Dear Crissy

Meet Sally

Just before midnight, on New Year’s Eve, we discovered three kittens meowing furiously under our back deck.

Meet Sally

The trio were apparently dumped in our yard, something the unfortunately happens a lot in our area.

We’re trying to find homes for two of the kittens, but this girl — we named her Sally — she’s going to be staying.

I am probably totally nuts for bringing a furball into my already chaotic home. Scratch that, I’m definitely nuts.

She’s pretty sweet though, right?

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  1. she is sweet indeed :)

  2. Aw, she is so cute! I wish we could have a cat, but Mr. is allergic.

  3. Awww, she’s adorable. I’d love to have a kitty, but I can’t. Thank you for giving her a home and finding homes for the others.

  4. Oh, she so reminds me of a cat we had for about 16 years. A cat that resulted from her mom who was pregnant being dumped. She found her way into our woodpile in the back yard. There she had four kittens. One of which died in the woodpile, two ten white boy kittens who had silver tipped ears and tails. We found homes for the boys, but we kept the little girl kitten and named her Lady. The mom was caught and taken to a no-kill shelter. I mean I begged to be able to keep Lady, and my Dad finally gave in. Yet, he told me I had to pay for everything for her. Which I did of course. She was a beautiful cat that stayed with my parents when I left home to get married. My husband was not a cat person at all. I don’t think my mom could have parted with Lady anyways, she was very fond of her. Lady was very fond of my Dad and would often lay right next to my Dad if he fell asleep on the couch. Very cute kitten and I see why she became a part of your home.

    • Sorry, didn’t mean to type two ten white boy kittens, meant to type two white boy kittens. Someone was talking and I typed part of what they said. I hate that when I do that.

  5. Sally..enjoy your new home!

  6. You’re not crazy at all. She looks like a sweetie. Praying you’ll find a good home for the other two.

  7. She looks adorable. As a cat lover myself, a big thankyou for finding them all homes.

  8. I would be in HEAVEN if I found a kitten in our yard. And THREE of them!?! Forget about it! More pictures!

  9. Aw that is so sad that people just dump animals like that. It happens all the time at my in-law’s farm!

    But, she is a cutie!! Hopefully you can find a home for the others!!!

  10. Awwwwwwww….. what a beautiful little kittie! She looks just like our Baxter who we lost on 11/01/12…. if she’s anything like him …… she’ll win your heart in no time and be a wonderful furry companion for the coming years. So glad you’re taking her in …… hope you can find good homes for her siblings. Please give her big wet smoochie kisses for me!!!

  11. Sally is just so sweet. She will love your “Chaotic” home. :)

  12. All of my pets have been rewscues

  13. shes adorable, luckily they found good people

  14. I totally would have kept her, she is beautiful!

  15. Ah, that look on her face. Wonder if it means she knows she’s in good hands.

  16. Your Sally looks like my Mocha!

    They are part Maine Coon and they get rather large but are SO SMART and lovable.
    Yes, you’re crazy. But I’d probably do it, too.

  17. It breaks my heart when people dump animals like that. She is so cute! I probably would have been crazy enough to keep all three. :)

  18. Same thing happens where I live. I am actually the neighborhood crazy cat lady, because I feed the stray/feral cats and dogs around here. The cats for the most part are unadoptable because they are so wild and our local shelter waits 3 days and kills all strays brought in, so I just keep feeding them and I have a box set up with blankets on the porch for anyone that is cold and wants somewhere warm and safe to sleep. It breaks my heart that people won’t spay/neuter their pets and then abandon animals to the elements.

  19. Awwwww–she’s a cutie. Are you sure you don’t want to keep at least one more—I’ve found that cat’s are happiest if they have a pal.

    • I agree on the pal part – it would be nice if she could have someone to play/be with. But then that would leave the adoptee-to-be alone as well if she were to keep two kitties. Which is sad, but not as sad as being dumped by someone(s) in a random yard.

      At the very least, they’ll be together for a shortwhile in great hands while they wait for their forever home.

  20. I think she is absolutely adorable!!! I wish my hubby was allergic to cats, I would definitely have one. Good Luck, & I hope she brings you tons of joy <3

  21. Awww! That’s how we got our cat Sophia. We heard her meowing in our back yard. We tried leaving her out there overnight to see if the momma cat came back but she was at our back door the next morning. We’ve had her for just over 9 years now and she’s the best! :)

  22. She’s beautiful…. I would have kept her, too. :-)

  23. She is one adorable kitty.A keeper for sure

  24. No crazier than us when our son brought home 2 little furballs that had been abandoned in the middle of our snowy winter.They are now 2 gorgeous long haired cats called Eeyore and Itachi.Eyeore steps in whenever he thinks his brother is in trouble and Itachi regularly cleans Eeyores ears in payment :)
    Enjoy many wonderful years with your furbaby.

  25. aaww…shes lovely.
    I have 3 kitties…all boys and all differant ages and personalities.
    They are amazingly loving and I wouldnt be without them

  26. very cute, good luck with sally

  27. Omg, absolutely adorable!! The same thing happens in my neighborhood, too, all the time. I’ve found homes for several cats and some dogs. There are some cats who I’ve never been able to find homes for and it breaks my heart, they’re out in the cold. I leave food for them and let them come in for short periods to warm up, but my cat doesn’t appreciate it one bit! I’m so glad you gave Sally a great home! :)

  28. What a sweet face! Makes me really want a kitten of our own!

  29. That is a picture of contentment! She’s a doll.

  30. awww hi Sally! She’s adorable, can’t blame you for keeping her. Of course, I would probably try to keep all 3 but that’s me :P good luck finding homes for the other 2

  31. Pretty little kitty. In one week’s time, a kitten had been dropped off at my brother’s, sister’s, and my house. Ea. 20 mi. apart. We all took them in. Around here, if you don’t, it will be killed because there aren’t enough people to adopt them. So, if at all possible, I hope you will keep all 3 unless you personally find another loving home for them. People are so cruel. Good luck, and thank you for taking the precious kittens in!

  32. Aww, love her! She looks so grateful to be in her new, warm home.

  33. that is ashame that there are people out there that would abandoned little animals but at least you have them. good luck to you fimding a good hoemf ro them,your not crazy fro keeping one.happy new year 2013 to you!!!!

  34. Adorable! It’s very kind of you to take these little ones in and try and find homes for them. I hope you enjoy the new addition to your family.

  35. Awww I say keep all three … or maybe two so she’ll have a buddy. Cats are quiet and stay out of trouble … well … except for my pair that tag team chewing up electrical cord.

  36. She is very adorable. Love her eyes.

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