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How to overcome blogging burnout

That’s a whole lot of lead-up, and you’re probably expecting a really useful post—perhaps one that includes a list, an infographic, or at the very least, a few useful tips for avoiding blogging burnout.

How to overcome blogging burnout

The truth is, I just don’t think there are any quick-fixes for burnout of any kind.

Blogging ups and downs

I go through at least one major blogging burnout phase a quarter, and usually feel either listless at the prospect of blogging, or alternatively, brimming with angst about some facet of the blogosphere.

I go through periods of dissatisfaction with everything relating to my blog, from feeling like I’m not doing enough to feeling like I’m not good enough.

I’m not usually so down myself, thankfully, but I have my moments. Talking to other bloggers through the years, it seems like we all have those feelings occasionally.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to carve out a living doing something that on most days I find more than enjoyable, but with so much information constantly coming at me, I will and do hit a virtual wall.

How I overcome blogging burnout

The only way to overcome blogging burnout is to simply accept that it’s a natural part of the creation process, and to trust that it will pass. (Tweet this)

Really, that’s my answer to overcoming blogging burnout. In my experience, I’ve just had to wait it out. Usually, whatever frustration or exhaustion I’m struggling with will pass. Inspiration will find its way in, and the urge to create will pull me out of my funk and give me the kick in the pants I need to get back in the game.

Just give it some time, find some perspective and even take a blogging hiatus if you think that’s what you need. Sometimes I just feel the urge to push everything digital out of my head for a while.

Your readers aren’t going to disappear if you take some time, and social media will chug right along without your smiling avatar.

I’m not the only one, right?

Do you ever experience blogging burnout? How do you cope?

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  1. So true and I really appreciate this post.

  2. Pretty sure it was Divine Intervention that led me to this post today. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve felt like I’ve wanted to quit more than I ever have before, ironically when things are developing faster than they have in awhile. *Deep breath* Yes, this too shall pass!

  3. Thank you for bringing up this subject Crissy! I went through a phase over the summer where I hit a wall and felt like well, that’s it. I’ll never be a successful blogger because I simply can not keep up this pace! And I’m just an up and coming blogger (according to Clever Girls) ;). I can’t imagine the fatigue pro bloggers like you must feel Thanks for sharing a part of yourself, that’s what I’ve always enjoyed about your posts.

  4. I’ve become comfortable with the fact that it can and does occur. Often. I get burn out at least every couple of months. I think I’m in the middle of one right now lol :) I’ve had three blog posts this past week, that’s it. I try not to let myself feel bad about it. Especially when I have sooooo much going on outside of blogging with photography work locally. I usually don’t go for more than 5 days without posting, that’s about as long as I let my myself to get on track again and start enjoying it :)

  5. I have experienced it. I ended up taking 6 months off and had to find my focus again and who I was and why I waned to write.

  6. Aahh the burnout. I’m so bad with it. I don’t feel like posting or I dont take pictures to share or something comes up and I feel bad…so I don’t blog. And then the thought of blogging stresses me out so I avoid it and the next thing I know I haven’t posted in 2 weeks because..meh. Its just not what I want to do. No one thing pulls me out of my funk. Usually a trip out somewhere worth sharing, a new recipe that I didn’t burn, a craft…then I can hop back on the bloggy horse and keep on going.

  7. Yep I know exactly what you mean! I need to just walk away from the computer and my email and take a breather. I took several days off last week for Thanksgiving and it was great! It was so nice to just visit with family and enjoy life. I felt much more refreshed when I came back and ready to tackle my blogging again.

  8. That is really simple advice, but it’s really good advice. I’m horrible at working WAY too much and setting my standards way too high for myself (darned perfectionism). When I realize I am no longer enjoying the blog, I recycle old content and take a break. Working when I want to, rather than when I feel I have to, helps me break up the cycle. There are ups and downs to blogging and having a strong community around you that supports you helps immensely as well.

  9. Cue the music “You are not alone…”

    I get this all the time. I just have to keep the computers off for a few days. It passes, like all things do and I get back to it.

    It’s hard for people like us who work from home to take time off though, that’s were the burnout comes into play.

  10. I go through this once every 1-2 months. Mostly I just let it pass, but I’ve tried to give myself weekends off and maintain business hours but, it’s still hard. I make a good living with my blog, and I do love it, but like anyone with a full time job, I need a vacation too. Maybe next year!

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