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Kara’s First Haircut

I swear, it was just yesterday that I was posting about Evan’s first trim, and here I am, writing about this milestone again, with my little Kara. Why does the first haircut seem like such a big milestone?

Kara's First Haircut

I do plan to let Kara’s hair grow long, however, the girl definitely needed a trim!

Kara's First Haircut

Because Kara sleeps on her belly (and rubs her head and hair into her mattress), her bangs were really damaged. Luckily, my mom is a hair stylist, so she was able to give Kara her first haircut at home.

Kara's First Haircut

Kara tolerated her first haircut pretty well — up to a point!

Kara's First Haircut

Kara's First Haircut

By about halfway through the process, she started getting a bit irritated, and then the screaming started.

Kara's First Haircut

I still feel really fortunate that we can go through this milestone at home, something tells me that she would have had an even bigger meltdown at the salon!

Kara's First Haircut

Yes, I did get a little choked up seeing that messy baby-hair suddenly take on a big girl shape.

Kara's First Haircut

Kara is 15-months-old, by the way. How old was your little one at their first haircut, and, did you cry?

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  1. Oh my gosh! I have to cut Maddie’s hair and I keep putting it off because it sooo sad!! Kara is such a cutie pie.

  2. Your daughter is absolutely precious. You must be so proud.

  3. Very adorable! My son screamed through his first haircut!

  4. She’s adorable, and I love her big girl hair cut. :)

    My son is going to be 7 this July, and I still tear up when we cut off his locks!

  5. She is getting so big and is just adorable!

  6. She is so darling!

  7. My granddaughter is the same age. Sadly she still doesn’t really have much hair. Maybe by the time she starts school we will be able to do something with it.

  8. I know she’s upset but I love the look on her face in the fourth picture. Adorable!

    My oldest didn’t have enough hair to cut till she was three. I took her to my aunt who is a hair dresser and we cut of her little ringlets and they never grew back! I was so sad.

    My second never had her hair cut by anyone but me till she was 7 or so.

    My son got his first hair cut for his first birthday.

    My next daughter is five and has only had her bangs cut by me. I’m trying to get her oldest sister to cut it for her but she’s being a lazy teenager and hasn’t gotten around to it yet even after saying she’s going to do it for months. It’s a hassle but I’m almost relieved. I’m afraid her beautiful ringlets will be gone forever too.

    Youngest baby girl has just managed to grow a little tonsure fringe and a mohawk on top. At 6 months old it’s absolutely adorable. I’ll probably just keep her bangs trimmed like her sister until it gets too long to keep reasonably untangled.

    I don’t think I’ve cried yet. Since I cut it myself I’m a little too busy trying to keep my wiggly babies still long enough to snip it straight to get too emotional, though, like I said before, I hate it if they lose their ringlets. :)

  9. Wow her hair is growing fast! Emma’s 4 now and still hasn’t had a cut yet and Kaydee just got her first one at 5.

  10. My daughter was 17 months old when I finally decided she needed a haircut. I took her to a place called Snip-Its, a salon specifically catered to little children. They were really good and FAST! She didn’t cry at all, even with two screaming boys getting their haircuts next to her! It did help that I promised her some Annie’s fruit snack afterward. :-) Now, she’s 2 and a half and we go at least every 5 weeks for a trim (her bangs grow SO fast!). She loves it!

  11. Her haircut looks really cute. We did hair cuts around 9 months for my children. Their hair was ragged on the ends and getting the ends trimmed really made them look a lot better. They weren’t messing looking anymore. LOL

  12. Aw, her hair looks precious. My daughters first hair cut was around 9 months or so because she had so much hair that I really had no choice because she couldnt see. For the record, I cried.

  13. Great expressions :)
    My first baby had her first hair cut (shave) in the hospital :'( without me or my hubby there.
    My second (33 months) and third (10 months) babie (both girls) haven’t had hair cuts yet.

  14. Oh goodness, how CUTE is she?! I don’t know that I cried with each first haircut but I was definitely sentimental and kept a lock for the baby book.. :)

  15. My son could have had it cut at 3 months but I just couldn’t do it that early. At 8 months it was getting beyond crazy so we cut it then. At 18 months he has had it cut about 5-6 times now

  16. My little one had her first official hair cut when she was 3, we cut 13 inches off her hair and donated it to Locks for love. She was super proud, she’s five now, and her most recent hair cut was result of her taking scissors to her own hair at school!

  17. Hahahaha! My little blond babies and grandbabies didn’t even *have* hair until sometime in the 2’s! I have a picture of my daughter at just over two wearing one of those elastic headbands with a bow, because she didn’t have enough hair to even hold one of the velcro barrettes. The good news is that she now has a thick full head of golden blond hair that she wears long :)

  18. She looks SUPER thrilled during the cutting process! lol ;)

  19. Okay, Evan is as cute as can be, seeing little Miss Kara tells me you are one busy lady, I love the energy and cute fiesty spirit in her eyes. You truly have beautiful children that seem to radiate happiness <3 Job well done friend, job well done. C

  20. my son was 7 months old when he got his first haircut. It was just a little trim on the bangs and around his ears so I did it myself! Keep the hair from the first haircut, put it in a plastic bag and add to the baby book. Do people still do those? My son is 21 now and I did one for his 3 older sisters too!

  21. My daughter cut hers for us!

  22. She has a ton of hair, but the trim looks great! Such a cutie.

    I still haven’t cut Athena’s (15 months) hair, ah! Their first haircut always makes me sentimental.

  23. I love all her expressions! So cute!

  24. Kara looks adorbable before AND after her haircut (:

    My son had just turned 1 when he got his first haircut. My husband actually took him without me knowing, so I pretty much cried all day about it because that is a HUGE milestone that I missed out on. He said I was just being overly “motherly” about his first haircut.

    But it is definitely a big deal. Zach hasn’t got a harcut since, I’m letting it grow out until his 2nd birthday, this May and then I will take him to get a haircut. This time, lots of photographs will be taken. Haha

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