Kmart Outdoor Living Makeover wrap-up!

Kmart Outdoor Makeover

Having the opportunity to give our back patio area a makeover has already paid off in a big way for our family. Just last night, my husband fired up our new Kenmore 5-Burner Gas Grill w/ Stainless Steel Lid for the first time, and we enjoyed an impromptu cookout with some friends. For this project, I was given $1,500 to shop at Kmart for our backyard makeover supplies, and while I knew that we could buy a lot of nice things on this budget, I was amazed at just how far that money went at Kmart!

TIP #1: ONE STOP SHOPPING: Considering a backyard makeover project? My first tip would be to do all of your shopping at Kmart.

I enjoy shopping, but I don’t enjoy getting in and out of the car 100 times and having to visit five or six stores to pick up all the items I need. I love Kmart because it’s truly one-stop-shopping, and after you pick up your grill, new outdoor furniture, and accessories, you can also swing by the garden center for some gorgeous decorative accessories. I mean, at my Super Kmart, I was even able to pick up the burgers and hot dogs!

Kmart Chillicothe Ohio

The funny thing is, we actually planned our shop a week before going into our local Chillicothe, Ohio Kmart store. We planned how we would spend our money, and which items we would purchase. We had our money spent down to the last dime, but what we didn’t consider, was the sales that would be going on at our Kmart the day of our shop. Needless to say, it threw a wrench in our plan. A wonderful, money-saving wrench, that is! Notice in the photo above, my husband is looking at the sale pricing on the back of this sign. He then informed me we were going to be able to pick up a really nice cooler and some accessories for the grill with our savings. Score!

TIP #2: GET THE BIG STUFF FIRST: Be choosy about the higher-priced items that will be the cornerstones of your project, and scratch them off the list. You will then be able to relax, and pick up your extras along the way!

I am pretty sure that EVERYTHING on our original list was on sale, and we saved so much money on the Kenmore Grill and Essential Garden Newbury 5 Pc. Dining Set alone, that we found ourselves with plenty of flex room for some of the extras that we hadn’t even included on our original list! It was a nice feeling! Don’t get me wrong, having the opportunity to do a little shopping spree is incredible, but, if I would have known just how much we could buy at Kmart on a $1,500 budget? I probably would have done this a long, long time ago.

TIP #3: MAKE IT A PRIORITY: For two years, we neglected spending time on our back patio, because we never got around to making a few simple purchases. After one fun family cookout, I realize how much time we’ve missed, and I wish we would have done this years ago!

Finally, I need to mention the great customer service we received from Lawn & Garden Center employees at the Chillicothe, Ohio Super Kmart. We ended up checking out with a lot of items, and the associates we worked with were really helpful from start to finish, it really made the whole experience even better!

Kmart Chillicothe Ohio

From left to right: Billy, Jonathan, Josh, and Aundrea.

Thanks, Kmart!

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of Kmart. Opinions are my own, and are not influenced by monetary compensation

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  1. You really have this style down! I haven’t seen much on the internet with this much style. I analyized this for a few minutes and I cant get it out of my head — great job! Venessa

  2. Seriously, the patio looks awesome! Very classy and suburbian :)

  3. I really do love how your deck turned out. It looks fabulous!!

  4. So impressed with your experience shopping at Kmart, it has changed so much in recent years!

  5. Hello! Love this post! Really want to head to Kmart now. Wish we had one close to us. I miss having one right down the street in our old hometown. I just linked up a giveaway for the first time! Thanks for hosting the linky!


  6. Awesome choice of products on your deck ! I loved everything you picked out and more. Enjoy the summer with prenty of nice memories !

  7. Looks great! And love that BBQ!

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