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Rediscover The Loveliness of a Postcard

I’d like to thank MyPostcard for sponsoring this post.

Send postcards with the MyPostcard App!

Growing up in the 1980’s, I can remember the rush of excitement I felt when spinning a big carousel of panoramic postcards whenever my family took a vacation.

It was so much fun to choose the perfect postcard, write a special note and mail it off to a friend or family member. Of course, the only thing better than sending a postcard was receiving one in the mail!

In this digital age of text messages and social media, we’ve lost some of the magic of postcards. I still think that sending real notes through the mail is a wonderful experience, and it’s why I’m absolutely loving the MyPostcard App! It gives the sender the convenience of utilizing an easy app to design a custom postcard, but your recipient will receive a real, physical postcard in the mail. How great is that?

Send postcards with the MyPostcard App!

One of the best things about MyPostcard is how easy it is to use.

You can create postcards on their website, but, I really prefer the convenience of the app.

Download the MyPostcard app and you can upload your own photos and a personal note to create and send customized photo postcards from your phone with the iOS or Android app.

Send postcards with the MyPostcard App!

Don’t have a photo that you want to use? It’s no problem, because they have thousands of pre-made designs that you can tweak to fit your own needs.

Send postcards with the MyPostcard App!

I actually don’t typically send a bunch of Christmas cards each year, however, I do like to send just one or two.

With Mypostcard, I can create a unique holiday card with just a few clicks! Love that!

Send postcards with the MyPostcard App!

As much as I love living in the future, I do really miss some of the customs from the old days, like sending letters and postcards in the mail. MyPostcard offers a wonderful blending of technology and the personal touch that receiving a special piece of mail provides.

Make Your Postcard Today!

Surprise someone you love with a special postcard from MyPostcard today! My readers may use a credit code which is worth $5 and is redeemable 100 times for the first 100 readers (new customers only). Just download the app, sign up, and redeem it in the account section. The code is called: DEARCRISSY.

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