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Oil Pulling 101

Oil Pulling 101 - Learn all about oil pulling with coconut oil!

You’ve probably seen people talking about oil pulling with coconut oil on your Facebook stream or on your favorite blogs, and if you’re like me, you’ve wondered what this oil pulling thing is all about.

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Many studies have shown a link between your oral health and your general health, and this includes a connection between oral infections and bacteria to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Because of this, it’s very important to properly care for your teeth and gums. Oil pulling with coconut oil offers you a healthy way to do this!

What Is oil pulling?

Oil pulling with coconut oil involves swishing oil around in your mouth to help detox and clean your teeth and gums. Basically, you use a refined oil like you would mouthwash. By oil pulling with coconut oil, you’re doing great things for your mouth, including preventing gum disease and bad breath, as well as fortifying your teeth and enamel. Sound like something you’re interested in? Here are a few tips for starting the oil pulling process.

Picking an oil

Before oil pulling, you should become familiar with your options. You can use a variety of oils, including sesame, sunflower, coconut, and olive oils. All of these oils have different benefits and textures, so be sure to choose an oil that works for you. If you can’t stomach the thought of swishing olive oil around in your mouth, skip that option and try something else. I have to say that coconut oil is my favorite. Oil pulling with coconut oil has many benefits that the other oils don’t offer.

Oil pulling how-to guide

Now that you know a little more about oil pulling with coconut oil, it’s time to get started. In order to do this, you’ll need about a tablespoon of coconut oil. You can adjust the amount depending on your preferences, but make sure you have enough to swish around in your mouth. If you get too much, you can always spit a little of it out before you’re finished.

Since coconut oil is stored in a solid state, it can be a little difficult to swish right away! The great thing about coconut oil is, even though it starts as a solid, it quickly melts into a liquid with your body’s heat. Place your tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth. The best place to put it is on your tongue. This allows your tongue and the roof of your mouth to heat it up, transforming the coconut oil into a swishable liquid.

Once your coconut oil is a liquid, begin swishing it around in your mouth. Try to focus on all of your teeth and gums to reap the full benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil. Continue swishing the coconut oil around in your mouth for about five to ten minutes. You can then spit it out in the sink and use water to rinse the residue away.

Oil pulling with coconut oil is a great way to keep your mouth healthy and the benefits of oil pulling extend to so many areas of your oral and overall health. This method can help clean up plaque on your teeth and can prevent different types of gum disease.

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  1. Ok Im going to try this because I love coconut oil.  But my question is can I brush my teeth with the oil ensted of toothpast? I herd toothpaste is bad for your teeth. also can the oil get rid of cavities?

  2. I love oil pulling and have definitely noticed a difference when I do it regularly. Less to no sensitivity, whiter teeth and no bleeding of the gums. That being said, I don’t recommend spitting the oil into the sink when you’re done as it will clog the drain. Instead spit it into the trash. Or you can invest in drain decloggers! :-)

  3. I’ve been oil pulling for about a month now. My teeth have become less sensitive to what they were and my mouth feels cleaner.

  4. It seems every time I start to oil pull, that’s when the phone wants to

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