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Owl Veggie Plate

I’d like to thank Heluva Good! for sponsoring this Owl Veggie Plate post.

Have I mentioned that I’m a total Halloween buff? I love putting together spooky costumes for my family and I’m always on the lookout for ways to make our Halloween parties more festive and delicious.

One of my favorite ways to make Halloween a HOOT (see what I did there?) is by putting together this cute and festive owl veggie plate with the help of Heluva Good! Dips.

Owl Veggie Plate Recipe - this cute and fun owl veggie tray is the perfect party appetizer.

I love Halloween candy and treats as much as the next person, but it’s nice to have an appetizer that’s full of savory flavor and fun. I love seeing my kids grab crispy fresh vegetables to dip into those big owl eyes.

Owl Veggie Plate Recipe

Those owl eyes, by the way, are filled with tasty Heluva Good! French Onion Dip.

Owl Veggie Plate Recipe - this cute and fun owl veggie tray is the perfect party appetizer.

Heluva Good! offers an assortment of flavors that are each made with real sour cream and flavorful spices, including French Onion, Buttermilk Ranch, White Cheddar & Bacon and Bodacious Onion. I used French Onion this time, but I’ve also made my owl veggie plate using the Buttermilk Ranch and Bodacious Onion flavors.

Heluva Good! Dips are absolutely loaded with flavor which makes each crunch bite so incredibly yummy.

Owl Veggie Plate Recipe - this cute and fun owl veggie tray is the perfect party appetizer.

This easy owl veggie plate is also a great dish to carry in to a child’s Halloween school party (or any time of the year), and offers a good contrast to all of the sweet treats.

Don’t think for one second that this owl veggie tray requires any kind of artistic ability. The great thing about this appetizer is that the whole design is created around those dip-filled eyes.

Just place two equal-sized containers toward the top of your plate, fill them with Heluva Good! Dip and add tomatoes or olives for his pupils. You can then easily begin to arrange your favorite vegetables, cheese or crackers around this starting place to create your own unique owl.

Cut out a triangle of cheese for his beak and make two simple feet and you’re done. Honestly, it’s so easy! No two owls will be the same and that’s what I love about this recipe.

Owl Veggie Plate Recipe - this cute and fun owl veggie tray is the perfect party appetizer.

Heluva Good! Dips are a staple in my refrigerator, especially during the holiday season. It’s so easy to use these tasty dips to create amazing snacks, appetizers and even meals that the whole family loves.

Keep an eye on my Instagram in the coming weeks for another great Halloween appetizer idea featuring Heluva Good! :)

Happy Halloween!

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Owl Veggie Tray


  • Fresh veggies, cheese or crackers of your choice.
  • Your favorite Heluva Good! Dip


  1. Using two of the same size dipping cups or small bowls, fill with your favorite Heluva Good! Dip and arrange on a platter or large plate. I used French Onion because my kids love this flavor!
  2. Arrange your favorite fresh vegetables, crackers and cheese to create the likeness of an owl. Please note that this doesn’t have to be perfect! The owl’s eyes will do most of the work to create the illusion of an owl on your veggie plate. You can cut a triangle out of cheese for the owl’s beak, and cut two small feet out of the cheese as well. Serve immediately or pop into the refrigerator; enjoy! :)
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Owl Veggie Plate - this fun owl veggie tray is perfect for parties and gatherings.

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