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Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ Food Storage Containers

When it comes to making healthy food choices, it’s all about being prepared.

In fact, I find that when I plan my lunches and prep the food at the beginning of the week, it actually makes eating healthy a pleasure instead of a chore.

For my meal prepping I’ve been absolutely loving these incredible new food storage containers from Rubbermaid.

Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ Food Storage Containers

Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ Food Storage Containers are 100% leak-proof guaranteed, and it’s no surprise since you can hear them lock into place. These airtight food containers are really unlike anything I’ve ever used before. That tight seal is so crucial to helping keep your food crisp, fresh and delicious.

I also appreciate the no-fuss, functional design of these containers. The containers are stain-resistant and crystal clear.

Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ Food Storage Containers stack-up nicely in your refrigerator so you’ll be able to quickly see what you have on hand.

Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ Food Storage Containers

Have you ever tried prepping your meals ahead of time?

Instead of preparing individual portions, I prefer to just make big batches of protein (chicken, quinoa, hard-boiled eggs) and chopping the fruits and veggies that I plan to snack on for the week. This makes it easy for me to put together lunches and dinners using the ingredients.

To help encourage my kids to utilize the food we have on hand I like to set these
Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ Food Storage Containers and let them choose the ingredients they would like for their salads. This really helps the kids get involved and helps teach them the importance of making nutritious food choices.

Splatter-resistant microwaving is also great for when you need to heat up your stored foods.

Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ Food Storage Containers are SO wonderful for meal-prepping or for simply storing your leftovers. I highly recommend picking up a set! :)

Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ Food Storage Containers


Leave a comment telling me how you’d use a set of Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ storage containers and you’ll be entered to win a set of your own! USA only, 18+ please. Ends April 30th. Good luck! :)

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  1. I would use this set for my husband’s lunches and leftovers.

  2. I would also use the containers to prep salad for the week as well as store leftovers. Thanks for bringing these containers to my attention this is the first I have heard of them.

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