Letting My Senses Decide

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Suave Body Wash Fragrance Challenge

If you took a peek behind my shower curtain right now you’d be privy to my little secret.

The truth is, I’m a bit of a body wash junkie, so when Suave reached out and asked if I’d take their Body Wash Fragrance Challenge, I was more than happy to give it a whirl—err, a sniff.

I’ve always wanted to take a blind taste or sniff test, so this was really fun for me.

Let’s just say that I was more than a little surprised by the results!

Suave Body Wash Fragrance Challenge

This was such a unique, sensorial experience, and a definite eye-opener for me!

Suave Body Wash Fragrance Challenge

As you saw in my video, I absolutely preferred the Suave Essentials Wild Cherry Blossom Body Wash over Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom.

I also strongly preferred the Suave Essentials Ocean Breeze Body Wash over Bath & Body Works Juniper Breeze.

Suave Body Wash Fragrance Challenge

The differences in those first two pairings were so clear to me. Yes, they had a similar fragrance, but the Suave was just so much more pleasant and sweet.

Suave Body Wash Fragrance Challenge

While leaving the shower with great smelling skin is a goal when I use a body wash, I’m also in it for the overall experience.

As a busy mom of two, there are days when my time in the shower comprises my ONLY private moments of the whole day. Showers are definitely my time to cut through the chaos and focus on pampering myself, even if it’s only for a short time.

Sure, the silence and hot water are soothing, but being enveloped by an amazing body wash fragrance can do so much to make me feel relaxed, blissful and transported during those precious moments of me-time every day.

I told you, I LOVE my body wash!

Suave Body Wash Fragrance Challenge

Back to the challenge, the first two pairings were so clear-cut for me. I loved the Suave Essentials Wild Cherry Blossom and Suave Essentials Ocean Breeze so much that I’m totally buying more the next time I’m in Walmart.

With the third pairing, it was just a toss up. Both products smell amazing, and I’m actually just really happy that I was able to stumble upon the Suave Essentials Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Wash because it’s so very nice! I am obsessed with anything that smells like cocoa butter!

Check out what other women said when they took a similar sniff test.

Suave Essentials body washes come in a variety of fun, fresh fragrances that smell as beautiful as premium brands, and as I said in the video, the price is such a huge factor in all of this!

I mean, did you know that you can buy SIX Suave Essentials body washes for the price of one Bath & Body Works fragrance?


Suave Body Wash Fragrance Challenge

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