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Our kitchen renovation is complete: Before and after photos

This post is sponsored by LG.

I knew going into our renovation that a kitchen upgrade would make a significant and positive impact for our family.

I knew it, but I didn’t feel it until I stood in this new space and just allowed it all to soak in.

Our kitchen renovation is complete!

When I let it all soak in—the space, the sunlight, the soft clunk-clunk of the ice-maker in our LG refrigerator dropping its cubes—I just feel happy. I’m happy to have this beautiful new kitchen after living so many years in a kitchen that felt dark and certainly wasn’t functional.

To refresh you’re memory, here is where we started and below that how far we’ve come.

Our kitchen renovation is complete!

Changes we made

  • Added insulation
  • Updated electrical
  • Installed new window
  • Insulated
  • Drywalled walls/ceiling
  • Hardwood flooring (gunstock oak)
  • New lighting
  • Custom beech cabinets (crafted locally)
  • Travertine backsplash tile
  • LG appliances
  • KOHLER faucet

I’m sure there were many more things that I missed on this list that my husband had to deal with behind the scenes!

My husband truly deserves some kind of large golden trophy for managing to make this space look and feel three times bigger.

Honestly, he also deserves an award for simply persevering through our kitchen renovation and weathering the hurricane of my constant anxiety.

The project took longer than what we had originally anticipated, but you know what? It happens.

Living like we were camping, not having proper sink and generally coping with a construction zone for weeks was a challenge, but it was worth it. My husband was always there to keep our spirits on track and his vision of this space is what kept me going.

“Just wait until this is all behind us and this room is beautiful,” he said.

Of course, the cherries on top of our kitchen renovation are the appliances we received from LG.
Our kitchen renovation is complete!?

Working with LG on this project has been a dream. I can honestly say that the brand/blogger relationship I’ve shared with LG throughout the duration of my renovation has been so wonderful, patient, and most of all, insightful.

LG’s Director of Brand Marketing, David VanderWaal, even took some time to speak with me personally about each of the appliances we received.

I learned so many interesting facts about LG, LG products and also some fun consumer insights that were the driving force behind many of the features I love in my LG appliances.

We were able to choose appliances that fit our lifestyle, and the combination of functional innovation and beauty that each piece brings to our lives is just incredible.

Our kitchen renovation is complete!

Everything is easier for me now. From food organization and easy access in our LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator, to cooking and baking in my double oven range, to making a quick lunch in our over-the-range microwave and finally to giving our dishes and amazing clean in our new LG dishwasher with TrueSteam technology.

Our kitchen renovation is complete!

I’m going to be telling you more about each of our LG appliances in the coming weeks—it’s really all too good to cram into one post—trust me!

Life’s good

Yes, I’m quoting LG’s tagline here, but a new kitchen is a serious mood-lifter!

That cliché about the kitchen being the heart of the home—it’s true… at least it is now. Our new kitchen is finally a space where our entire family can connect, cook together and play together. Life really is good.

I would love to know what you think of our before and after, and, how important a role does your kitchen play in your home? Is it a space you love?

This post is sponsored by LG. LG provided our new kitchen appliances and I could seriously hug them for it. Opinions, however, are genuine and as always, my own!

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  1. Your kitchen layout is similar to mine. Looks great though! Gives me some inspiration.

  2. Your kitchen looks absolutely incredible! I kept going back and looking at the before and then the after pictures and I really can’t believe the amount of huge changes you made. I hope you enjoy your kitchen (and your dishwasher! wooo!) for many, many years to come!

  3. Gorgeous! Enjoy your new kitchen! :)

  4. First off, that is OMG awesome! The difference in the before and after photo is just wow! I wouldn’t even have thought it was the same SPACE! The before looked smaller, darker and not really “family-friendly.” Yet, now it screams family-friendly and comfy! The kitchen really is the heart of the home. It is not only where the family eats, but also where homework is talked over, conversations kept, etc! Your kitchen is definitely going to be appreciated for many, many more years to come. And those appliances….Fabulous! They are not only gorgeous, but being LG, they are definitely high-quality! The double-oven has me literally drooling over here…haha…. The coordinate perfectly in that space and add to the overall wonderful look & feel. Enjoy it Crissy…You sooooooo deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What a big change! I love how the room is much lighter and more open!

  6. Looks INCREDIBLE! Congrats and enjoy it!

  7. Very beautiful and bright. You guys did a great job.

  8. amazing!

    such a wonderful renovation. love the light and open space of the “after”. congrats! :)

  9. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing job you and your hubby did. Way to go LG for supporting such a fabulous blogger!

  10. Beautiful!! Congratulations on your beautiful new kitchen!!

  11. Its beautiful Crissy! Feels great to have a nice too kitchen to cook and create things in. My kitchen in our house is what sold us on buying it last year. Totally makes a difference. Can’t believe you didn’t have a dishwasher before.
    Love your floor and cabinet colors.

  12. Wow! What a stunning transformation! I love it!

  13. WOW. Just wow – it looks so gorgeous and amazing now! Love how bright it is now – and the space!

  14. It looks amazing! I love every part of it =)

  15. Oh my gosh! It’s so pretty! What a difference. I love the brightness and freshness. I’m sure your mornings start off even better with a shiny new place to start your day! Fantastic reno!

  16. Well, Crissy what an eye poppin’ transformation and kudos to your hubs for his wonderful work. It’s hard to believe the before and after is the same room. The light bright look will go so far in enjoying being in your new kitchen. I love my kitchen because it is part of a great room which lends itself to entertaining. We have had some great parties in it. Alas, I need all new appliances. I keep my fingers crossed on a daily basis that they do not fail all at once. It’s nice to know you like the LG brand. Enjoy your kitchen. I can see you making lots of cookies for your two little darlings! ;)

  17. WOW WOW WOW! I am in love, especially with the stove. How amazing is THAT STOVE!?!

  18. Your kitchen looks amazing! I love LG products.

  19. Your new kitchen is beautiful… much lighter! The appliances are wonderful. I like the cabinets; looks like you have so much storage room.

  20. Crissy, That is such an AMAZING difference. Your kitchen looks absolutely amazing!

  21. Congrats on your new kitchen, it’s lovely and so much more spacious!

  22. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this post!!! Oh wow! It turned out amazing. It is so hard to believe that is the very same space! It is so much more open and inviting and bright! And I love all the cupboard space!

  23. I love it! It is so bright and cozy.

  24. Looks amazing!! So bright and fresh. You must be so happy to have that done. We have been renovating our kitchen for 4 years with no end in site LOL. I love the appliances and can’t wait to learn more about them.

  25. I think its important to like your kitchen because we spend a lot of time there and being happier in our environment can spread to the entire family. Your updated kitchen looks amazing, I bet you absolutely love it.

  26. It is gorgeous what a fun makeover!!! Can’t wait to see more :-)! We don’t have a dishwasher either, and I get wanting to do one big makever rather then piece by piece, I think it is a lot more fun!

  27. Lucky, I have no kitchen at all (or a job) even though I have a college education and many years experience… you are a very lucky person…

  28. It looks great, I love it! Wanna do mine next? ;)

  29. A lot of people live with the ‘old’ kitchen, but often dream of your new kitchen! The new one is beautiful! I’m sure many people would love to have ANY part of your new kitchen. I love that frig!!!!

  30. Your remodel looks amazing and I love your video! I can’t wait to hear all about the nitty gritty details, specially about the double oven from LG. That is my DREAM oven! Enjoy your new space.

  31. Oh Crissy, it is absolutely gorgeous! I love how light and clean the new design is. And the LG appliances look amazing! What a dream!! You make me want to work on our kitchen!

  32. It’s beautiful! I too have an old outdated kitchen that needs a major overhaul (it’s very small, 5×5 floor space, with metal Geneva cabinets that have been covered with contact paper…at least we got rid of the bright yellow metal trimmed countertops LOL)… so I can imagine how much you love your new kitchen!

  33. Love the new kitchen space. What a difference, I’d wake up happy every day if I had that to look forward to! Question, you had a table in the “old” space, are you eating somewhere else now or was the “old” table not used. Just curious.

  34. WOW that kitchen looks amazing! Look at all of the space you have to cook. I would love to have a large kitchen like that, you are very lucky :)

  35. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!!

  36. Wow, your new kitchen looks amazing!! I love your new LG refrigerator! Actually we have the same one, but in white. :-) It is my favorite appliance in our house. I LOVE it. Heaven forbid we ever move…it will have to come with us! lol

  37. It looks amazing! So light and open, it came out fabulous Crissy.

  38. I LOVE your kitchen! I’m totally jealous!! I really want a bright, open kitchen. This is just perfect!

  39. Beautiful job!

    The kitchen is the heart of the home–most important room for communication with the children.

  40. Your new kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. I like the stainless steel appliances with this renovation and of course I just love the floor and the backsplash. All in all it looks amazing!!!

  41. That is absolutely GORGEOUS and wow, your husband seriously is a miracle worker — how on Earth did he make that kitchen so much BIGGER!?!?

  42. Love the new kitchen…soooo…when are you cooking for me?

  43. WOWOWOW!!! That is gorgeous. What a difference! CONGRATS!

  44. This is amazing! This has seriously inspired me and given me some fresh new ideas! Enjoy your new kitchen!

  45. I’m in love with your new kitchen. It is so spacious. I know you and your family will have and share many memories in your new space for years to come. You all have such a great view now when doing dishes, love that window. We had all LG appliances in our last home, and I miss them terribly. LG is the appliance brand I tend to lean towards when buying new appliances. Can’t wait to hear more about each of your new LG appliances.

  46. Your before and after photos are AMAZING! What a difference it all makes in comfort, function and style. I am IN LOVE!! It’s true, the kitchen is the heart of the home. No matter who’s in the house and for what reason – everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Thats why I think it should be priority when it comes to home renos.

    Your appliances? AWESOME!! We are in need of a fridge soon, food freezes on the top shelf and doesn’t stay cold on the bottom. It’s time! I have been looking at new ones this last month, and have it narrowed down and this one is one of them! I love the new features, and I cannot wait.

    Maybe it comes back to the kitchen being the heart of the home, but I get giddy over new appliances. Really, my new fridge will be the highlight for sure.

    Again, absolutely love the transformation, your kitchen should be in House & Home!! *swoon*

  47. Our kitchen is definitely the hub of our home. We can all come together over a shared meal or simple talk while standing in the kitchen. I am not sure why we tend to end up in the kitchen… but it works that way at my parents’ house too.

    Your kitchen looks amazing! It looks so much larger and I love the openness of it now. So bright and airy. Plus I am totally jealous of those LG Appliances. The double oven is perfect for baking and the refrigerator is ideal for families. Great job!

  48. Bright & fresh looking — love it!

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