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My life, right now

Kara turned 9-months-old this week. It’s funny, because she’s naturally such a tiny little thing. I swear Evan was twice her size when he was this age. So far, her doctor has reassured us that she’s growing perfectly — and that this is just her normal.

She has a well check today, so I’m anxious to get an update.

I love this shot of Evan. I’m sure he’s thinking something along the lines of, GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE, MOM!

Evan is really interested in “working.” If you ask him, he’s not playing — he’s working. Working on this, working on that. He was really excited to get an official pair of work boots, and asks to wear them almost every day now.

She looks so soulful. You know, when she’s not screaming bloody murder.

So, this is life right now for me. If you need some post inspiration for your blog today, do an Intagram round-up featuring your life, right now. Feel free to come back here and leave a link to your post, I’d love to check it out!

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  1. You have very attractive children. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. The photos really show their big eyes.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful. Such big eyes!

  3. Your daughter has beautiful brown eyes!

    I’ll share my instagram with you. We were at the park laying on a blanket under a crap apple tree…It was pretty.

  4. Your kids are so beautiful. Look at those eyelashes!

  5. Wow, do you put false eyelashes on that kid? Gorgeous! Great idea for a post. I’ll have to d/l instagram and see what I come up with.

  6. Those workboots? Adorable!

    My homage to your inspiration:

  7. Omg you seriously have the cutest kids ever!! They are so beautifully blessed.

  8. Your family is beautiful!!! Love Evan’s work ethic already means he has a good future already. Your baby girl looks as if she has some serious knowledge to tell when she was looking in straight at the camera.

  9. Your kids are so photogenic! Your daughter may be “tiny” but she has the biggest, most beautiful eyes!

    Momma is going to have lots of sleepless nights when they are both old enough to date ………. and trust me that time will come before you know it!

  10. wow those eyelashes are to die for! very beautiful children and love the workin’ boots!

  11. Love it! Evan’s wavy hair is just so adorable. I can’t believe how big he is now, and Kara too! You guys are just the prettiest.

  12. They are so adorable!!

  13. Your babies are beautiful! Good luck at your well visit. I’m sure Kara is right on track. Here is our life in Instagram:

  14. Loved the photos! Your children are absolutely gorgeous. Makes me miss the time when mine were young ;-)

  15. Love your boys little work boots. Too cute. I wrote a post about what was going on in my life today as well. Gotta love instagram it is my favorite app!

  16. Kara is so beautiful, and Evan is a cute little guy too. Good job!

  17. You have such cute kiddos!! My baby girl, Alba turned 9 months on the 8th. She is a tank compared to Kara!! Alba weighs 23 lbs and she is 28.5 inches long! lol My 5 year old son, Lawson is so into “work” too. He is never playing…he is working. lol

  18. what beautiful children :)

  19. One word – EYELASHES. Kara’s are the sweetest! What a beautiful little family, though I may be biased. My kids look like they would fit right into your family :) Savor these crazy days, said the woman with a 20 year old daughter and a 3 year old son.

  20. Your kids are adorable!! What a cute family! And Kara’s lashes are gorgeous!! Lucky girl!:))

  21. Look at the eyelashes on that girl! Adorable photos!

  22. Love this post. I think when looking back someday, we will love most the posts when we wrote about the ‘everyday’. Here’s a glimpse of mine:

  23. This is such a wonderful post! I love the pics of your babies. And you have a pic with you in it~ sweet! I usually snap the photos here so I’m absent in many.

  24. Your children are beautiful!

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