Dear Crissy

OMG 30 weeks pregnant!

Today, I am 30 weeks pregnant.

30 weeks.


I can not tell you how incredible that feels. There was a time during the end of my first trimester when I really felt like I would never reach this point in my pregnancy. I was sick and pretty hopeless. It’s amazing what kind of stress throwing up and having severe morning sickness can put on a person.

I haven’t been able to sleep much this week, which sparked my latest post on Check out the ways pregnancy is like boot camp! I would love to hear your thoughts on the question posed at the bottom of the post!

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  1. That’s great, Crissy! You’re in the home stretch now! I bet you just can’t wait. It’s such an exciting time filled with anticipation. And your first child becoming a big brother? Well, there’s nothing better.

  2. I new how it felt to be sick all the time. As soon as my eyes opened in the morning. I was in the bathroom. I was like that for a long while. Never thought it was going to stop. Congrats to you on your baby.

  3. Has it been 30 weeks already?! That went FAST! For me anyway. lol Glad you’re feeling better!

  4. Yay. You’re almost there. I was so neauseas and throwing up for the first 25 weeks -so miserable. Couldn’t imagine why women would want more kids but after seeing my baby I would do it all over again. So worth it. Hang in there honey. Its almost over-lol!

  5. 30 weeks???!!! Holy cow, time is flying!

  6. congrats on your 30 weeks …. here’s to a healthy baby in 10 more weeks….

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