Dear Crissy

My little man’s big day

So, I just admitted that my husband and I have never left Evan with anyone outside our immediate family.

The day my baby became a big boy

Well, the big summer preschool class started yesterday, and I was up tossing and turning all night leading up to the huge event. I was SO, so nervous.

I blogged about Evan’s big first day on BabyCenter today, so, hop over there to find out how it all went down!

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  1. We have 5 boys ages 12 (almost 13) to age 2 (almost 3) and we have NEVER left any of our boys with a sitter that wasn’t family (our parents or siblings). However, we have left them at school and some of them are now staying the night at friend’s houses. I feel your pain though…it’s hard, but is sometimes good for the child. :)
    I’m an Ohio blogger too! :)

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