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'The Wild Life' --- In theaters Sept. 9th

Parents, do you ever feel like you’re living a wild life? My kiddos definitely keep me on my toes but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, I’m pretty grateful for our wild life, and the fact that we are a fun-loving crew.

We even enjoy the same types of movies as a family, and that’s why my husband and I are excited to take the kids to see The Wild Life which opens on September 9th! As soon as I saw the trailer I knew that this movie would be a hit with my zany family.

Have you ever thought about what being shipwrecked on a tropical island would be like from the perspective of the creatures who inhabit it? I absolutely adore this fresh, funny and action-packed perspective!

Did you know that you can turn a movie day into a movie celebration with your family without too much extra fuss? I made this cool but simple palm tree cupcake cake to celebrate the opening of The Wild Life, and my kids LOVED IT.

Palm Tree Cupcake Cake

Palm Tree Cupcake Cake - This easy palm tree cake made from cupcakes is a simple a fun way to create a tropical themed dessert at your next party!

You don’t have to be a master cake chef to create this fun island-themed palm tree. You’ll simply make some cupcakes with brown and green frosting and arrange them in a special way. Pretty cute, wouldn’t you say? You can get the full instructions at the bottom of this post.


Here’s a free printable cupcake wrapper that I created which you can print and use to wrap your palm tree cupcakes!

The Wild Life Cupcake Wrappers Free Printable Download

Click The Image to Download

I also printed out a few of these really fun and cute The Wild Life coloring sheets for the kids to work on while they enjoyed their cupcakes. We talked about which characters from the movie they were most excited about, and then we talked about what it might be like to be stranded on a tropical island full of funny creatures like the ones from the film!


You can download these coloring sheets and so many more fun printables on The Wild Life website.

'The Wild Life' --- In theaters Sept. 9th

More about ‘The Wild Life’ — In theaters Sept. 9th

From the over-exuberant parrot Mak to the snack-obsessed tapir Rosie, from the persnickety echidna Epi to the acrobatic pangolin Pango, from the ditzy goat Scrubby to the commonsensical kingfisher Kiki and the always-cool chameleon Carmello, things are larger-than-life on a tropical isle that is pure wild animal paradise. Then Robinson Crusoe, a marooned human, arrives in the midst of a furious storm, and their lives are forever changed by this bewildering new “creature.” No matter their differences, castaway human and quirky animals embark on a hilarious new adventure, building the island’s first tree-house and surviving together. But when two conniving members of the animal kingdom — the savage cats Mal & May – pounce into a battle for control of the island, Crusoe and his animal posse must uncover the true power of friendship against all odds (even savage cats).

Be sure to take the whole family to this fun film on September 9th! You can stay up-to-date with the film by connecting with them below, and don’t forget to try my easy DIY palm tree cupcakes soon! :)


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Palm Tree Cupcake Cake

Palm Tree Cupcake Cake


  • 2 Box cake mixes, prepared as directed
  • 2 Containers vanilla frosting


  1. Prepare cupcakes as directed. Tint one container of vanilla frosting green using green food color and the other brown (use red and green food color until desired light brown hue is reached).
  2. Arrange cupcakes in shape of a palm tree. This is not an exact science. I used 27 cupcakes, but you may use more or less to create your tree! Frost the cupcakes to create the appearance of a palm tree.


Frost and serve extra cupcakes separately as you will probably have extras! :)