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Oil Cleansing Method for Glowing Skin

Have you heard of the oil cleansing method (OCM)? I’ve been using the oil cleansing method on my face for about six months now, after going through a tough spot with my skin after giving birth in 2011. I’ve written about sugar scrub recipes and homemade face mask recipes, but I also wanted to share this great technique!

If using oil as a facial cleanser sounds strange to you, you’ll definitely want to keep reading to find out how the oil cleansing method can give you not only healthy skin, but glowing skin.

Oil Cleansing Method How To

Oil Cleansing Method How To

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About the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t bathe a newborn baby too often because you will dry out his or her skin? What about the tip about not bathing your dog too often, because it will strip his skin of essential (protecting) oils?

Ever wonder then, why we have been raised to believe that we need to wash our hair and skin multiple times per day?

Our skin produces oil called sebum, and that oil naturally gives us healthy and nourished skin. Wouldn’t it make sense to preserve as much of that natural healthy oil as possible, instead of coating our skin with harsh chemical cleanser, which essentially strips our skin of its natural glow?

In reality, when we rob our skin of its natural oils by excessive cleansing, our skin overcompensates and produces… MORE OIL. Of course, this means we wash even more, and this creates an unhealthy cycle for our skin that can lead to skin irritation and acne.

Why the Oil Cleansing Method Works

I’ve seen this quote from before, but it really sums up why the oil cleansing method works.

Fact: Oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principals of chemistry is that “like dissolves like.” The best way to desolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil, is by using another non-polar solvent similar in composition: Other oils. By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables and fruit that heal, protect and nourish your skin. When done properly and consistently, the OCM can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems caused by mild to moderate acne–while leaving your skin healthy, balanced and properly moisturized. (via

STEP 1: Create Your Cleansing Oil

Castor oil and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) are the most common combination of oils used in the OCM. Castor oil is great for cleansing and dissolving, and it is also antibacterial. Castor oil draws all the dirt, gunk and junk right out of your pores!

Depending on your skin type, you will adjust the level of castor oil in your oil cleansing method recipe. More castor oil for oily skin, less castor oil for dry skin.

Olive oil, of, course, is a fantastic moisturizer. You will need to adjust the proportions of olive oil and castor oil to fit your individual skin type. Use the oil cleansing method recipes below as a guide.

  • Dry Skin: Blend 1 tablespoon castor oil with 3 tablespoons olive oil.
  • Balanced Skin: Blend 2 tablespoons castor oil with 2 tablespoons olive oil.
  • Oily Skin: Blend 3 tablespoons castor oil with 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Castor oil and olive oil are also easy to find at any drugstore, so that makes it an easy choice in my book. If you’re interested in learning about castor oil and olive oil alternatives, check out Crunchy Betty’s article on OCM.

Add your mixture to a small bottle, then gently shake before each use.

STEP 2: Apply The Oil To Your Face

Pour a quarter-sized puddle of your oil mixture into the palm of your hand, then rub your hands together. Next, gently rub the oil into your dry skin using slow circles. Spend a minute or two massaging the oil slowly into your skin.

STEP 3: Steam Your Face

Put a washcloth under hot water (don’t burn yourself), then quickly squeeze out excess water. Apply the washcloth to your face and enjoy the warm, steamy goodness that follows. You’ll want to leave the cloth on your face until it starts cooling down. I like to keep mine on for a minute or two to make sure my face is good and steamed.

STEP 4: Wipe Your Face

Finally, squeeze any extra moisture from the wash cloth and gently wipe your face to remove the remaining oil. Be thorough but gentle, no need to scrub your face with the cloth. I love how my skin feels at this point.

So, that’s the oil cleansing method. I do this once per day and I love how it makes my skin look. Even my husband said that my skin was looking really pretty after about a week, and funny enough, he said, “Your skin is glowing! You’re not pregnant, right?” HAHA!

Have you tried the oil cleansing method? Which oil combinations do you love?

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  1. Good to see others on the band wagon! RMS and Hush & Dotti are my two favs when it comes to facial oils and balms.

  2. I need guidance. I suffer from the occasional breakouts and BAD hyperpigmentation. My skin is very oily, but I think it is due to the heavy make-up that I wear for covering the spots. I generally have very normal skin, not too dry or too oily. I have read many good things about rosehip seed oil and hyperpigmentation. I also find myself a bit confused and intimidated by all of the oil choices to select when using the OCM. I was wondering if you could offer a “recipe” for me to start with, how often to use, etc. I basically want to revamp my entire face care routine, but I’m a tad bit overwhelmed by the options available and what is best for my skin type.

  3. this works beautifully. I have used it for years and my 68 year old face looks smooth and clean and much younger. I use two oil to one castor oil. I add Rosemary oil for a great smell

  4. Why do people rave about this, but there are NEVER any before and after pictures? I have horrible Cystic, Adult onset acne that I can’t get rid of and I’ve been to a dermatologist that prescribes me a medication that makes me ill with headaches. I’m willing to give this a try, but would love to see pictures.

  5. Yes! I love this method, and I usually use organic jojoba oil. Works great!

  6. Love your article. Makes sense.
    I had just had my baby 18 months ago, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the store or send my husband for a cleanser. I ran out of my makeup remove and I decided to use baby oil. It worked!

    Does your method work to remove make up?
    I’m going to have to try it.

  7. I wanted to know if this would work o a face full of makeup such as liquid foundation? Or should that be removed with makeup remover before doing the oil cleanse?

  8. Just started using a mixture of castor oil and jojoba oil at night. I took someone’s advice and massaged this on my skin while dry then massaged again and rinsed while in the shower.
    I notice overall my skin feels better but I have lots of little bumps that look like clogged pores.

    Do these go away on their own with time or am I doing something wrong?

    Also, to those with cystic acne, I have been battling with that my whole life (35 now). The ONLY thing that has ever seemed to work to rid the cystic kind is changing my diet to cut refined sugar and dairy out. I feel 100% confident about this after years of experimentation. And also drinking lots of water and managing stress.

  9. I have been using Jojoba oil as a moisturizer for a few weeks now because I read that it is good for acne prone skin. My skin is so soft but the acne is still there. I recently bought Castor oil to mix with Jojoba and try the OCM but I am still hesitant. How long does it usually take to start working? Is there typically a purging period? Any input will be helpful! Thanks!

  10. I bought castor oil from amazon
    and my face had a terrible reaction. It got red, itchy, and broke out in small bumps all over my face. Is there an alternative I could use to castor oil, or do I need to get a higher quality oil?

  11. Just saw some other comments:

    Joanna – you need to lessen the amount of castor oil and possibly switch out the olive oil for another oil such as the almond or jojoba. There’s a little tweaking at the beginning – write down the combo that works best for you so you can remember it in the future when you mix the next batch.

    Abi – yes you do need the cloth as it helps to wipe off any excess oil but also helps to clean away any left over dirt on your face.

  12. I use 1 tbsp castor oil to 3 tbsp almond oil, with a couple drops of lavender oil mixed in.

    I’ve been using this for over a year and I love it. My face feels perfectly balanced, and as I have combo skin, I’ve noticed the oily portions have become less oily over this time.

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  14. Hi, I just want to find out if I can steam my face over a bowl of hot water instead of using the washcloth? Does it affect the method?
    Thank you.

  15. I have done it several times now, but I was wondering if it is okay that my skin feels a bit oily afterwards? I feel like I can’t get rid off all the oil. Plus, since the steam is opening my pores, shouldn’t I finish by splashing my face with cold water to close the pores again?

  16. I just read an article that suggested using sunflower oil instead of olive. I can’t wait to try this!

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  18. Can you do this with coconut oil? I’ve heard such great things I was thinking of trying the coconut oil with the castor oil because I have very oily skin. Please respond fast I’m so anxious to try this!! :)

    • I have read that Coconut oil is comedogenic, meaning it will clog your pores, so it is best not to use it on your face.

      • Coconut oil is amazing and sinks in when used as a moisturiser leaving the skin almost matt after it has been absorbed. Cold pressed organic coconut oil has a melting point of between 18- 24 degrees centigrade so won’t clog up your pores -it’s the coconut oil that has been treated to give it a higher melting point to improve its shelf life that will clog pores up. It’s brilliant on dehydrated skin and brilliant on spots or troubled patches as its antibacterial and fast working but feels exceptionally gentle and soothing on cracked skin/ acne and when you skin is sore it seems a bad move to put stingy harsh products on top of broken skin. You can use coconut oil as a moisturiser after the oil cleanse method by itself or mixed with other oils you can also use it in the oil cleanse itself just warm it up to a liquid by rubbing it in you hands or if your using it as a mixed blend run your container under the hot tap for a few secounds – as it’s melting point is so low it won’t take long then give it a good shake to blend.
        Hope this helps – before I stated using the oil cleanse method my skin was a brilliant combination of so dehydrated it would crack and bleed when I took my makeup off and spotty. I use the oil cleanse with a flannel then put a small amount of either pure argan or coconut oil on after. You can just do that at night and wear a regular moisturiser in the day if your worried about looking greasy but i often use coconut oil as a day moisturiser and argan at night as its slightly richer than the coconut which is quite matt and completely absorbs into my skin after a little while.
        Anyone got any ideas for adding lemon oil to the oil cleanse recipe? I really love the smell but I’m not sure how much to add ratio wise and if its gentle enough to include in a face oil/ or oil cleanser recipe?

    • Coconut oil is not recommended, as it is known to be comedogenic (clogs pores). better to start with EVOO (dry skin) or Jojoba oil (oily skin).

      • Only refined coconut oil is comedogenic, but using unrefined organic coconut oil is actually really great. Not only for your skin (it has anti-bacterial properties that kills acne bacteria), but cooking with it also adds healthy fats to your diet and helps you lose weight.

        In a study published in a 2009 issue of the journal Lipids, researchers had 40 overweight women consume 30 ml of either soy bean oil or coconut oil daily in addition to a low-calorie diet and light exercise. After 12 weeks, those consuming coconut oil experienced a decreased waist size and no adverse affects on their cholesterol levels.

        Read more:

    • Hi I had oily, spotty, dehydrated and cracking skin till i started the oil cleanse method and I use coconut oil too as a moisturiser. its so gentle and soothing but amazing at getting rid of spots and preventing future breakouts as its antibacterial i wrote about coconut oil but accidentally pressed Sara’s reply button not yours so have a look – its the next comment under yours. I also have very large pores on my nose and cheeks and slowly the blackheads are getting less noticeable and being cleaned out by the oils. Coconut oil won’t clog your pores if its cold pressed as its melting point is between 18 – 24 degrees centigrade. It’s coconut oil that’s been treated to have a higher melting point that will solidify in your pores and block them up.
      Hope this helps and check out the comment I left Sara as i put in a lot more information,

  19. I have been using 1/3 castrol oil and 2/3 sunflower seed oil. Love it :)

  20. Don’t leave out the essential oils! They smell great and have some amazing properties for the skin!

    I recommend lavender essential oil (I add about 5-10 drops of this depending on the size of the bottle I’m using and…), bergamont essential oil (5-10 drops of this too) and frankincense essential oil if you are worried about aging.

    Just be sure to research hazards with them. Take bergamont essential oil for example; it could cause burning on sensitive skin if exposed to sunlight. Despite not having to worry about that, it’s still great to know.

  21. Why do you have to mix before each use?

  22. After countless store bought brands and so much money wasted I was willing to try anything! I heard about the oil cleansing method and read blog after blog about it and heard nothing good things! I gave it a try and sure enough it truly works! I’m so happy with the way my face has cleared up. Within a week I noticed blackheads disappearing!! I won’t spend any more money on regular face wash. I use the combination for oily skin and it’s perfect!

  23. I have used OCM for about a month and it has been a game changer for me!! Not a single blemish to be found!! I just wanted to add something I thought might be beneficial to others with full blown acne like I had.. Through lots of research and reading many articles and books etc. I came to the realization that my acne was being caused by a hormonal imbalance. I feel that my hormones where whacky not only from 4 pregnancies, but also from my liver being pushed to the brink from a combination of diet pills, meds and booze, all of which I have stopped. So I started taking supplements to balance out my hormones and promote liver health. I feel with combining the OCM and taking supplements that I have “cured” myself of my decades long acne problem. Of course, I would recommend talking with you doctor before taking supplements, but I will share exactly what I take so you can look into it for yourself. I take 2 1300mg evening primrose oil gel pills, 2 Alpha Lipoic Acid capsules and 3 pills of Mega Foods – skin, hair, nails formula, and lastly 1 500mg maca root capsule, per day. I divide my supplements and take half in the morning and half at night. Before bed I make hot tea, any flavor I want, and I add 3 dropper fulls of dandelion root extract into it. I realize all these supplements can be costly. If I had to recommend only one out of all these, it would be the Mega Foods – skin, hair, nails formula. I hope this helps!!

  24. Hi!
    I’m really interested in trying this. Did you wash your face before and after applying the oil?

    • Angela, you don’t need to wash your face before or after. I do always wash my hands first so they are clean though. Then I apply the oil mixture to my face and gently but thoroughly massage it in. Washcloth under hot water, rinse it out and place over face. Leave the washcloth on your face til it cools off. I usually wash out the washcloth with warm water before using it to wipe my face off. And that’s it! If you wash your face afterwards, you’ll just wash off all the good mosturizers :)

  25. I have been half doing this method, and I got amazing results. I never thought of used castor oil, but I will get that today and try it. I have been using only olive oil which I LOVE! Thanks for this post. I am just sorry I didn’t learn about this method years ago. It would have saved me a lot of money and heartache!

  26. I have been using the OCM for just a few days and my face around my
    nose and mouth has become extremely dry. How often should I use
    OCM and what can I use in between that will not dry out my face?

    • I had the same problem with the drying, mainly on my chin and nose. I went back to 100% olive oil, instead of half olive oil and half castor oil. I’ve read before that its best to use olive oil imported from Spain because it’s supposed to be the most pure with no additives in it that can irritate your skin. I’ve had a hard time finding any that was all Spanish.. I use Colvita, which the label says it is made from Spanish olives and Italian..I will continue to search for the Spanish olive oil. I also started using the fragrance free oil free Neutrogena moisturizer with a drop of lavender oil mixed in. I also spritz my face with a water and tea tree oil mix, as my last step before bed. I use a 2oz water bottle filled with filtered water and 12 drops of tea tree oil. Anytime I have switched cleansing methods, whether it’s a new soap or whatever, my skin always reacts. Sometimes it just takes a week or 2 or 3 for your skin to balance out. Make sure you’re drinking your 64oz of water a day too!! :) My skin is the clearest its ever been, not a blemish in sight!! This method is the only thing that has EVER worked for me..And I’ve tried everything!! I encourage you to stick with it!! Hope this helps!!

  27. I started the OCM at the end of December. For the first 6 weeks I loved it. I have always had pretty good skin, but I liked the idea of not using chemicals. Everyone else raved about their results, so I gave it a shot. I have pretty balanced skin w/ slightly oily T-zone. I have been using 1 part castor oil to 3 parts sunflower oil. My nose and cheeks look great, but over the last 2 weeks my forehead and especially my chin have broken out worse than ever. They are painful and extremely red. They don’t seem to heal as quickly as blemishes I have had in the past. I have been cleansing everyday, but am seriously considering going back to my store bought cleanser. I talked to my sister today. She started OCM about a week after me and is having the exact same problem. I wear make up everyday, but she doesn’t ever wear foundation so it has to be the process right? Any suggestions?

    • Hi Heather….Interesting issue you’re having. There’s a couple of things you could do. One…stop altogether until the painful acne/pimples go away. Then maybe try a different oil. Make sure you’re getting organic…just to be safe. You could try jojoba oil or grapefruit seed oil. Since your sister is having the same issue…I wonder if it’s some kind of allergy? I would definitely stop for now and let this clear up. Then maybe do a little testing. And listen…if it doesn’t work out for cleansing your have great bath oils!!! :)

    • Hi Heather,
      Any positive results from your switch to EVOO?? Your predicament sounds exactly like mine…how has your experiment turned out? My skin is probably as bad as it has ever been right now. :( Hoping for some hope.

  28. is your face supposed to break out at the start of this? i want the same results as everyone else!

  29. I just tried this using a mix of olive, jojoba, grape seed, tea tree and vitamin E. I really like it!

  30. Hi. I have been using the OCM with: Jojoba, Tea Tree for almost 2 weeks now. At first it was great, I saw some improvement, but now it seems to be getting a little worse. I use 6 drops of tea tree\2 full teaspoons of jojoba, do the steam etc etc…. I recently put 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with 8 teaspoons of water to use as a toner after doing OCM, and I recently bought Lavender oil too (organic) and put 1 to 2 drops in the OCM mixture… But now my skin seems to be very red (especially after tonights lemon toner). I must mention I have very oily skin, prone to acne.. I will say I haven’t noticed any ‘new’ pimples since I started using this OCM thing……. There are still white and black heads especially around my cheeks, and there is this odd line that recently popped up out of no where (like a brand new wrinkle, but its more of a line-it almost looks like a cut from a cat scratch to give u an idea-its a slit basically, and I think there will be another one already coming) what am I doing wrong????? I’m getting so frustrated and upset… I WANT to use oils and organic stuff….. PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER ME IM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Have you thought about just returning to the original method with castor oil and extra virgin olive oil? Seems to me like you’re trying quite a few different things that may be irritating your skin. Tea tree oil can be drying to your skin and by adding lemon juice on top of that, this may be part of your problem. Perhaps if you’re skin is red (does if feel dry, too?), you might want to use more extra virgin olive oil to ensure it’s being thoroughly moisturized. I’ve been using the oil cleansing method and I am using 70% castor oil and 30% extra virgin olive oil because I have oily, acne-prone skin. So far, so good. Sometimes just simplifying things is the key. Good luck to you and I hope your skin gets better!

      • Hi Lindsay, thanks so so much for replying…. Well the only castor oil I can find so far is the one in the super markets, and apparently those castor oil versions are not good to use because they are those super market bought versions, I did try it for like a week but then my skin formed a few reddish spots so I stopped it incase it got worse. In terms of your question, when I face goes red, yes it feels dry too. My face actually now looks very dehydrated at the moment and just awful-really dry and unhealthy. There seems to be an increase of appearance of fine lines (could it be the dehydration?) too… Also, last night I tried the lavedar again and again it caused my skin to go red where I put it on. I am starting to think the lavendar doesn’t mesh well with my skin or something??? I’m truly despondent but I don’t want to go use chemical stuff again, I want to use natural stuff. I am going to go buy a bottle of organic, raw honey and use this as a cleanser morning and night (I don’t like not being able to clean my face off in the mornings-i just want something light and antiseptic and for the mornings)… Ill see how that goes, I’ve read some great reviews on it. After that I plan to put about 2-3 drops of jojoba on my skin for some nourishment and moisture.what do you think? If the honey works okay, I may add one drop (literally) of tea tree into it. What is a good natural exfoliator for the skin I can use to exfoliate once or twice a week to get dead skin cells off??? Also, in terms of how hot the wash cloth must be when I steam, my face is usually pretty red once I take the cloth off the first time, is it maybe too hot or is that okay?? Thanks sooo much for your reply

    • Hi Angie! I was wondering how you are coming along with OCM? I’ve not tried it yet myself, but I’m getting the stuff today when I go to town to the store. Anyway, I had a suggestion for you on a toner and homemade scrub! I have combination/oily/acne prone and sensitive skin, as well as eczema. I’ve found that drugstore toners are too much for my skin ,even ones for sensitive skin, so I started using witch hazel. It is very soothing, calms your skin and very refreshing. The smell has little to be desired, but it does not linger. As for a natural DIY scrub, I highly recommend a sugar scrub. It’s super easy to make, isn’t harsh on your skin, and there are so many options!

      Here’s the recipe (measuring not required!)

      white or brown sugar
      oil component
      essential oil (optional)
      ***Must be kept in refrigerator and will be good for about 2 weeks***

      I normally use white sugar, vitamin E oil, and pure olive oil. The ratios all depend on how thick and scrubby you want it to be. Most people use equal parts sugar and oil, example: 1 cup sugar + 1/2 cup vitamin E oil & 1/2 cup olive oil. Personally, I like mine thicker to really feel like I’m getting a good scrub so I would use half the amount of oil as I do sugar. (hope that makes sense). You can also add any essential oils, citrus zest, flavorings, or anything else you can think of for scents and you can use any oil you wish. You could even just add the sugar to the oil your using for OCM. The scrub recipe is very forgiving, I love to play around with different scents and oils and they make great gifts!

      Good luck, I hope these work for you!

    • You should cut back the tea tree oil. I’ve used it in the past because it is very good for acne and worked great, but it is also Very drying even for my oily skin. I got premature age lines on my face from using strait tea tree oil. So use it very sparingly and mixed with other oils like you are doing. Lemon may also be causing your problem, especially if you don’t wear spf. It causes your skin to be more sensitive to UV rays. So I think you are trying too much altogether. Just try the olive oil with a drop of tea tree oil and be patient while your skin heals up.

    • People react differently to essential oils, and it’s very common to have skin reactions – especially in sensitive areas like the face, arm pits, etc. Both tea tree and lavender oils can be irritants, and should be quite diluted before applied to skin (though I know some people can handle certain essential oils directly, it’s not common). I would suggest going back to a castor oil + olive oil combo. Use it for at least a week to give your skin time to adjust before making any changes. Then adjust your ratio of castor to olive oil if needed. Then add in the tea tree if you feel you need it, but I would add fewer drops than you did the first time. It sounds like you have a skin sensitivity to lavender oil (I do too), so I wouldn’t try to add that back in. With each change, give your skin at least a week to adjust before making any additional changes (unless you’re having an obvious negative reaction, of course). If you feel like you need a toner, I’d stay away from lemon which is drying. Witch hazel is a natural, mild toner. I used to use Thayer’s brand rose petal witch hazel, but I find that I don’t need toner at all now that I’ve switched to OCM. It’s hard to break the habit of washing/toning/moisturizing when we’ve all been doing it since puberty, but most people I know who’ve switched to OCM find they don’t need to do any additional maintenance beyond the cleansing.

      Also, I’d try going a little cooler on the wash cloth. If your face is quite red afterwards, it’s probably too hot. It doesn’t need to be super steamy, just nice and toasty warm does the trick.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Angie, I hope you are experiencing better results now. I think the problems you were having are a direct result of you combining too many oils and methods. My suggestion is to play with your oil ratio or reduce the weekly frequency of OCM…maybe a couple times per week. The redness may be caused from your water being too hot or you aggressively wiping off the oil……a def no-no. I would def recommend you lay off the lavender, tea tree and lemon. Wishing you success.

    • Hi Angie,

      Try e-bay for castor oil,just look for cold pressed organic one and you will be fine.If you look OCM up in other places you will find out that your skin looks great at first and then the “purging” starts where your skin cleanses from deep in.I have started mine about a week ago and firs 2 days my skin was soft and glowing and now I have lots little bumps and few red patches due to OCM working it’s magic. Personally I think you need to go back to the original recipe. Hope this helps

  31. thanks for the tips…I will try this out, I also have oily skin and blackheads. :/

  32. I have never seen this and actually suffer from adult acne (never had acne until age 40 if you can believe that!) and I just bought a new oil that is already a blend so I am gonna add some Tea Tree Oil in it and do it before going to bed at night and see how it works on the blackheads and acne!

  33. I have never tried oil cleaning oil method before but at this point I’m willing to try anything. My face is a mess.

  34. I love this concept . Seems so obvious!

  35. You got me hooked, need castor oil :)

  36. I’m seriously thinking about trying this. My only problem would be when cleaning, I’m so used to using an exfoliator with beads because I like the texture and feel like it actually working when I use it. So I think I’m going to make a sugar scrub and then just alternate with using the OCM and that. Thanks for this post!

    • I have been doing this method for awhile now, and once a week I exfoliate with cetaphil and baking soda. My skin has never been my friend, but now; I feel I have been given a new start. I will never go back to soap. EVER.

    • I use a combination of castor oil and grapeseed oil, with a few drops of tea tree oil and Vitamin E oil in the bottle. Each night I add baking soda to get the “exfoliating” feeling.

  37. Finally – a good use for castor oil! Thanks for the tips. I ‘m going to try it out.

  38. Can you do this method with makeup? Would it clense well enough to remove the makeup?

  39. Yes, I have heard of this method and I really love it. Tried it with my last child worked very well with my dry skin!

  40. I have been doing this method for about a month now.
    My skin was gross, I had been using all kinds of really expensive cleansers to help with acne. Just made it worse.
    Even go the chance to test out the TRIA Beauty Blue Light machine. DID NOT WORK.
    Last resort? I went to pinterest, figured it would show me the way. I found this method on there, and decided, “WHY NOT?”
    I have super oily skin, so I use the 3 parts Castor Oil, to One part Olive Oil. Castor Oil was NOT easy to fine where I live, NO drug stores in our area had it. I ended up having to get it at Whole Foods.
    I could not be HAPPIER with how my skin looks now. I also spot treat with Tea Tree Oil, worked amazing. And I have also spot treated with Peroxide, and because my face is so balanced now, the peroxide has been working wonders on the really bad acne.
    I will never wash my face with anything ever again! When my kids are little older, I plan on making them little bottles for themselves to use it, too.
    There skin is so beautiful now, and I can’t do the hot face cloth on them yet. So it’ll be a few years, but man, SO GLAD I found this before my kids hit the teenage years and horrible acne sets in!

    • Hey Staci! I’ve had really bad acne the past 8 months and nothing has worked. I started using the OCM two nights ago. I know I’m getting impatient, but I still have a ton of zits and bumps on my face. How many days did it take for you to finally see results?

      • Hello,

        My daughter has really bad acne too. Are you still trying this method? Is it working yet? She has only been trying it for a few days and is also getting impatient.

  41. I’ve never heard of this before! I have oily skin so I wouldn’t have thought oil would help.

  42. I have never tried this but I am now curious! Will have to check it out!

  43. I’ve never tried it, since I Have oily skin it scares me a bit. Which is your favorite cleansing oil?

    • I’ve been using OCM for about 3 weeks and for the first week and a half all I was using was Olive Oil. I do tend to have dry combination skin but when I started this method my skin was actually drying out. I was using the Olive Oil to moisturize and it wasn’t enough. I finally added the castor oil about a week ago and have started using Crisco (Vegetable Shortening) as my moisturizer at night and it’s amazing. My point…don’t worry about your face being oily…this will totally help to regulate it.

      • Omg, Crisco??? I’m already scared as my skin is pretty normal already, but I’m tired of spending $100 at Clinique…Crisco??? I think I’m gonna try olive oil first, but I will post if it’s not enough and I need Crisco…

  44. A friend of mine told me about this cleansing method months ago when I first started to develop this post-pregnancy acne that I’m still fight now, 8 months after it started. I think I will finally give it a try, I hope it works!

  45. I have heard of it though never tried. It all makes sense though!

  46. I am definitely going to have to try this out. I have eczema and sometimes have to use a lot of baby oil during a flare up but this sounds like it will work a lot better.
    Thank you!!

  47. Yes, I tried it a while ago… though ruined several wash clothes with oil spots. I did enjoy it, but didn’t keep it up. I think I will give it another try. I like the idea of mixing the castor oil with olive, I was trying either one or the other. I also used flax seed oil a few times. My skin was so soft.

  48. I have never heard of cleaning your face or anything with oil. Definitely an interesting post may have to test it out thanks for telling us about it.

  49. Yes! I love this method, and I usually use organic jojoba oil. Works great!

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