Outdoor Living Makeover by Kmart!

Outdoor Living Makeover

On Monday, I introduced you to a before photo of my pitiful back deck, and followed up with the lovely photos below, showing the results of my wonderful outdoor living space makeover. I also asked you to guess where I shopped for my makeover items, and a few of you guessed correctly with Kmart!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it here before, but I have a soft spot for Kmart. My first job was actually at my local Chillicothe, Ohio Super Kmart, and while I only worked there for a short while during my first year of college, I have been a faithful shopper ever since. Why? Well, just look at the gorgeous products I was able to buy on a budget. I love that I was able to one-stop-shop for every single element of my backyard makeover at Kmart! Three cheers for getting everything at ONE STORE!

Kmart Logo

Outdoor Living Makeover

Those of you who guessed Sears, well, you were close, but let me tell you, I was able to get such incredible deals on my backyard necessities at Kmart. Like I said, I was already a fan, but the sale I happened upon last weekend was particularly awesome.

Check back tomorrow, because I have a detailed post planned to tell you more about the items I chose at Kmart for my outdoor living space makeover, and some tips on how you can create the backyard space of your dreams–on a budget!

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  1. patio set is gorgeous love the chair pads and of course the table candles are too cute

  2. I love it, I can’t believe you got this all at Kmart! It’s like a magazine shoot outside your porch now, how awesome! Definitely jealous, I would kill to be able to dress up my atrium/sunroom with these things for my outdoor food photos, etc. Yay, so happy for your porch and you guys will have an amazing summer with this stuff.

  3. I knew it was Kmart I too love that they always have great sells. not to mention the own store around me that still does layaway for us that are on a budget and can’t do things like this without paying alittle at a time.

  4. It’s stunning! I would hang out with you just to enjoy the results… hahaha!

  5. Never would have guessed Kmart. Thought maybe Walmart or Target. Really cute stuff.

  6. Oh wow. That is awesome I never would have guessed. Then again out Kmarts are practically gone and the ones that are left or sorta dead and empty and no one shops there.

  7. OMG that looks awesome!!! how nice! just in time for spring and summer!!!

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