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Letters to Santa on National Letter Writing Day

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Did you know that today is National Letter Writing Day? That makes it the perfect time for your children to write their letters to Santa, and I have a really magical method for crafting those letters to share with you. Check out the video below to learn more about how your Scout Elf can help your kids make sure Santa gets their special letters!

How cool is THAT? My little Kara was so excited to write her special letter to Santa and we had such a wonderful time working together to shrink the letter down to elf-size for our Scout Elf, Sprinkles, to carry back to the North Pole.

Elf on the Shelf - Letters to Santa

This special Letters to Santa kit is THE best way to deliver a greeting to Santa.

Elf on the Shelf - Letters to Santa

Inside the box you’ll find a delightful story that will captivate your child. The story tells how the letters are delivered by your Scout Elf to Santa, and you’ll want to make sure to enjoy the book before beginning the letter writing process. It really just makes the experience much more fun!

Elf on the Shelf - Letters to Santa

Each kit contains Santa’s special paper. This is where your child will write his or her letter to Santa with the provided markers.

Elf on the Shelf - Letters to Santa

As you can see, Kara took her letter very seriously! :)

Elf on the Shelf - Letters to Santa

After your child writes his or her letter, you’ll just want to follow the simple instructions provided for shrinking the letter in the oven. Of course, parents, you’ll need to handle this part as we don’t want those sweet kiddos to get too close to a hot oven!

Kara’s letter to Santa melted my heart.

Elf on the Shelf - Letters to Santa

After baking the letter to Santa for 3-5 minutes you’ll see some REAL MAGIC take place. The letter shrinks down to the perfect size for your Scout Elf to carry using the provided sash!

Elf on the Shelf - Letters to Santa

Of course, after Santa has had an opportunity to read your child’s letter, he will send it back with the Elf. This is nice, because you can keep that adorable little letter as a treasured family keepsake ornament!

Be sure to grab your Letters to Santa kit and let the fun (and magic) begin for your family this Christmas.

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