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Do you sacrifice sleep for free time?

Do you sacrifice sleep for free time?

This is my life.

My kids wake me up at the crack of dawn (this cliché is fervently-loathed by women named Dawn), take care of the house and kids and my company all day, stay up way too late trying to squeeze in a few drops of solitude and freedom, get virtually no sleep and then boom—start over.

Of course, this puts my physical and emotional health in the dumpster and I spend all day in a half-haze and sometimes in real bodily pain (because I am super old, apparently), swearing at myself in my mind for affording myself almost no sleep.

But at night, when my house is quiet and for just one second I feel like me again, I can’t resist. I can’t resist wrapping myself in that feeling like it’s the warmest blanket. It’s pretty clear to me in those moments when I’m devouring free time like it’s my first meal in months that something is off. Let’s face it, balance is a joke when you’re a mother.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what the answer to my horrible routine is going to be. Knowing me, I’ll probably soldier on the way I am until I hit a wall.

I do find some inspiration in friends who are more proactive—it motivates me to see other moms who have been able to find practical solutions to the busy problem.

I’m planning to pick up Jessica Turner’s new book The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You. I’ve heard so many great things from my friends about this book!

The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You by Jessica Turner

Amy from Teach Mama is also challenging her readers to #LiveFocused in 2015. The year long event starts with getting organized, and as I sit perched within the house of clutter, I know that this would be great first step for me.

Live Focused in 2015

Are you taking any steps to get your life in order this year? I can’t be the only parent walking around with no sleep because she REALLY wanted to read a book the night before, right?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I so feel your pain – um, dilemma. I have always been a night person, except now with kids I also have to be a morning person. It seems the kids go to bed, and in my head I know that I should go to bed soon too. However, that time alone is so precious! Before I know it, I am once again getting to bed way too late.

    However, I think now I am finally hitting that dastardly wall. I’ve had some really bad “bad mom” moments in the past week, such as over-sleeping to wake my kids up for school on time for the bus, or get my one daughter to band practice before school! I feel more like “loser mom” these days. Yup, about time for me to change my bad bedtime habit! It’s so hard though! I love my time at night.

  2. I’m always up to late just to get some me time. To read, watch a a tv show, or just play around on the computer. As a single mom there are just not enough free time. 

  3. I stayed up to do the dishes and mop the kitchen floor (had to do it, there was actually mousse on the floor under the table).  Then I watched Downton Abbey (I hadn’t seen Sunday’s episode yet and I live for Downton Abbey).  The hubby worked late (Dissertation writing, he has to work late).  Then I came upstairs to go to bed and remembered I had to get some packages ready to mail for ebay sales.  I was up til at least 12:30 which happens all too often, but I treasure my alone time and I always have house or blog work to do.  I don’t have any answers either, except know that you doing your best and that’s great.  

  4. Free time?   I looked that up in the dictionary, I guess they tore that page out.  What’s free time???

  5. I’m right there with you! I enjoy those quiet moments of peace in the early morning before the house gets. I usually sit and myself a cup of coffee and get some work done. I guess you could say I’m a morning person. 

    I read every night before bed and lately I’ve been indulging in watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. I’m up past midnight and probably should be going to bed earlier, but I so enjoy these moments of alone time. I’m ok with my own company!

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