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Rediscovering the girl I was

Nokia Lumia 900

When I became a mother, I realized that most of the cliches I had heard about parenting are true. I can say with certainty that my kids are my life.

Of course, I wasn’t hollow before they were born. I was independent, happy, and creative. The last adjective in that series really defines my twenties — art and photography were huge parts of my life, and there are times when I really miss staying up all night to work on a painting. If I stay up all night now, it’s to take care of a screaming baby!

Recently, I’ve felt a strong urge to incorporate my former passions into my new life.

I may not be able to spend hours outside with only my camera and the sounds of nature, but what I do have are little quiet moments here and there. Moments that come during nap time, or when my husband is playing with the kids, or even when I bend down to pick a flower on a family hike.

I can still capture the art I find in everyday things thanks to my new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

Apict app windows phone

The dedicated camera button on my Windows Phone makes it easy to take photos on the fly, and I am also completely in love with an app called Apict.

The Apict app allows me to achieve that vintage instant camera look, but what I like even more than that, is the unique color quality in the Apict processed shots. Whoever developed this app clearly did their homework, because the prints really do look like old Polaroids.

I can tag photos (write a note on them in what looks like Sharpie ink), and save them in high resolution — perfect for printing.

Apict Windows Phone

I can even share my little pieces of digital art to Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook right through the Apict app.

Inspiration is really all around us — it only takes one moment and one click to grab it.

I kind of feel like this is my thing. While I have tens of thousands of photos of my children, and they will always be my favorite subjects, I love being able to focus the lens of my Nokia Lumia 900 elsewhere — if even for just a moment.

So, I love art and photography. What are your passions, and what inspires you?

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  1. Your pictures are just beautiful!! I really love them.

  2. What a great post! Your pictures are beautiful. I have tons of pictures of the kids in our family. It seems like the Window Phone allows you to keep them all organized right from the moment you take the picture.

  3. I also love photography, especially nature and children. Unfortunately, the camera on my phone is not the greatest.

  4. A great Camera whether on a phone or just a camera is a vital necessity for a mother. It’s necessary to capture those once in a lifetime special moments or milestones as your child grows and matures. Capturing those moments for prosperity is truly special and makes being a Mom even more special. Always gotta have a Great Camera!

  5. The funny thing is, Crissy… I think when I became a Mom, that I put so much of myself into my family and raising my kids that I lost who I was. Recently, I was thinking about my youngest starting Kindergarten this coming Fall and I thought that I might want to start back to work part time, since I have stayed at home while they were babies. But, all that I use to do, all that I was passionate about (then) seems to have dwindled, and I am not sure who I am or what I am passionate about any more (and it seems that I am not the only one that feels this way… see some of the posts below).. nice to know I am not alone.

  6. My passion is poetry. I am inspired by imagery, and the way that words create vivid pictures. It is like a printed camera. I love it!

  7. my kids inspire me! I love the photos you took. I can’t believe they were taken with a phone! Amazing!

  8. Your review reminds me so my of my childhood. My father was always taking pictures and I was always hiding. Yep there is even a picture with me covering my face in the backyard. After losing his best models he started taking pictures of the dog and cat. I enjoy taking pictures of nature, especially rain clouds at the beach or the moon at night. Now I enjoy gardening mostly container gardening the soil in Chicago is pretty bad.

  9. I love photography too. Whenever I am out running errands or just going for a walk I see pictures of the things I am seeing and I always think how awesome it would be if I could frame the moment.

  10. Nokia brand has definitely upgraded their phones. I’m really impressed with the new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

  11. beautiful photos; i love the ability to make the photos look vintage

    my passion is the ocean and everything involved with her, from seagulls to sea stars (formerly known as starfish)

    the ocean to me is mother nature’s tranquilizer if I’m in need of some leveling out or its my inspiration for arts, photos or just daydreaming

  12. The photos this phone takes are GORGEOUS! This app looks awesome – I agree that they really do look like polaroids.

    I really like that the phone has a dedicated camera button. Wish mine did!

    I had a Nokia phone as my first cell phone ever! I miss those days! :)

  13. My passion is to paint. I loved seeing Bob Ross when I was young on TV. The nature that he brings forth inspired me; Whenever I find some spare time, i relax and paint. Best feeling ever!

  14. my passion is animals and animal welfare. I also love taking pictures of wildlife wether its a squirrel or a caterpillar. Photography is a great way to stay creative and share your talent. Try to make sure you find time for your own passions and the things that make you feel at peace.

  15. A friend of mine at work just got this phone and I love it!

    that picture app sounds really cool!

  16. I love photography. I like my camera, but sometimes I don’t have time to get it out when the moment is fleeting. My phone is not the best for pictures. I was considering an iPhone next, but after seeing the amazing quality your Nokia Lumia takes, I am starting to rethink my decision. Thank you for sharing!!

  17. wow.. looks like a great phone. I love the photo quality!

    • Oh and my passion is my son and one on the way.. my children are so important and they inspire me daily.

  18. I can’t believe you took those photos with a phone! I love that app…the colors are nice and rich. I’m not sure what my hobby is, but now that I’m a newly stay-at-home mom with (almost) 2 kids, I hope to find it. Maybe it’s photography!

  19. My passion is my grandkids and family! Thanks for great phone to consider to collect great moments in life with my family!

  20. Hmmm…my passions? I suppose my one of my biggest passions in sustainability. Fortunately I do have some outlets for this passion. I love photography also, but I find that I can never find my camera for the right moment and often when I do pull it out it feels like it distracts my kids from the cute thing they were doing or expression they were making. It sure would be nice to have a nice camera on my phone!

  21. What inspires me? My kids, nature here in Ohio, farmer’s markets, the local food scene. I adore the color of that phone!!!

  22. those are beautiful pictures from the phone!

  23. Your photos are always awesomne…no matter what you take them with! :-) If only I had an ounce of your photography talent, I would have a passion for photography. But alas I am horrible at taking pictures…always have been. My family used to joke when I was younger that we all knew who had taken the pics with the heads cut off! I’m not quite that bad anymore but still nothing that I would be entering into a contest or anything! My passion is reading! I love to read and if I’m not on the computer or with my family, you can usually find me with my nose in a book (or my kindle).

  24. I would say my latest passion is learning about edible and medicinal plants in my local area. I don’t think this would be possible without my camera. It’s the only way I can remember what they look like. The option of being able to wright on them would be perfect.

  25. My passion is gardening, mostly container gardening with the hard-to-find cane begonias. I could take some gorgeous pics with this phone.

  26. It’s amazing to me what phones can do these days! You take the most beautiful photos.. you can see how much care and love you put into each one. Enjoy your little moments with your kiddos.. they will soon be able to do things on their own, and you will be back to doing many of the things you enjoyed before. And who knows.. they may pick up some of the same interests as you, and you can enjoy them together.

  27. I am a reader. I love books, especially series that I can get sucked into. They inspire me to try out my own stories.

  28. I’m in the same boat as you, sort of… I haven’t done much in the way of art since my daughter was born (aside from painting the odd nursery letters) – and I do miss it sometimes. But, if anything, she has increased my passion for photography (which I only dabbled in before she came along). My greatest passion now is my family… I am excited for the day I get back a little of “me” – but wouldn’t change a thing!

  29. This phone is awesome. I love the buttons that allow you to easily share on all your social networks. I’m up for an upgrade soon, bummer this is an AT&T phone as I’m a T-Mobile customer.

  30. I love that Crissy! You might consider the 365 picture/photo project! It seems like that would be something that might help spur you on…idk :)
    My passion is making someone smile or feel better or giving in some way every day to uplift another. No matter if what I do is small or on the big side..that is a goal of mine every day. :)

  31. Those are great pictures! Impressive!

  32. Since I’m a photographer, my passion is art, the outdoors and nature. I mainly focus on still life and artistic photography! I’m very impressed by this phone! Thanks for introducing it, I really need to check it out!

  33. My kids inspire me, so doing things to help them and make them better people is what I”m passionate about. This also overflows to other children. I’m a foster care advocate and I love it when they have a happy ending (i.e. adoption or reunification)!

  34. Art is a big part of my life as well. As of right now, as a college student I’m trying to find my strong points. I’ve been taking Drawing classes as well as Web Design, and I hope to take other classes like Glass Blowing, Ceramics, Painting, and Photography. I think what inspires me most is people, of all shapes and sizes. I love to see and capture things from everyday life. Whether it’s a couple walking in the rain or my nephew playing outside, I get inspiration from little things like that.
    The Windows phone takes amazing photos! And as you said, it’s easy to take photos on the fly; something I need as well. It’s hard to capture those spontaneous moments in life, so having a phone to readily do that would be great.

    I’m glad you can now capture all of the things you enjoy as well! :)

  35. Photography is one of my side passions and I think the Nokia phone and app you used really create beautiful photos. It is so crazy how far we have come in technology that you can just take your small little phone with you and capture gorgeous images! My real passion is writing and I hope to publish a novel one day …I get serious writers block sometimes but I am trying to get it done!!

  36. My kids definitely inspire me. I love taking photos of them, although I must admit I took a lot more when it was only my daughter. Once the boys came along, life has become so hectic. I’ll take a pic, and it’ll stay on my camera forever. I remember when I used to blog at least once a week. It’s now been over 6 months since I’ve blogged about anything meaningful. I must find the time!

    Cool camera phone. I’d definitely love one of those!

  37. Congratulations on incorporating some of your personal loves into your life! I am in the process of doing that myself and one of my loves is photography too :)
    Very cool app for photos!

  38. my kids, honestly. just making them smile and laugh and coming up with new ways to do that. I still love crafting, but it’s not priority. When all of my kids are in school and i have some more free time, I’ll get back to it. Now, my crafting is done kid style :-)

  39. The Apict app looks delightful- I really love the softness of vintage photographs they look so much better than the glaring pores you find in the new highest possible resolution cameras. My passion has always been sewing & quilting which merges well with children since I get to make them little stuffed animals, doll clothes, dresses, and snuggly quilts.

  40. My passion is making memories and putting them in a display. I love to take photos and scrapbook not only to put into books but to also put onto my walls. I just wish that I had more time to do it. I have a 1 and 2 year old with a newborn. One day maybe.

  41. Guess what? My Blackberry is on its last leg. And I am totally overwhelmed as to WHAT phone to get next…I am so glad you are sharing your experiences with the Windows phone. I can’t walk into the phone store and ask, because I can’t take the hard-sell, plus they don’t really KNOW the phone.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and the features of this great phone.

  42. I don’t have a windows phone to try out this awesome app. Looks cool though. I wish I had a creative side like you. I try to be creative and it never comes out right.

  43. Having the ability to take quality photos would be big plus. I can’t tell you how frustrated I get with the camera on my current phone. I will have to check this one out since it is time to upgrade. =}
    Enjoy your Day!

  44. I’m not so sure that you can call my hobby my passion, but it is something that I do love to do and am always hankering after that perfect “jump” or “head-banging” shot. I like to photograph bands, and by bands I typically (but not always) mean bands that have few fans, are not that well known and are generally alternative. That doesn’t mean I don’t photograph other bands, mainstream and the like, but I find that the bands I prefer to photograph are ‘unlearned’ and ‘untouched’ by public opinion and fame and so are very raw and natural and not defined by what is acceptable and normal in their genre and industry. It’s so much fun and I have met some pretty amazing musicians/artists and people.

  45. I had my kids relatively young, so I don’t feel I really got to discover myself at all before they were born. Now I have had the opportunity to discover what I’m passionate about, and luckily, bring my kids along for the ride. I recently started a vegetable garden, and my daughters joined me. They each now have their own flower plants and look forward to watering them each day. It’s a little thing, but it means so much to me to see them outside, experiencing and influencing nature.
    As for your Nokia Lumia, I absolutely understand how important it is to have such a handy device. I could never remember to bring my camera on outings, so I missed out on beautiful shots and moments with my family, but I have to say Instagram is slowly changing that for me. And as awesome as Apict is, I’m sure that having a user with your talent helps :)

  46. I am inspired by my son and husband. I see them and I can’t help but want to make something beautiful, something to make their lives better.

  47. It seems like I had to give up all of my old passions after I was injured. Not much one can do while trapped in bed 90% of the time. I had to set out to develop new passions, and a main one is having taken up playing video games where I can roam new world virtually. Its not much, but now I have a little something to look forward to after working in bed all day.

  48. These photos are awesome and I absolutely love the vintage look. I have been thinking about getting a new phone that takes great shots because as a photography nut, I love taking pics of everyday life and cannot always carry around my huge dslr. I cannot believe the quality of these photos came from a phone! This phone will definately be on my list of ones I look into. Thanks for sharing!

  49. I Love that phone!!!! The pictures are very clear. What a neat concept. I would LOVE one of those phones/camera’s:)

  50. Hard to believe these pictures were taken with a phone…very nice. Pinned it, liked it and tweeted it.

  51. My passion is massaging. We also started planting vegetables. I love that. When it comes to taking pictures, we love to take pics of all sorts of things. Sometimes, we will love a picture so much, we’ll put it on a Canvas.

  52. I don’t even own a cellphone at all, but if I were to get one, this one sounds like one I’d want. I too, absolutely love photography. The Apict App sounds like a great editing tool to use with this camera phone. The sample pictures you took look amazing! I’m the mom of 4 children that are all mostly grown now, my youngest is 16. I’ll never give up my passion for photography!

  53. Wow..this phone takes great pictures! I enjoy photography too, but I’m still learning to use my dslr.

  54. I have always been really passionate about writing. I used to write poems nearly every day, and for a few years I attended weekly poetry readings. Mingling with other creative people was good for me and inspiring in itself, but for the most part, I realized poetry was a great release for my angsty teenage years, and I have kind of abandoned in recent years. I used to do a lot of photography and that passion has been coming right back recently, and nature is always the perfect subject for me, especially considering I live in a very small town surrounded by woods.

  55. I LOVE taking pictures of my son and my child. They are memories i will chersih forever. They downside is that I am rarely in them LOL

  56. My friend recently bought that same phone and we swoon over how great the camera is. I think it’s more clear than the iphone’s camera too! It’s definitely useful to have around as it’s also a phone/calendar/internet. Take good care of it because it will be useful for many many years!

  57. I am amazed at the picture quality, and since I am a picture junkie, that is such a selling point for me when I pick a phone. I am so inlove with your phone. I might have to look into that instead of my iphone at my next upgrade… did I just say that?

  58. Hi Karen!

    Aren’t the colors gorgeous? These are straight out of the app, no Photoshop, too.

  59. I’ve always loved photography, but not very good at it. I have awful luck with losing or breaking cameras, so I stick with the point and shoots. This phone looks handy for taking pictures whenever you want.

  60. I think it’s wonderful that you are rediscovering your passions-Even though you used to spend all your time focusing on your art, it really only takes a moment like you described to get back to what you love :)

    Those are absolutely beautiful pictures! It’s amazing how a little app can have that much impact on a photograph.

  61. Like you I used to be really big in Art. I now have an 11 month old son so I know how it feels. Right now, my son is my life. It would be great to have a phone that I could take pictures of him with. Most the time I don’t have my camera so a phone with a good camera would be great. Mine is way to slow to capture those cute moments. May have to check out this phone.

  62. I’m passionate about my children, travel, performing arts.

    I love that the phone as an app to directly upload your digital art to Facebook. Looks likes a really sleek phone

  63. I can not believe that your phone took them pictures…That is awesome!! Every phone I had the camera wasn’t great on them at all..none of them…It looks like the nokia lumia 900 does take some great pics. I know that if I see something I think is great and want to take a picture and all I have is my cell that I usually don’t get that great of one..

  64. I love how there is a camera button! So convenient!

  65. Great pictures!! I just might have to have one of those phones.

  66. My passion is also art and photography and thank you for sharing this post about benifits of owning a Nokia Lumia 900. My current phone is terrible and I avoid taking photos with it but I will keep this phone in mind when purchasing my next phone :)

  67. My passion is makeup & hair! I love learning all I can about them, and trying out all the new looks and styles. I find it fun and love all the amazing people I have met!

  68. I love the pictures. My passion are my kids, and cooking. They go hand in hand I love making things with the little ones.

  69. I feel like I don’t have any hobbies pre-kid because I had my son so young. I haven’t had the chance to discover what I like to do yet. So I guess that will be put on hold for a while. That phone looks so cool though. Great pictures!

    • Aly, that would totally make a difference! Your son will be old enough for you to focus a little of your energy on other creative things soon enough, but for now, you have a super great and creative blog!

  70. I love these photo’s! I believe your phone takes better photo’s then my camera. :) I really want to get better at photography, I have started to play around with that a little.

    I have passions in various things – it’s honestly just trying to find the time to do it. My biggest passion is blogging – I don’t think I could survive without a computer! :) I love reading and I really want to start scrapbooking again, especially digital scrapbooking.

    • Hi Jodi, thanks so much for commenting!

      I’ve never gotten into the paper scrapbooking thing, but I think digital scrapbooking is something I could do. I’ve been meaning to check that out. I’d love to see some of your work for inspiration!

  71. I agree with everyone, lovely pictures. I love that you can share directly to social media sites using the Apict app!

  72. Beautiful pics! I love that you see the beauty in everyday things!

  73. Right now my kids inspire and direct everything I do I live for them. Before I had my kids I inspired to try everything and anything I was up for anything like a road trip to getting up in front of a large group of people. I have many interesting pictures in my book and my mind

  74. Your phone–okay, you–takes amazing pictures! The Apict app sounds wonderful. I grew up when Polaroids were popular, so it brings back memories.

  75. thats cool! i like that u can upload your pictures right to fb and stuff! thats so neat!

  76. Truly sounds like the ‘mother’ of all phones…the “sharpie” feature sounds fantastic!

  77. I bought the cell phone I currently use BECAUSE it has a camera, and I was tired of missing all those “perfect shots” when I forgot my point-and-click at home. But, sadly, I have only used the camera on my phone 2 times. It’s just not user-friendly. And I have a really hard time getting the pictures OUT of the phone. The dedicated camera button sounds like a perfect fit for me! And since I’m due for a new phone soon, I will definitely be checking out the Nokia Lumia 900. Thanks for sharing!

  78. love it, Crissy. The apict app is awesome. I have always loved your photography and I’m so happy to see these types of posts again :) I know I’m in the same boat as you right now, trying to reconnect with my artistic self again. I’ve been having a hard time justifying giving myself the time to do it, but I love what you’ve said, and even if they are small moments, at least they are something. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Lisa, I am working toward getting back to basics on my blog in the coming months. I really miss taking photos for ME and blogging for ME – I do some of that in my parenting category, but I want to focus on other parts of my life, as well.

      Are you blogging anywhere these days? You should be!

    • Thanks :) I don’t really blog anymore, not that I don’t want to, I just kinda get overwhelmed with how to start. Every now and then I think about updating my livejournal but it seems like such a lost cause at this point. I do have something set up on blogspot but it’s only focus is giveaways. My last writing endeavor was a photo essay about my pregnancy (2 fetal distress syndromes and 14 weeks of bedrest) and the birth of my girls which is a photo album on my facebook here:

      Hopefully someday soon I’ll start a blog again, I’ll let you know when I do. :)

  79. What great pictures! My daughter has this same phone and is always posting great pictures of my grandchildren on Facebook.
    Some day I plan to own this phone as well and have no doubt I can post ever more pictures of my grandchildren than their Mom can!! ;)
    My passions are my grandchildren, loom knitting, sewing, reading & photography.

  80. When I got my first Nokia, I realized this was the only brand of phone for me from now on. Nokia makes great quality phones and they are always coming out with new and fascinating technology. Thanks for keeping us updated. I’ll have to look for this new phone when it’s time to upgrade my current Nokia!

  81. My kids inspire me. I wish I had this when they were in school. I would have loved to use it at their sports events. Waiting for marriage and grandkids. It would surely be handy then! Thanks!

  82. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Crissy. Great pics with a camera phone.

  83. I’ve never been that creative, actually I think having kids has made me more creative and a better picture taker (I don’t want to say photographer and offend anyone that actually is since I’m far from a pro, lol). I do also love the camera and apps on the phones now that make is so easy to snap a picture, edit, and share it.

  84. With 4 kids, I too have folders full of photos of my children. I started the project 366 this year and enjoyed snapping photos of other subjects but got quickly sidetracked when my dad fell ill. Maybe I will bring my camera out again and see what I can find. Btw, LOVE the photos from a PHONE?!

  85. Beautiful photographs!!

    My passions are dogs/helping animals and reading.

  86. I dont know if I really truly have a “passion” I have alot of hobbies and things that I like to do but no one thing that I can really call my own oror say that I would do that above others. I’m still looking for that something wonderful that I’m really good at.

  87. I love the picture quality!! I can’t believe those came from a camera on a phone. Just beautiful. Well done!

  88. I totally understand wanting to bring back the passions you had before kids. I was a completely different person. I am glad to see you still do what you love and I think every mom should.

  89. For someone with 2 babies you impress me with what you are able to do and the informative content you bring to your reviews. I learned so much about the Nokia Lumia 900. There are features I never even knew existed. I look forward to seeing more of your photography as time and opportunity presents itself!!

  90. I’ve been considering a phone upgrade for a while now, but nothing has really caught my eye enough to switch from my inexpensive Smart Talk plan and phone. I really like your review on this one though and it HAS ABSOLUTELY got me thinking!

  91. I had never heard of the Apict app (there are so many great apps!) I will have to look into that one. I use my camera phone to take most of my pictures, just because I usually have that in my hand all day instead of a real camera. So it’s nice to know good camera apps. Thanks!

  92. Those are great pictures! That is awesome a phone can have such great quality. My son is definately my number one inspiration and helping out in my church.

  93. Having kids does change everything in your life. Sometimes it seems like I am a completely different person now in every way. My passions now are my kids, and trying to live a better life. Eating healthier and taking more interest on what is going on in the world. I want to do all I can to make this world better for my kids, so they have a future to look forward to.

  94. Since having Alex, I use the camera on my phone more than my other camera’s! There is so much going on that it is super easy and convenient to snap it right then when you need it with your phone!! I like the Apict app pics you took they look great :)

  95. I so miss the days when my kids were tiny and I could snap pictures of them!

  96. My daughter is my inspiration – to do better … be a better mom, be a good example, feed us better foods, take better care of our world. Every day she teaches me something new as I look for things to teach her.

  97. I’m very impressed with the photos…they’re so beautiful!

  98. Wow! We really have a lot in common. My two biggies are are and photography too, besides the sunshine of my life who is 11! This phone looks very appealing to me, and the camera features look and sound amazing!

  99. I am very passionate about photography and art as well as handmade jewellery, writing short prose and poetry. I have no idea how I would find the time for my various passions should I decide to have children in the future, but I have no doubt I would find my way back.

    I wonder if as a mom, do you perceive beauty and art any differently than you did formerly?

  100. Your photos came out awesome!

  101. I don’t think I have a passion but I do have many hobbies. I love to scrapbook/ card make, sew and crochet/ knit. Most of them now revolve doing them for my children but I don’t mind. I will say I’m a rookie at most of my hobbies.

  102. Beautiful photos- you have a real talent. My passions are reading and writing. I always thought I would write a novel. Maybe someday I will.

  103. Beautiful pics. I have to say I have never seen such wonder from a camera phone before. I used to draw, no time these days.

  104. If these pics were taken with the Windows Phone, then that is pretty amazing. I think we get so used to the fact that some phones just take bad pics but these look like a regular digital camera. I have quite a few passions. I love medicine, which is why I am going to medical school. I love cooking which is why I would love to go to culinary school at some point and I also love photography and I am currently taking some photography courses.

  105. funny, years ago when phones first started incorporating a camera.. I laughed.. like really, who needs a camera in their phone? Now I am guilty of letting my camera collect dust, and chose my phone according to the photo capabilities!

  106. I have never heard of the app Apict. Wonder if it would work on an iPhone? Hmmmm….gotta check that out. Thanks for sharing.

  107. I wish I had a camera that good! My camera stinks. But once you become a parent you understand the need for a good quality camera. Those little blessings do such cute things!

  108. That phone takes awesome pictures! Looks like something worth checking into!

  109. Crissy, I love reading your posts. You are so honest about your feelings and the way you describe in words the way you feel is so relatable to other moms. I too, love art and photography. It seems to take you to another world, a stress free one! lol I like that you gave a review on this phone. I was wondering if it was all it was mocked up to be. The pictures you took look great, and the app you used made them look even more interesting. Hang in there, and don’t ever let go of your passion for what you love to do. As your children get older you will have more and more free time. My mom always told me when my son was younger and I felt like a robot somedays, just going through the motions of taking care of them, that “The days may seem long now, but the years go by quickly!” So enjoy those beautiful kiddos of yours and teach them your loves and passions in life and someday you will be lucky enough to learn about theirs! Who know you just might inspire the next great photographer of our time!

  110. I just love this phone! The simplicity and familiarity of Windows….and WOWZA! What a camera! Love! Maybe a perfect Mother’s Day gift?

  111. My passion is my family! I’ve been a SAHM for almost 10 years now, and can’t imagine my life in any other way. And part of that life is taking lots of pics! I don’t have a ton of photos from when I was a kid, and I want my kids to be able to go back and watch their lives grow in pictures!

  112. I love that you have found something that you are very passionate about.. I am always looking for something but unfortunately I always ended up getting distracted and being focused on every thing else..

  113. Those photos are just amazing: I keep staring at them. I can’t believe that a phone can make take such great pictures.
    I have 2 passions: biking and reading. Whenever I get some moments, I try to go on a bike ride or read a book!

    • I wish one of my passions involved physical activity, it would make getting in shape a lot easier lol. Thanks for commenting Olfa.

  114. Being a photographer (and probably the only person in the world without a smart phone), I am constantly taking photos of everything around me. My pets, my garden, anything I can look at and find a beautiful angle of. Photos like these are the reason I want to get a smart phone. I keep telling myself that I have a laptop if I need to get online away from home, but really a smart phone with this app would open up a whole new world of photography for me. I always see photos taken with Instagram, but have never heard of Apict before. Thanks for sharing! I might just join the 21st century after all!

  115. My daughters inspire me-and they’re the artists and photographers in the family-and I love the idea of taking photos on the fly..everyone just has to take my word for it that I saw a moose the other day! (No camera!)

  116. This phone looks awesome! I LOVE having a camera at the ready, and this will make sharing my photos so much easier. But my passion is in cooking – I’m excited to see all the apps available with new recipes and ideas for me to try.

  117. the pics look good! I’m glad you are able to rediscover a little joy of your younger days ☺

  118. My passion is reading about Jesus, music and helping others.

  119. Nokia was my very first cell phone, it’s amazing how far it’s come. Too bad most wireless stores rarely tout this brand. It’s nice to see they are still competitive. I love the gorgeous quality of photos it takes. I would be interested in trying it out and testing it against my iphone camera.

  120. That does take good pictures. I am glad you are still able to take pictures even though you are so busy.

  121. I wish I had a phone like that. I have an old fashioned one because my daughter is always getting the newest and best. It looks like a great phone!

  122. My passion has been put aside for a while. My passion is Paris. Is that so weird? I was a french teacher before I stopped teaching to raise kid and while I was teaching (7 years) I got to visit Paris three times. I took students each time and, though I loved it before, seeing it through teenagers’ eyes really made it new for me. I am obsessed with the history, the art, the architecture, the food, everything. The good thing is that Paris will still be there once my kids are older and hopefully we can enjoy it together!

  123. Most of my pictures these day are taken by my phone also. I love that phones can now take such great pictures! Your photos are great!

  124. I am still deciding if I “Love” the Vintage Instant Camera look…that being said, this phone executes the Look perfectly. Having lived “Through” that time and still having many pictures with that look…I sometimes long for the DSLR look. I am also impressed with the range of the camera on your phone..that it can take micro and macro shots!

  125. This takes amazing pictures and I like how you can share them through an app right on the phone!

  126. Camera phones have come a long way. It’s amazing the clarify and definition you get from something so convenient.

  127. Those photos are great! I too have really gotten into photography and have been researching a new phone that will help me when I’m on the go.

  128. i really need to update my something that takes better you i have a passion for art and photography..unfortunately i do not get to dedicate enough time to either lol. thanks for the review and awesome pictures!

  129. Crafting, and my kids. I love, love, love sewing, knitting and crocheting- baby and kid items with a modern twist. My babies inspire me, and I enjoy creating things for them and seeing their faces light up when mommy gives them a “present”.

  130. I agree that my passions seem to be on the back burner with the kids. I love photography and then taking my pictures and putting them into a scrapbook! I have up to one year on my oldest of three! I don’t have the other 2 even started yet! I am hoping to get there soon! I am so behind on getting some photos developed and then also to be taking them!!!

  131. These photos look amazing. I would have never guessed that they came from a phone. My baby is my life right now; I look forward to the day that I can share the things that I am passionate about with her.

  132. Love the photos! Very surprising that photos like that can be taken with a phone!

  133. Now I want one of these…my iPhone camera constantly freezes on me and I miss so many good shots. Thanks for this review :)

  134. I love to bake. There is something about creating something that will make others happy that really gets to me. Now that my 6 year old daughter is big enough to assist, it makes it even better!

  135. These are great pictures for a phone. I am in need of something quick and easy to take pictures with. I love our DSLR but it’s big to carry around and our smaller camera the battery dies too fast.

  136. I love the background image you put on here.The phone really does take great pictures.With these shots why would anyone want a traditional camera

  137. While I am certainly not a great photographer, I love capturing moments with my kids/family. I have to do this though with a regular ol’ camera, which I don’t always have on me when the photographic moment strikes. But I do always have my cell phone on my person. My current phone has a really crappy photo option and I can’t do anything with the photos other than email-text them to myself and the resolution/size is less than desirable for printing or posting. I love the excellent camera quality of the Nokia Lumia 900 which you have described, along with the Apict app. I feel this is a phone/camera that would let me have my call/text functions and take really great photos (well, as good as I can anyway) on the fly and actually be able to use them to upload, print, turn into photo gifts for my family. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  138. This Nokia Lumia Windows Phone really does take terrific pictures.

  139. This looks like an awesome phone. I can’t believe the quality of the photos, they are awesome :) Great job :)

  140. One thing I’ve always admired about your and your posts was the beautiful photography within them. That is not to say that the content wasn’t fantastic or taken to heart, because I always read your posts, but the photography adds that even more personal touch. I love your eye for a great photo. That Nokia Phone looks absolutely sharp. Aside from my children, I’m still discovering what inspires me, I love making a place for memories, documenting memories and sharing them with my family and friends as gifts, I love taking photographs too, but I’m not so sure I’ve got that “eye”, but I enjoy it no less.

  141. Thos are great pics! Phone cameras have come along way!

  142. The photos are wonderful! Hard to believe that they were taken with a phone camera!

  143. What I’m passionate about has changed over the years as I change myself. When I was in my teens, I was a book worm. I used to read a book every one to two days and would spend hours curled up on the couch with a pillow and a blanket and just read. I miss those days because I just don’t have the time to spend a whole day with a book.

    Now that I’m older, I’ve discovered new passions. I love cooking and trying new recipes. I also love photography like you. For Christmas, my parents bought me my first DSLR camera and I’ve been trying to teach myself how to use it. I also just got an iPhone and I’ve been having fun taking pics with Instagram and Hipstamatic on it.

    The Apict app sounds really neat. I love your pics and how you can make everyday objects that no one really notices look like art.

  144. It took me years after my son was born to get back to being “me” again. I didn’t start writing again until it became a survival necessity when I split with my ex and realized I have no skills other than writing. I love your pictures, they’re always such eye candy! It amazes me how you can make a stop sign interesting!

  145. I love when the seasons change. I think that may be mt inspiration

  146. Crissy, you are always so honest and sweet!! Babyhood is so short, that I’m sure you’ll find time soon to get back to the creative part of you, what’s even better is you’ll be able to share it with your children. There’s no better gift in life than a creative mother. It’s awesome how the phone lets you be inspiring on the go! thanks again for sharing!!

  147. I have an iPhone, but always wondered about the Windows phone. I have yet to ever even use one.

  148. I completely know what you mean, Crissy. I have 4 kids and while I’m busier than ever, I find myself wanting to blog, learn more about photography (by the way – you’re one of my inspirations!), and follow my passions. It’s exciting and empowering that we can do it AND still be great moms.

  149. Wow, I’m loving the pictures it takes! So neat. I have many passions in life and one of them is blogging. I have a constant need to juggle everything to try to make sure I get everything in. But what can I do, it makes me happy! Tired, but happy!
    Whirlwind of Surprises

    • You know me, I’m a blogging junkie too! :) Thanks for commenting Cinny.

      Every time I see your screen name I think of my son’s imaginary cat, Cinny, lol.

  150. Nature and my kids inspire me. It’s often that I’m inspired by something most wouldn’t think was pretty or normal. I like photographing rustic, old, used, lost and forgotten buildings. I’m also seriously passionate about history and how things use to be.

    • Before I had kids, I used to visit a lot of historic sites around the state – I also love taking photos of urban and rural decay. Thanks for stopping by Tiffany!

  151. Love your photos. Can’t believe they were taken with a phone. The thing I hate is it always takes me so long to get my camera up and ready to go from my phone. I like that this has a dedicated camera button which seems like it makes things a whole lot easier. Very cool!

  152. Sadly, I don’t know if I can define my passion. My favorite hobbies are great, but I think the only thing I have that I can really call my passion is the work I do for my church. I love working with the amazing people there to put together something that will change lives – our mission trip to Ecuador (coming soon!) and putting together a group for a Women of Faith conference has really been something that leaves me feeling fulfilled and happy, rather than exhausted and busy!

    • Lindsay, that definitely sounds like a passion to me! Sounds like you are doing some amazing work. I can’t wait to read about your trip to Ecuador!

      My dad is going to be taking a similar trip with his church next year – exciting!

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