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My toddler this week

Every week since I found out I was pregnant, I have received an email from BabyCenter updating me on the progress of my little guy. For the first nine months, of course, they were pregnancy updates; since giving birth, the subject line of the emails have included the word “baby.” I felt more than a little emotional this month when my usual weekly note from BabyCenter appeared in my inbox and included the words, “Your Toddler This Week.”

My baby is a toddler? Really? He is in fact doing some toddling, and at times when I look at him from across the room, quietly spinning the wheels on his favorite car, I realize that my chubby little boy is maturing into a… kid.

Evan’s thirst for knowledge at this age is just fascinating to me. He is interested in learning more about everything in his environment, and makes a great effort to say new words every day. Some of the more adorable words he has picked up lately include tattoo, wheel, tractor, and shoes. He can pick out Daddy’s tattoos, and I’ve had to explain the difference between a tattoo and a freckle, because when he finds a freckle on my arm he immediately says, “tattoo!”, which I think is just the sweetest thing ever.

It’s funny that as your child grows, each phase seems to bring with it new and wonderful milestones and experiences. I really feel like Evan and I are starting to become pals, which is so fun. Right now he thinks the funniest thing in the world is someone smelling his feet and proclaiming that they are, “PEW, SO STINKY!”

He is also really starting to enjoy books, and as a mom with a degree in English, I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I have been reading to him in the evenings before bed, and he listens quietly.

I think I’ll keep calling my toddler a baby, for a while longer, but he’s definitely growing up and I just love who he is becoming.

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  1. I remember that exact same feeling the day my newsletter subject changed! And just wait until it says "preschooler!" That's even MORE difficult to stomach!

  2. Holy cow! My one year old says like dada, baba, lala, yes, yeah and that's about it! That's awesome!

  3. I miss those days! Mine is 5 and I don't know where did the time go, really! I still call her my baby LOL but honestly I can't even pick her up anymore LOL

  4. Gosh, I still get those Babycenter updates about my 10 month old – and you're telling me that in 2 months the word "baby" will be replaced by "toddler". Thanks for the heads up! Sigh. They grow up too fast!

    P.S. – My Little Miss thinks it's hilarious when I tell her her feet stinks too! LOL!

  5. I often feel the same way. My daughter turned 1 on 8/11, and it still shocks me to think that she is now on her way to … 2?! It doesn't seem like it can possibly be right, but when she walks over to me to hand me a toy that has captured her interest, I know it must be right! Sigh …. I guess that means it's about time to start thinking about #2!

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