Dear Crissy

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Happy Mom

Blog your happiness

I have been writing for an audience online since I was sixteen years old. Creative non-fiction is absolutely a passion, however, until recently I really focused on writing about...

First Haircut

First haircut

Well, we made it to 19-months before giving our baby his first haircut. I would have been fine allowing it to grow, however, it was thin, somewhat stringy, and...

Dear Crissy

I am a blogger

In 1996, at age sixteen, my parents purchased our first home computer. We actually used a Commodore 64 in years prior, however, our ’96 Packard Bell brought with it...

memoir blogger

Someone’s baby

On our way home last night, after picking Evan up from my parents’ ┬áhouse, my husband and I had a brief exchange about a recent tragedy in our area....

Toddler Play Activities

Fun activities for toddlers?

It seems like winter will never end, and finding activities for toddlers indoors can be a challenge. While Evan is starting to enjoy a little TV, I certainly don’t...