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Let it go

I know, what a cliché. No, this isn’t a post about Frozen—it isn’t a post about anything, really. It’s simply a reminder.

Let it go

It’s a reminder to myself, that I have no control over the thoughts, perceptions, or feelings of other people.

It’s a reminder that not everyone likes me, and that’s okay.

It’s a reminder to be proud of my thin skin and to always wear my heart on my sleeve.

It’s a reminder that I should continue to eliminate distraction in my life.

It’s a reminder that petty drama only exists if you give it an audience.

It’s a reminder to be kind.

It’s a reminder to let it go.

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  1. I love this. I need this. Thank you!

  2. We all want to be liked, and I agree with Brian that it’s hard to let go of that one. But when you consider that in this digital world we live in, people really don’t even know the REAL YOU, I actually think it becomes easier to shrug it off.

    People decide what they think of you based only on the teeny peek into your real life that they’re given in this online setting, and they make their judgments based on only a handful of facts. Think about it – does an opinion really matter when it’s not even based on all the facts? Not at all.

  3. Letting go is always so much easier said then done. But it’s amazing how much lighter we can be when we do!

  4. I’m with Brian on this one too. Its definitely not easy but so necessary. Thank you for this post.

  5. Sometimes it’s not about the situation, but your attitude towards the situation. Remind yourself to choose happiness- always.

  6. A great reminder for us all. I wish everyone of us could remember that second to last one: “be kind.” What a difference it would make in our lives… as well as the life of others.

  7. “It’s a reminder that not everyone likes me, and that’s okay.”

    This is the hardest one to swallow. But something I’m trying to learn how to accept.

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