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My little Charlie Brown

I told you that Evan was going to be a robot for Halloween, right? WRONG! After a dress rehearsal, the toddler gave the robot outfit thumbs down. No offense to the robot getup, it is certainly a very nice costume, but the fit was just a little off, and the hat portion sent Evan into a rage.

The solution? Mommy shopping at 10 p.m. last night, looking for an alternative. Luckily I found a new costume in the first store I walked into, and I have to say, it was perfect. Charlie Brown, for my little Charlie Brown! We’ve always referred to Evan as Chuck Brown, due to a slight resemblance, and I was happy to find a costume that did not require me forcing him kicking and screaming into a hat.

Evan did a wonderful job walking to the first few houses to trick-or-treat, and then it happened… He saw a werewolf and completely LOST IT! Yes, we were the people with the screaming, crying, terrified toddler. We made our way back to Mamaw and Papaw’s house, and he spent the rest of the evening watching the action out the window from a safe, warm spot inside.

Minus the werewolf fiasco, we had a great first beggar’s night with our little man. Oh, and Evan experienced his first real taste of candy in the form of about 1/3 a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. He approved!

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  1. I can totally relate. My eldest completed hated his Elmo costume for his 2nd halloween and ended up wearing Superman jammies. My youngest ended up wearing a bathrobe for his second Halloween after ditching his outfit! It’s such a tough age!

  2. Evan really RAWKED his Charlie Brown costume! Charlie Brown is my childhood fav even tho my mom loved and surrounded me with Disney.

  3. Charlie Brown is a great Halloween outfit! Out of all that is fancy, new, etc. these days, one of the things I truly enjoy is watching and talking about Charlie Brown with my 6 year old. They actually have the original 18 on iTunes and we watch them right off the iPhone when we have time!

  4. Thanks Jillian!

  5. Thanks Jaclyn!

  6. Aww, that's adorable. My son was Snoopy, so my husband made a Charlie Brown shirt for our church's trunk-or-treat event. It was cute. I'll have to post pictures soon!

  7. I luv it. he's so adorable

  8. He is TOO CUTE as Charlie Brown! Happy Halloween!

  9. Quick, easy to put on, comfortable and cute winner mom!

  10. i love Charlie Brown…is mommy going to dress up as Woodstock?

  11. Awww, he looks adorable! I DO see the resemblance! lol

    happy halloween!

  12. How adorable! what a great idea for a costume. I love comfy costumes for babies- we had Z. dressed as Mr. Spock from Star Trek last year. I got a Trek onesie from ThinkGeek and he was happy & comfy. I'm so glad that you guys and Evan had a good time!!

  13. Oh my goodness! What a cutie! Such a creative and cute outfit!

    • Haha, not too creative on my part, it came right off the rack (well, the shirt, and I paired it with a white turtleneck and black cords b/c it was cold) but thank you Nicole-Lynn! :)

  14. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Definitely winner of cutest kid costume in my book. Jana

  15. Ahhh that is too cute. Love it

  16. O-M-G Soooooo cute!!!!

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