Shining a Light on Summer Fun

I’d like to thank Energizer for sponsoring this post.

We’re inching closer and closer to back-to-school time, but there are still a few precious weeks of summer left to enjoy. I’m all about making the most of these hot summer evenings, and for my family that means getting outside to enjoy some camping. Even if that means we put up our tent right in the back yard!

There’s really so much fun to be enjoyed at home. I always tell my kids that while vacations are great, we can create our own adventure at home with a little imagination and the right tools.

In fact, last night we geared up with a big glass jar (with some holes poked in the lid) and a couple of these amazing Energizer Fusion All-In-One Flashlights to catch lightning bugs.

Maybe you call them fireflies, but here in rural southern Ohio they have always been lightning bugs to us! :)

Energizer’s Multi-Function Light with Light Fusion Technology is really so versatile. It’s like the Swiss army knife of lights!

You can use this flashlight a few interesting ways. It’s a bright handheld flashlight, or, you can unfold the tripod legs and enjoy hands-free directional light and pivot the head to aim the beam wherever you need it most. You can even just stand it up and use it as a room (or tent) light.

My son even likes to keep this flashlight in his bedroom so he can create a little tent with his covers and light up his own personal reading nook.

I think maybe he’s seen his fair share of movies with kids who read by flashlight in their rooms!

Also, I always make sure that the kids have an easy-to-operate flashlight near their beds in case of a power outage in the middle of the night. These flashlights are perfect for that use.

Of course, our flashlights and most of the other electronic devices in our home are powered by Energizer Max batteries!

Do you have any fun plans for the remaining days of summer? We’re trying to slide in at least one more family gathering to enjoy some good food, music and friends in our backyard, and I know that Energizer will help shine a light on all of the fun and festivities!

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