Dear Crissy

Pink lines, blue lines, and a digital yes

Because clearly, when you take a home pregnancy test and it comes up positive, the next step is to immediately jump in the car, drive to the nearest drugstore, and waste another $40 on more tests.

Add a blood test to the list, because I just received a call from my doctor with the results of that, too. Definitely pregnant!

Dear Crissy Pregnancy

While we planned to try for another kiddo sometime within the next year or two, this was certainly a surprise. A happy, OMG, surprise! If I had even a lick of good sense, I probably would have held off on telling THE WHOLE WORLD that I am pregnant for at least a few more weeks, but seriously? I can’t keep a secret.

I am only 4 weeks, and by my calculations, will be having a Santa baby, right around Christmastime!

I will obviously have a lot more to say as time goes by, but right now, I’m just letting it all sink in. OMG… I’m having another baby!

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  2. Congratulations! This is very exciting news, indeed!

  3. Awww! Congrats to you both! =D That’s so wonderful.

  4. I’m so excited for youuuuu!!! Congratulations!! I wish you the best and of course an easy pregnancy!.. I can’t wait for all the great post and pics!!!

    God Bless you and your family!!

    Happy Easter!!

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I announced it on my blog RIGHT after I found out too. How could I keep it to myself?!?
    But that was three years ago — and no more babies for me!

  6. Congrats to you! Prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  7. Congratulations! How exciting!!!!

  8. Congratulations!!

  9. What a happy surprise! Congratulations again!! :)

  10. Congrats! My little surprise Santa baby is 16 months old today (12/20/09). He was due Christmas day but came a little early- which turned out great because we were home on Christmas morning. The only down side I have seen with a winter baby is that you feel like such a shut-in keeping them inside all the time to beat the Ohio cold (we’re in NE Ohio)- but it is great to have a little mover come warm weather so you can really get out and enjoy everything. Many blessings for a wonderful pregnancy!

  11. CONGRATS!!!!

  12. Congratulations Crissy! What a beautiful surprise. Enjoy your pregnancy. :)

  13. Congrats to you! We also are pregnant again, due around Thanksgiving. Hope morning sickness is kinder to you than it has been to me :)

  14. Congratulations!! :)

  15. Congrats! I always found out immediately! Around 4-5 weeks!

  16. Awesome! Congratulations!! I find myself pretty thrilled for you ;o)

  17. CONGRATULATIONS! What fun! =)

  18. Congratulations!!!!

  19. YAY!!!! Congratulations… what a beautiful surprise!! And a Christmas baby at that.. perfect!! :)

  20. How exciting! Congratulations! Life loves to throw surprise parties. Enjoy yours! God bless.

  21. Congratulations. :) What a happy surprise.

  22. Congratulations! :-) Many blessings to you, baby and whole family.

  23. Congrats mama!

  24. YaY! So exciting!! Congratulations! I’m sure your little guy will love being a big brother! :D

  25. Congratulations. Having them close will be wonderful. My boys are very close 13 1/2 months apart (big surprise there) and it is so great to watch them play together. If you would like to review some of my maternity jewelry, I would love for you too:) Now let it all sink in:)

  26. I’m so excited for you, Crissy! Congrats! Hope the pregnancy will be an easy one.


  27. I’ve already said it, but I’ll say it again–congratulations!! I am thrilled for you.

  28. OH MY GOD!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I feel so happy for you! :D

  29. WOW! That is fantastic. Best wishes to you for a healthy & easy pregnancy. Wooooooo hooooo! :)

  30. That’s fantastic! :D

  31. Congrats!!!!! New babies are always the biggest of blessings! Hope you are feeling well and the pregnancy goes smoothly!

  32. That’s so wonderful, Crissy. Congratulations to you and your family! Evan’s going to be a big brother. How sweet is that?!?

  33. Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  34. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

  35. Congratulations on your new little bundle! I recently came across your breast feeding article and could really relate. Have an healthy and easy pregnancy.

  36. Oh my goodness. Congrats!!! How thrilling. Any Preference?

  37. Congratulations! Everyone is pregnant, must be something in the water ha ha :)

  38. hum… sounds a lot like my last week… shhh… ;)
    Congratulations! What a great first read for me on your blog! Come follow me!

  39. Congratulations! Such a blessing!

  40. Woo Hoo! Congratulations to Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother too.

  41. Congratulations!

  42. Congratulations, Crissy! I can’t wait to read all about it.

  43. HA! I’m reading your post and on the Oprah show today, she’s interviewing the 61-year old surrogage that gave birth to her own grandson. Talk about timing! I’m so excited for you, and could just squeal! Aren’t babies just grand? Think of all the fun you’re going to have!!! Congratulations!!!

  44. OMG! Congratulations! This is such exciting news. :)

  45. Congratulations! You’re gonna have your hands full. If I had pink lines, blue lines, and a digital yes, I would have the exact opposite reaction.. LoL. My 3-year-old is 10 kids combined into 1.

  46. Congratulations!

  47. those are definite lines as well, nice and dark! congrats to you, this is very exciting news!

  48. Congratulations. I am due in July with #3.

  49. Congratulations! What a happy surprise!

  50. Okay this is Hilarious and crazy, but only because when I featured one of your comments in my q-vids I thought you had your son AND were pregnant, I even had to edit the video to take out, soon-to-be mom to two out of it! Prophetic or what??? Anyway, congrats hun!!!

  51. Congratulations!!! How exciting for you and your family. I hope for a healthy pregnancy for you :)

  52. Congrats!

  53. Congrats Crissy! You are such a wonderful mama! Baby #2 is going to make your lives even more fun and exciting!

  54. Congratulations!!!!! How exciting!! I just found out that I’m expecting and due right at Christmas. I’m super nervous, but excited. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

  55. Congrats to you & your family!!!!!! A new baby!!!!

  56. How exciting! Congratulations! I have a Santa Baby too :)

  57. Congratulations Crissy! That’s so exciting!!

  58. YAY! How exciting… congratulations. :D

  59. Awe! Congrats!!

  60. Congratulations Crissy!

  61. Congratulations! How excitingggg

  62. So happy for you Crissy! Congratulations!!

  63. Haha, that is so true bc I went thru 2 home tests & a test at the docs just to make absolutely sure I was pregnant w/my latest baby!

    Congrats Chrissy, this is so exciting & I can’t wait to see how you share this pregnancy w/the world! So happi 4 you & your growing family =)

  64. Congratulations! How exciting for you all.

  65. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

  66. Congrats!!! Evan will LOVE to have a little brother or sister to play with & boss around!

  67. Wow, congratulations! I can’t think of a better present than a Santa baby.
    Best wishes to you and your family!

  68. Congratulations

  69. Congrats!!!! I cant wait until I get 2 lines haha :)

  70. Congrats!!!! So exciting!

    YIPPEEE! :)

  72. OMG, girl! Congratulations! That is the best news. Yay! I’m happy for you and your family!

  73. Congratulations! Both of my babies have been surprises, and I personally feel that they are the best! I hope that #3 ends up being a surprise too. ;)

  74. Congrats! Evan’s going to be a big brother now :D

  75. Congratulations!

  76. WOW, OH WOW Crissy!! That is such awesome news!! God bless you all. Can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things ahead.

    Mother of Pearl It Is

  77. Congrats and wishing you an easy, joyful pregnancy! Looking forward to more beautiful photographs!

  78. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  79. So very excited for you guys Crissy. Congrats hun! My oldest is a December baby and my daughter was also due in December but she made her appearance early.

  80. Yaheeee Crissy!! Congrats!!

    So cool it will be a Santa baby lol

  81. Crissy, that’s wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations :D

  82. Congratulations, Crissy! Wow, that’s awesome!!!

  83. Congratulations!!!!!!



  85. Congrats! I am actually a couple of months along but haven’t ‘announced it to the world’ on my blog yet, shhhhh :)

  86. Congratulations!

  87. Congratulations!

  88. I know that I already told you this but I wanted to say it again, I couldn’t be happier for you guys!!!

  89. Awwwww that is awesome!!! Congratulations!!

  90. congrats, crissy! i don’t blame you for taking multiple tests.:o) i knew i was pregnant all three times before taking tests. with my last one, i was supposed to get a refill on my bc pills, but i ‘felt’ i was pregnant, so i held off. i was only late by a few days, not even quite a week, when i took the 1st test: negative. i still ‘felt’ pregnant, and i still didn’t get a refill. took my 2nd test a day or two after: positive…she’s now 12 lol but i was like you, i couldn’t wait to tell people with my last two (i was married & older then), but with my 1st one i was 19 almost 20, so not as excited to share the news w anyone especially my parents :o/ lol

  91. That was my FIRST thought on the caffeine withdrawal post from yesterday, lol! And yes, I hear ya on purchasing $40 of expensive digi’s to see more PREGNANT or FRER’s to see those lovely lines screaming BFP!


  92. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for y’all :D

  93. Congratulations! :D Many blessings on your GROWING family! :D

  94. Yay!!! So happy for you :)

  95. Many many congratulations to you and your hubby!!!

  96. Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting!

  97. Congratulations! Let me tell you, life with two certainly changes a lot! However, my two are only 21 months apart, so a lot of the toddler years were rather overlapped/condensed. You’ll have the joy, heh, of juggling those separate stages of childhood.

    Have you told Evan yet? What do you think his reaction will be?

  98. A Big Congrats!!

  99. Congratulations. :)

  100. So exciting!! Congrats mama =)

  101. Congrats Crissy! What a great surprise! That explains your caffeine withdraws. :)

  102. Congrats!

  103. Congrats! Two really are better than one.

  104. Yay!! Congratulations!!

  105. Congrats!! You’ve got more balls than I do sharing so early. I wish you a happy and healthy nine months! :)

  106. Congratulations Crissy!

  107. Congrats!!! Babies are such a blessing!

  108. Such exciting news!!

  109. Congratulations! Another bundle of joy.

  110. Congrats welcome back to the pregnant group!!!!! Hope you have a happy, healthy 40 weeks!!!

  111. Congrats! How exciting!!

  112. Awww! Congrats :D

    When I was pregnant with my second I took like 5 test. Even though they first was positive. haha.

  113. Congrats! I have baby fever over here so I’m totally on board with trying to have another baby sometime in the next year or two. No surprises for us right now, though, since hubby’s deployed. Enjoy it!

  114. Yay! Congratulations, Crissy!

  115. Conrgatulations!!! What a wonderful gift for you and your family.

  116. LOVE the number of tests ya got that – too funny! Congrats!

  117. congrats! I am a santa baby! LOL I was born Dec 28th.

  118. Congratulations!!!!

  119. Congratulations!! I had to LOL at the driving to the store for a more expensive test! I’ve done that just about every time! So funny!

  120. Congrats!!! April 19th was the day I found out I was pregnant in 2009.. baby born (late) two days after Christmas. Yay for Christmas babies!!

  121. Hoping for a happy and healthy 9 months for you :)

    Mommy on the Move

  122. Congratulations! I had a Christmas baby and it is awesome :) Nobody expects anything from you because you just had a baby lol So you get to enjoy and relax.

  123. Such exciting news, many congratulations and I hope the pregnancy is happy & healthy!
    Amber :)

  124. This was me last year at this time! I guess I found out a couple of weeks later, but still… my surprise baby was born on December 28 last year. :)

    Congratulations and good luck!

  125. Congratulations! That is such exciting news!!!

  126. Congrats!!!!

  127. awww congrats!! :D *cheer*

  128. Congrats! I’ve never been able to hold it in! So exciting! Congrats.

  129. Congrats..what a wonderful surprise..

  130. Wowie-zowie, super congratulations!!!! How exciiiiiiiiitttttiiiiiinnnnngggg!!!! :D

  131. That is so exciting! Congrats! I remember that I took 3 more pregnancy tests. I couldn’t believe it. Then my husband yelled at me when he saw them in the trash. he just didn’t get it!

  132. Congratulations! I was like you with both of my pregnancies. I could hardly wait to tell the world. Hope this pregnancy is healthy and easy. Can’t wait to read all the details.


  133. Congrats! :) That’s so exciting!

  134. Eeeek! I’m SO excited for you! Two kids are great. :) Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  135. Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

  136. OMG! Congratulations, Crissy! I can only imagine what a shock it is to find out you’re pregnant when you weren’t planning it. I never could keep it a secret when I was first preggo either! Blessings to you and your family! I know you’re little guy is going to make a great big brother!

  137. WOW, congratulations Crissy!! :)

  138. I have had 2 Christmas babies, Dec 15 2008 and Jan 3 2011. It is definitely more stressful around that time, with not wanting to have a new born at get togethers with all those germs and not wanting to be in the hospital and miss Christmas with your other little ones. BUT it’s only one year out of forever :) Congrats!!! I love babies and giving birth, I know I’m weird lol. That’s why I’m going to school to be a labor and delivery nurse.

  139. Congratulations, Crissy! What a lovely surprise for you and your family!


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