take turns writing to each other in and it is amazing what she will share and what we can talk about in it. It all goes so fast…just try to enjoy your “special” time with her.

  15. Adorable is right! Sweetest little face ever. :-) I really miss having little ones around which I suppose makes no sense considering what you are going through. Mine are now 28, 25, and 11. It truly will get better and the time will pass so quickly that it becomes like a blur. Believe it or not, there will be a day way in the future that you will long for those days. Sounds nuts right?

    I remember going through exactly the same thing especially with my last child and someone told me to enjoy every second because it flies by and I really wanted to tell them where to go. Didn’t believe I would ever long for it but I do now.

    On the other side of it, you do need a ‘time out’ of your own. If you can get a sitter every now and again and go out and enjoy some “me” time that would really help. I remember taking my youngest to a friends house for the day and I seriously went home to bed…for 7 straight hours I slept. I know exactly where you are coming from. Some day, you will be telling a mom that feels like a human pacifier that the time will fly by and to enjoy every second, yes… you really will. For now though, feel free to tell me where to go. :-)

  16. I know all about being a human pacifier :)

  17. but what a cute face!

  18. I had 4, only 2 breast fed, other 2 didn’t like it- my youngest is 4 and I haven’t recovered, lol- cosleeping made all the difference for me and if I had to do it over, I wouldn’t change a thing. The memories are priceless and they grow up too quick. We are also very close and I agree, nothing like seeing that baby in your arms even if it takes some effort to keep your eyes open :)

  19. Awwww! My youngest is a tough baby too, he’s cute, but a beast!

  20. Yeah, but is there any better feeling in the world than looking down and seeing that little smiling face staring back at you? She’s so beautiful!

  21. She is adorable, but I know exactly what you mean about the human pacifier. I had one…she’s almost 16 now. Luckily, they DO grow out of this stage. I promise.

  22. Are you bed sharing? I did from day one with L and I usually got great sleep because I’d just latch him on and would fall right back to sleep. But I do get the part of feeling like a pacifier – which L never had because he had me LOL

    • I don’t particularly want to be, but yes. She will rarely let me unlatch her! She wants to be ON ME all night. When I try to slide her over a little, even though she’s asleep, she will wake up and scream at me. She’s something else.

    • Now imagine that scenario with a much older child who has an argument with you about why he has to stay stuck on you forever LOL

      She just knows what’s good for her. I don’t blame her, she’s smart: which kid wouldn’t want mommy and sweet milk at the same time, all the time :)

  23. Aww, I’ve so been there. It’s tough. I know there is nothing I can say to make you feel better – no glimmer of hope that’ll give you the energy boost you’re requiring. So I’ll just leave it at this… I feel your pain. :)

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