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Renovation diary: Cabinets and more

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It’s officially summer, and we’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in our kitchen renovation.

Actually, the whole process—while not convenient—hasn’t been so terrible. I know, I should totally knock on wood since we’re not finished yet—right? Luckily, I can knock on our recently installed beech cabinets!

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

Remember what this wall used to look like?

This also gives you a good look at the new window, which is not as long, but much taller, than the original window. We’re getting SO much more light now!

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

Instead of purchasing cabinets from a home improvement store, we decided to hire a local craftsman. We were able to design our cabinets exactly the way we wanted them, and we’re really happy with the way they turned out.

I love the simplicity of the design, and the beech wood is light and beautiful. I feel brighter and lighter every time I walk into the kitchen now, such a different and wonderful feeling.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

I also love the glass on the corner cabinets, something that we knew we wanted when designing our kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

This pantry was also one of the things that we knew we wanted in our new kitchen. It’s really large, extending floor-to-ceiling with oodles of storage space.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

The slide-out shelves are really great.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

Oh, and the same week the cabinets were installed, this happened.

Our new LG kitchen appliances showed up, and my husband and I were every bit like two grown-children opening presents on Christmas morning.

Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

Of course, a renovation wouldn’t be a renovation without a few hiccups. After unboxing our gorgeous LG double oven range, we attempted to slide it into its home between the cabinets.

It didn’t fit. It didn’t fit by the slightest amount, but, it definitely didn’t fit.

At first, my stomach dropped, but my husband assured me that it was no big deal, and as always, he was right. Our awesome cabinet craftsman was able to replace one small section to fit, and now? It’s perfect. Beautiful, and perfect.

I hate to tease you about the appliances and show only glimpses of the cabinets, but I want to save something for the final reveal. Well, here’s a LITTLE sneak peek. Shhh…!

I am absolutely dying to tell you all about our LG appliances. Soon, soon!

What’s next?

After a lot of debate, we settled on quartz for our countertops. Talk about a tough decision, there are just so many different colors and styles of countertop to choose from. I can’t wait to show you what we chose!

Kitchen Renovation Update: Cabinets!

We also did this while we’re waiting for the countertops. It’s part pendant-lighting-kit, part mason jar from Zach’s grandma’s basement, and all cute.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

I have to tell you, I just feel so happy and hopeful about our new kitchen. Even without the countertops and finishing touches, the space has already been transformed for the better.

I think that sometimes, we go through life settling with the spaces in our home. Sometimes we settle because we’re not able or ready to invest in upgrades, and sometimes we settle because the job of renovating just feels too enormous.

We settled for a long time, but now, I’m so glad we made that leap. We’re getting there, and when this is done, our kitchen is going to be the warm, open, welcoming and functional space that our kids deserve.

If you could make one big change in your home right now, what would it be and why?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of LG, who provided the appliances for our kitchen renovation. Opinions are my own.

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  1. Hiring a craftsman is really a great idea. By following this idea, we can design our kitchen according to our kitchen’s space requirement.

  2. I think we should hire craftsmen to design our kitchen instead of purchasing the ready-made cabinets. Because by hiring the craftsman, we can design the cabinets as we wish.

  3. Crissy, your custom cabinets are gorgeous! I relate very much to what you said about how, at times, we settle with the spaces in our home that we really don’t enjoy because we’re afraid to spend the money or because remodeling seems overwhelming. Our first house was built in 1955. We remodeled 80% of it inside and re-landscaped the yard ourselves. When it was finished, it was amazing how different it FELT to be in that space. Now, having been in our second home for about six years, I have found myself putting off any renovations for dread of the dust, mess & inconvenience. Finally we began painting the plain white walls downstairs. After just this simple step, I again experienced that “ahhhh” emotion of being surrounded by a space that is comforting and personalized. We have moved on to the kitchen, torn out soffits and ordered cabinets!! Thanks for sharing great photos and inspiration.

  4. Loving the transformation. I think everyone in your family will be uplifted with the light and bright area. The cabinets are beautiful. I especially like the floor to ceiling pantry with pull out shelves. You made the most of the space. Life is Good and getting better with each day closer to completion! Your hubs is doing a fabulous job. Quite the tool man! Good luck with completion. Can’t wait for the big reveal! Have a safe and happy 4th of July. ;)

  5. The cabinets look great!! I love the slide out drawers!! I’m jealous!! I have the same hardware on my kitchen cabinets. So fun!! Can’t wait to see which quartz you go with. They all look great!!

  6. I love your wood choice! I built my first house in 2006 and it was so much fun picking out all the different finishes but it was a bit stressful making some of the choices knowing that I might have to live with them forever. Well, now I know to quit worrying about things like that since it 3 houses ago!

  7. I’m in love with your new kitchen and how it’s shaping up. Your cabinets are so pretty. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen 100% complete, as I’m sure you are.

  8. Well I rent my home, but if I could have mason jar lights I would do it in a heart beat.

  9. When we did our kitchen remodel we had a few hiccups as well and I was so glad we went with a cabinet maker instead of prefab cabinets from the store. So much easier to make the fixes we needed. Now I LOVE my kitchen. It’s absolutely perfect for us.

  10. It’s so beautiful, Crissy!! I can’t wait to see it all finished!!

  11. I seriously am in love with your mason jar light!! Do you have any instructions on how to do that anywhere?

  12. I really love what you’re doing with your kitchen. Classic, bright and open. It’s going to look phenomenal when you’re done.

  13. Ugh, I am literally drooling over each and every aspect of this kitchen, you are doing it RIGHT my friend.
    From the fixtures to the cabinets, the details and the appliances … just wow.

    Watching your posts in interest ever since the video sneak peek of the appliances and have since been planning my own dream kitchen in the meantime. I cannot wait for the big reveal!

    I have a feeling I’ll just be showing your posts to someone soon and saying, ‘I’ll take one of absolutely everything!’ LOVE!

  14. What a transformation! I love that you got the cabinets customized to your specs – they look like they’re well-built and very beautiful. I like the pull out drawers and the light you added! Very nice overall. :)

  15. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  16. That is awesome! We got new appliances a few years ago but very much want new cabinets and counter tops. For me, I would have had darker cabinets and gone with the second counter top sample but for your cabinets, I would probably go with #4 or #3…very curious to hear what you picked!

    Love the canning jar fixture.

  17. It is so hard to pick one space, our house was built in the 20’s and should of probably been burnt down years ago, we managed to get rid of most of the lead paint and asbestos shingles on the outside, now dealing with plaster falling on our heads on the daily basis. If I could though I would love a real kitchen or maybe a bathroom big enough to walk in

  18. This is fabulous! I would do a kitchen remodel too, or a home office makeover. Hard to decide, I spend a lot of time in both rooms.

    Love the tall cabinets and the slide-outs. My husband does canning and he would love that pendant light!

  19. Oh my squee!!!! That looks so beautiful. I love the cabinets and the slide out shelves. Oh my gosh. I would wrestle a bear to get the kitchen here into shape. It is so awful. How lovely for the whole family when this is all done. Your pictures are beautiful. So happy for you and a wee bit jealous too.

  20. You’ll love your beech cabinets, we have alder wood (which I’d never heard of before moving to Colorado) but the color is similar to beech. I love your mason jar pendant and the story behind it. I love having a window over my sink, I daydream a lot while cleaning up from meals. In fact, I didn’t put curtains up, just colored glass, stained glass items hanging from a rod – I love how it catches the light – I wrote about it on my site (early in my blogging). I seriously need to update with better photos :-) But you’ll get the idea:

  21. Wow its really coming together beautifully! I love everything about it so far. I can’t wait to see the countertops you choose and see the appliances in their full glory. The video sneak peek has me really intrigued!!

    Our kitchen is still under renos and I hope it will be done…in the next year! LOL My fiance is doing it himself and with all the other projects on the go in our home, finishing the kitchen is on the backburner for now.

  22. My whole house !!!!! Why? 1990’s FALL APART SPECIAL. Everything needs replacing from roof to floor and wall to wall, everything in between and sideways :)

  23. I would most definitely change my kitchen,that is where we spend most of our time!!!

  24. Chrissy, I am so excited for you and your family! We did our kitchen almost 4 years ago and took down the wall between the dining room and kitchen. I am thrilled with how it came out! It is so much more inviting and spacious. We still need to add our details even this long afterward, but I am hopeful too! Still need the bottom trim, and the rope trim on the top of the crown molding. Still need kickboards painted and put into place. Still my husband to remove himself from the dining area and make an office in the basement! lol ;) He has his own HVAC business and is super busy, so I can only expect so much. The thing I would really love to do besides redo our hallway bathroom due to water damage, is to side our house. It is really embarrassing to look at with the old shake shingles that are peeling on the front. We have nice doors we installed several years ago, and one of the garage doors is in place and we even redid the upper windows, but this siding is just killing us.

  25. Love the light fixture-very cute! the cabinetry is gorgeous – looks like everything is coming along nicely – can’t wait to see the finished product!

  26. I’m absolutely loving it! I think the idea of getting a craftsman to do the cabinets is great so they fit your personal storage needs. We had our built-ins done the same way and they are perfect!

    I also am in LOVE with that mason jar light!!!

  27. I love the light made from the Mason jar! Very cool. It all looks great. Can’t want to see the finished kitchen.

  28. This looks amazing so far! My husband and I recently bought my childhood home as well — so I’m in the same boat. I would LOVE to do a kitchen reno! It’s not quite in the budget just yet, and as we’ve only moved in 2 months ago we’re still busy updating the rest of our home. Next on the must-go list is the less than awesome “crayon line” wallpaper in my daughter’s room (which I picked out for myself at the age of 8, lol!) I look forward to seeing your final pics! Great job!!

  29. It looks great! I Love your Pantry. I am planning a kitchen reno next year and its nice to see some of the process! Are the quartz counters considered “green” I am hung up on what to choose.

  30. If I could change 1 thing , it would so be our appliances! You are one lucky girl to have gotten the LG’s!! They are GORGEOUS!

    Our stove handle is now held together by 2 screws and our refrigerator has leaked water on our kitchen hardwoods for a yr now:/ Appliances are just so expensive now a days. Enjoy your new kitchen;)

  31. Those pendant lights are amazing, and I can’t get over that blue cover in the oven. Beautiful, congrats on your updated space!

  32. Our house was built in the 40’s with an addition built in the 70’s so many many parts of it are u-g-l-y! The biggest (and easiest) thing I want to do right now is paint but my boyfriend doesn’t want to because we painted 2.5 years ago when I moved in. And then, we want to move the whole kitchen down into what’s the dining room to make everything flow better. But, I would settle for the kitchen just being updated. It’s SERIOUSLY 70’s looking.

  33. Wow! That looks amazing. I could only dream of having that much space in my kitchen!

  34. It’s coming together! There is always something that has to go wrong in a home decorating process like this, sorry it didn’t fit! Everything else is looks ahhhhh-mazing!

  35. Oh my goodness! I Love those cabinets you installed! I love the color and absolutely love the pull out drawers in the cabinet. When we were in the army, one of the places we lived had pull out shelf drawers like that and it was awesome!! I miss them. And I am so in love with that Mason jar light!

  36. I’m beyond jealous of your new kitchen! We partially started with our kitchen, never finished and it’s bits and pieces thrown together. I really hope to have a kitchen renovation at some point. I’m excited to see your reveal. Thanks for the sneak peek!

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