Dear Crissy

Pictures like this make me incredibly happy

I’m telling you, folks, my mom is getting better and better with the camera. I just need to train her to edit, and she can start filling in for me at weddings. Well, maybe not. :)

Mother and son photo

    26 Comments on “Pictures like this make me incredibly happy”

  1. Super cute!!!

  2. Aww I love this picture!

  3. Made me smile :)

  4. sorry, please delete that other comment, I'm having issues with posting!

  5. I am following you via twitter


  6. What a beautiful photo! You look so great and your son is such a cute boy.

  7. Aww! You 2 are adorable! I love how your shirt matches the flowers. Your son is a super cutie!! I love your site.

  8. What a beautiful portrait! He's growing so fast! And you look as gorgeous as always, Crissy. =)

  9. That is a beautiful picture…and you look great! I love the tones. :-)

  10. Great Picture, your Mom is getting good at taking pics. Crissy you look great and of course Evan like always is adorable!! Love the flowers in the background..

  11. I am looking huge, but thanks! LOL

  12. Love your blog!! So cute. Found you on twitter moms. My blog is, would love for you to visit.

  13. Sadly, I don't print photos nearly often enough.

  14. Thank you, and I know, I didn't plan on trying to match my mom and dad's flowers, but it worked out well. :)

  15. Love it! Your mom did an awesome job!!!

  16. your little guy is sooo cute and happy and you look so pretty I really love your hair!

  17. happy baby!, stunning mommy!

  18. Gorgeous!!!

  19. Love it! Happy boy & momma! ♥

  20. awww, what a great photo!

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