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Lowe’s renovation update—we’re insulated!

It seems like an eternity since my last update on our Lowe’s home renovation project. When I made my first post, our family situation was somewhat different. Our goal was to renovate our entire upstairs, as well as give Evan the room he’s been waiting two years to move into. Well, now, we’re working on rooms for two little ones, and with the new baby due in December, the heat (quite literally) is on!

It’s funny, because those few months ago, we thought we were mere days away from putting in the insulation. Of course, with any good DIY project, things can happen, go awry, and certainly, they can end up taking longer than you had originally anticipated. With several weeks focused on rewiring the entire upstairs, here we are, finally. The bare bones pictures from the last post, are now beautifully fleshed out, thanks to high-quality insulation from Lowe’s and Johns Manville. Notice my husband, still wearing his work clothes after arriving home from an already long day.

Johns Manville Lowes Insulation

Our new upstairs bedrooms have nice vaulted ceilings, a far cry from the atrocious drop ceilings that were in place before. My husband’s head used to scrape the ceiling, not to mention, it was actually falling apart from years of water damage.

Johns Manville Insulation is the only complete line of certified formaldehyde free insulation. As homeowners seal and insulate their homes for better energy efficiency, they should consider using products that don’t contain formaldehyde. Avoiding formaldehyde sources improves indoor air quality and contributes to a healthier and safer indoor environment.

Lowes and Johns Manville

Much of the upstairs was not insulated at all, previously, so this incredible product from Johns Manville Insulation is going to make such a huge difference in this space, not to mention the money it is going to save in our heating and cooling bills. In fact, according to the EPA, homeowners will save up to 20% on the heating and cooling portions of their energy bill with a properly insulated and sealed home. I am guessing in our case, it may even be more than 20%.

Why is insulating your home so important?

If you don’t want to tackle an insulation project on your own (shhh… don’t tell anyone, but, I wouldn’t blame you!), you can always work with a qualified Lowe’s installer!

Making it happen

So, even with a few bumps in the road, I am amazed at how far this project has progressed. Zach is still working in the limited time he has after work, and on the weekends, and wow, has it been a HOT summer. While large scale DIY projects may not always follow the budget or timeline that you initially outlined, with a little faith and flexibility, you can still get the job done. Having the right materials doesn’t hurt, either, and we have been incredibly fortunate to be partnered with Lowe’s on this project. Once again, Lowe’s and Johns Manville? We heart you.

Whats next?

Well, guess what? We’re actually already almost complete with the next phase. At this very moment, I can smell the sweet, sweet aroma of drywall joint compound. That’s right, WE HAVE WALLS, and we are having conversations about PAINT! I just can’t wait to show you, so, stay tuned!

Disclosure: Lowe’s and Johns Manville provided the insulation for our home renovation project. Thoughts and opinions are my own. I really can’t thank Lowe’s and Johns Manville Insulation enough, and feel strongly compelled to place the word hugs between two asterisks.

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  1. Thanks for the post. We might be taking over my grandfather’s house and the attic needs new insulation. This post certainly gave me “food for thought”.

  2. Congrats on getting all the insulation in! I completely understand the feeling associated with kids waiting on their own room. Our renovation projects have all seven of our kids in the same room with us. Thank goodness its a BIG room. Your progress has inspired me, maybe we can kick it into gear and get our own project finished this week?

  3. Do you allow your living circumstances to dictate the kind of family you build? We are currently “stuck” in our three bedroom townhouse with two kids. We don’t really have room for a third but I always wanted three kids. Do I wait until we have a home that can more comfortably accommodate three children or grow our family as we want and let the rest fall into place? What do you think?

    • How realistic is moving? If you think that you will be able to upgrade in a reasonable amount of time, perhaps wait… I mean, that would be the responsible thing to do. :) However, as long as you can handle it financially, and don’t mind letting two of the kids bunk-up, I say go for it. Circumstances are rarely ideal, and everything really will fall into place. :) Good luck!!

      • Thanks so much for your insight, I really appreciate it! I’m thinking maybe we can just move into your remodel :)

  4. That looks great! We’re pretty much in exactly the same boat! Baby #2 is due in November, but baby #1 never even had her own room yet, it serves as an office. So we’re scrambling to get our attic finished and move our office upstairs so that there is an actual kids room in the house. Tired of toys in the living room! We’ve had so many hold ups with our condo association, they are a real pain!

    • Girl, I feel you on the toys in the living room. We have a MAJOR pile-up of toys in our living room too, can’t wait to move all this crap upstairs! :)

  5. Can’t wait to see more!!

  6. That is so awesome! I can’t wait to see the finished project. I love watching it all evolve lol.
    Will this be the new baby’s room btw?

  7. Loews is really rising up and proving themselves over Home Depot.

  8. This is so cool, Crissy. I wonder if I can convince my husband to do this after we remodel the office and the other spare bedroom. We’re huge Lowe’s fans too!

    • Thanks Julie! The insulation part was actually a snap, we just had a lot of other issues to address along the way! Good luck getting hubby to go for it! :)

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