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Merry, bright and efficient with LG

This post is sponsored by LG. As always, opinions are genuine and all mine! :)

Merry, bright and more efficient with LG #LGKitchen

While Christmas is certainly December’s main event in our family, we also celebrate three birthdays. My birthday is December 13th, my daughter’s is the 14th and my dad’s is the 15th.

Needless to say, my husband and I see a lot of action in our home during the month of December! Before our recent kitchen renovation, we cringed a bit knowing that our kitchen—the heart of our home—just wasn’t a particularly warm or functional hub.

This is our first holiday season since upgrading the kitchen, and after Kara’s birthday party on Saturday I can tell you that making those changes in our home, particularly the addition of our LG appliances, changed EVERYTHING—for the better!

In fact, I’d like to share with you the top 5 things I’m loving about our new kitchen space this holiday season.

5 Things I love about our new kitchen!

1. Room to move — While we didn’t change the layout of our kitchen significantly, we did move our table to the other side of the room freeing up more precious space.

2. Double the oven, half the time — I am legit in love with my LG Double Oven Range. Being able to bake two dishes independently saves so much time. If you’ve had the urge to upgrade to a double oven but weren’t sure, trust me, you’ll love it!

Merry, bright and more efficient with LG #LGKitchen

Don't be jealous of my mad cake decorating skills. It says Happy Birthday Kara + Papaw, by the way. :) This cake actually reminds me of the in-pan birthday cakes of my own childhood birthdays. We kept it super simple this year and devoted our energy to spending time together as a family.

3. A place for everything — It is so nice to have a refrigerator and freezer large enough to hold everything without a struggle. Our old refrigerator was alway bursting at the seams!

4. Door-in-Door magic, and convenience — Speaking of our refrigerator, the Door-in-Door feature is even more wonderful than I thought it would be. When I’m busy cooking and preparing our home for guests, the kids can walk right up, open the Door-in-Door and grab some water or juice. I even keep this area stocked with snacks (veggie sticks and cheese in small containers), and the kids can grab their own when they are hungry!

It’s a major energy savings not having to open the entire refrigerator to access go-to items like soft drinks, milk, butter and cheese.

It’s seriously cool, see?

5. Faster cleanup — Finally, my life is just so much easier now that I can load our LG Dishwasher with TruSteam Technology, push a couple buttons and return to clean, sanitized dishes. It’s so quiet that I often don’t even realize it’s running!

Merry, bright and more efficient with LG #LGKitchen

What part of the holiday season are you loving?

Yes, I’m in love with our new kitchen and LG appliances! I’m also in love with the cozy-glow of our Christmas tree, the twinkle of wonder in my children’s eyes and the spirit of giving all around.

Tell me, what are you loving about this holiday season?

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  1. ok, the door-in-door? OMG – NEED!!!
    I think this fridge is too tall for my allotted space {BOO}, but you can bet I’ll be looking for something similar that fits!!!

  2. Your kitchen turned out so, so beautiful! :’) It’s nice to be able to do a renovation like that and be able to breathe a little easier when it’s complete. I definitely love baking during the holiday season. It’s a given.

  3. I’m jealous of the double oven, would make cooking so much easier! And the Fridge, wow, I had to replay the video over and over just to catch what I was supposed to be seeing and not seeing. LOL so neat!!

    Plus, I just want your kitchen in general, mine is so tiny.

  4. I feel like I am ALWAYS in the kitchen during the holidays. I love all the food fun, and your new appliances sure look fabulously inspiring.

  5. What DON’T I love about the holidays? I’m sold on the magic of the season – without a doubt. Happy birthday to all of you – what a special time of year to celebrate. I am IN LOVE with that fridge! I played with it recently – opened it, closed it, opened it, closed it – closed my eyes and envisioned the many ways it would sprinkle magic in to my world between the small people and my husband. I so love that your kitchen is the center of your home as ours is…. wishing many more days of love and magic for you.

  6. Your new kitchen is seriously gorgeous! I love everything about it.

    What I’m most loving is that we are finally get our own renovations done. It only took us over 4 years to do!

  7. Your kitchen is one of my all-time favorite remodels. Looks like a very inviting, comfortable space for you and your family. My favorite part of the holidays season is watching the kids tear through their gifts on Christmas morning. Happy birthday to all 3 of you!

  8. LOVE! Your kitchen looks amazing. I need to check out the LG Fridge and dishwasher. I think our dishwasher is on its last legs and going to die pretty soon.

  9. CRISSY! I love it–this is so helpful bc we are *just* starting our kitchen reno this month!! Cannot thank you enough for sharing.

  10. Beautiful kitchen!!! I love the purple inside your stove. How fun!! The door in door feature on the refrigerator is so cool!! I’m loving having my whole family under one roof (my daughter is home from college).

  11. I want that fridge! My dad has one and we’ve been drooling over it as we undergo our kitchen reno over here.

  12. You had me at Double Oven. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I’m really enjoying my home this holiday season. I spent more time than usual decorating and getting it just right for me. :-) I love it!!

  13. Your kitchen looks fantastic and I know firsthand (from our miniscule and non-functioning kitchen here in Germany) that it really can make a different in day to day life and how you celebrate holidays. I just love that fridge! My kids would love the freedom of being able to get their snacks, too.

  14. Your kitchen is just gorgeous!

  15. PS Happy birthday Kara and your Dad!

  16. Love love your kitchen! I love the open plan and I love the style you went with for your kitchen!! <3 I am loving the Christmas tree and the anticipation of family coming to visit. And of course cookies! :)

  17. Every single time I go to a store with this LG refrigerator, we look at it because I absolutely love the door in door thing. Since milk and drinks are primarily what the door gets opened for in my house, this just makes sense for us.

    We really are planning on getting this refrigerator sometime next year. That is how much I love it.

    Also I now want a Diet Coke and I see that you have nice stash of them in there. :)

  18. What a gorgeous kitchen! Our washer and dryer are LG and we LOVE them! Next up…the kitchen. Ha! I just love baking during the holiday season. It’s one of my favorite things about it!

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