Every mom is a hero

Every mom is a hero.

Rather, I should say, every mom has the potential, every single day, to be a hero to their children.

I know that for me, being a parent is the most important job that I have, or that I will ever have.

This doesn’t mean that I am an expert, or that I always get it right (that is actually laughable!), but the privilege of being a mom and raising my little boy is a gift that I am fully conscious of — always.

We are our kids number-one, go-to resource in this world.

That is a huge responsibility, right?

Luckily, the needs of our children are usually pretty simple. Most of all, they need us to love them unconditionally, and when you really think about all of the chances that you have in a day to show your kids how much you love them, you soon realize how great a hero you really are in their eyes.

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