Dear Crissy

Oh boy…


We’re on the countdown to Evan’s birthday. He turns 3 on August 3rd.


When I look at him now I can really see how he is maturing physically. He is losing that round baby face, and there are moments when I swear I’m staring at a teenager.

big boy

Ever look at your kid and how quickly he or she is aging and just feel like you’ve been kicked in the gut? Yeah.

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  1. Definitely! There are times when I will be watching them at their sleep and feel struck by how time flies

  2. Can’t believe he’s three! Such a beautiful kid.

  3. What a great picture and such a hansom boy…God Bless Him Today and Always!

  4. my granddaughter will be 7 on August 28 & my grandson will be 3 on October 2, time goes by so fast, wishing your son a great birthday

  5. Oh yes! My daughter is just a few days younger than your son. She’s losing that baby face, too! I’ve especially noticed it in the last 2 months. I am delighting in watching her grow, and simultaneously crying out for my baby not to grow up!

  6. My boyfriends and my anniversary is on August 3rd :) Just goes to show what a great date it is!

    It’s definitely coming up fast though o.O

  7. Its crazy how fast time goes! My oldest turned 14 this week. I swear it seems like yesterday that she was just a toddler.

  8. Yes, I do. All the time. My “babies” are ages 24 years and 11 years. It is bittersweet for me. I’m proud of my girls, but sometimes my heart longs for the days when they depended on me more.

  9. Tell me about it. My first born is going to 10th grade! Yup he is officially in High School. My baby is going to Kindergarten. I am not sure when it happened. I just blinked and they were all grown up.

  10. Oh Boy is right! Every single day I look at them and wonder where the time went and I am terrified of the day when they actually are teenagers!

  11. Yes. Especially when I look at pictures I could swear were yesterday and he is just a baby. These boys.

  12. My oldest is turning 4 in September. He seems so grown up! And I can’t believe we’re only a year away from kindergarten!

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