Dear Crissy

I’m thankful for the little things

The alternate title for this post is: “A Little Pie, for Little E.” My dad carefully crafted this adorable little personal-size pumpkin pie for Evan, complete with cutouts of the letter E, and a reindeer. I added the finishing touch, a single spray of whipped cream. Thumbs up, Papaw!

This was a busy day, as I’m sure it was for many of you. We attended two family dinners, both delicious, and because Evan missed both of his regularly-scheduled naps, he was absolutely pooped by the time it was all said and done.

In spite of the unrelenting rain, this was a beautiful Thanksgiving, and I’m so happy to have shared it with all of the people in my life who mean the most. I hope all of you had a happy Turkey Day!

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  1. not sure if Im doing this right but this is a bonus for FB entry #1 retweeted this article! What a loving little act to do for your lil guy!

  2. Nice Paw Paw :) BONUS FB ENTRY #1

  3. Hi Crissy,

    Love the personalized treat – how nice of your dad. I live hundreds of miles from my folks and they don’t get to see their grand-kids that often so it’s heartwarming to see such a personal touch. You are all so very lucky! Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. just found your blog, and i love the lil pie. the perfect essence of what thanksgiving is all about. i hope e loved it!

  5. A great looking Pie.. Love the personalization
    Glad you had a fun family time

  6. How sweet! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

  7. I made those once when I lived in Arlington, VA! You can’t really freeze pumpkin pies because they come apart from the crusts but they’re still good that way!

  8. What a cute pie.. :) Good job to Papaw..

    Happy Thanksgiving

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