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Kara’s simple 1st birthday party

Simple 1st Birthday Party

Kara had a very simple 1st birthday party.

Actually, I’m not sure the word party is even fitting, because we basically just had cake and presents at my mom and dad’s house.

I felt somewhat guilty doing a simple 1st birthday party after for Kara, when I had a proper birthday party for Evan, but you know… it was still perfectly sweet, and I have to admit that skipping the fuss felt kind of nice.

Simple 1st Birthday Party Cake

Again, Mommy took the relatively-easy route. I made Kara her own special cake with pretty pink frosting. I mixed a can of store-bought pink frosting with a container of Cool Whip. My thinking was that a lighter, fluffier frosting would be easier for her to manage — and eat.

I added sprinkles, of course. A little girl’s birthday cake must have sprinkles, right?

Simple 1st Birthday Party

Of course, in true Kara fashion, she did things her way. Her way, in this case, meant she pretty much didn’t want anything to do with this ridiculous cake.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

We waited her out for a few minutes to make sure she wasn’t going to have a breakthrough and begin devouring her cake, but it was not happening.

I knew what she WOULD love and go wild for, though, because Moms know these things. I mentioned her favorite word — banana — and the girl lit up like a Christmas tree.

So, in lieu of cake, Kara enjoyed some banana chunks.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

When the time to open gifts rolled around, once again, Kara was not impressed.

Evan, on the other hand, was more than happy to help Kara open her presents. He was pretty excited about opening this one, right up until he realized it was a baby doll.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

Notice Kara’s narrow butt crawling out of the room in the background. I can just hear her saying, “whatevs”, in her little baby thoughts.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

I can’t believe this little girl is already a 1-year-old.

I guess I really wrote the birthday post in my heart last week, and this is just a re-cap of Kara’s simple birthday party.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

I love this sweet, beautiful and ornery little girl. She’s been a firecracker from day one, and I am really looking forward to finding out how her little personality will develop as she matures.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

I still relive the memories of the day I gave birth to Kara in my mind. It was such a beautiful experience, and I am keenly aware of how blessed I am to have this sweet little angel.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my little girl!

Have you ever thrown an intimate, simple birthday party for your child? Did you regret not having the BIG 1st birthday party?

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  1. I can’t believe its been a year, since Kara was born! That just amazes me… I remember when you were ready to have her… wow! What a sweet heart… she is definitely her own little self! What an adventure you will continue to have with her as she grows! Happy Birthday, Kara!

  2. Cute! Looks like everyone enjoyed her day. That’s what it is all about. I see Suri Cruise is getting $46,000 in birthday presents! That’s more than my first townhouse cost. After all is said and done it is all about family!

  3. Your photo is stunning. I’m glad I found you via Blogfrog.

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! Happy Birthday Kara!!!

  5. She sure is adorable :) Happy Birthday Kara!!!

    We had a very simple 1st birthday for our daughter, come to think of it we always do a simple family gathering and it’s always fun and less overwhelming for the kiddo ;)

  6. I kind of wish we would have, but since my middle and her have December birthdays, we did a joint party last weekend.

    It was still pretty small, just a few friends and their kids.

    Love the cake though!

  7. Happy Birthday Kara!!!!

    With our first who is now 15. We had a mix of laid back family parties in the backyard and eventually over the top deals orchestrated by none other than me. Now on our fourth child. I can’t imagine duplicating the chaos. I remember my father rolling his eyes telling me I was going overboard.

  8. Thanks so much for posting this, I’ve also been toying with the idea of what type of “event” I want to make for my son’s first b-day. We’re away from all our friends and family who are in the easy coast while we’re stationed on Hawaii. I’m more than happy to do the no fuss because honestly my little boy will have no idea what the fuss is except for mommy & daddy. When he gets older I think I’ll look more into the bigger parties for him and his friends to enjoy.
    I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking the way my son’s name is Evan too :)

  9. I love keeping the early age birthdays simple. Big ones are fun but small and simple are wonderful too!

  10. Happy 1st birthday Kara!! I had a simple party for Bridget’s 1st birthday too. I actually prefer them smaller without all the fuss. Less stress!

  11. We do not have any children of our own, but have attended literally hundreds of these mostly awful displays of over-the-top “parties” for family and friends of very small children who have no clue what all the hoopla is about. Too much excitement, too many people at once, and no idea what is coming next usually make a miserable time for the poor birthday child who has no idea how to process all of this, while the beaming parents seem to forget they are hosting a “party” and forget about properly entertaining their guests or making sure they are comfortable in any basic ways. Of course, you must bring an appropriate gift, which the other adults will ooh and aah over (perhaps secretly comparing to what they may have brought), and ensuring that this poor child is even more overwhelmed, while a camera is centered on him or her for hours of memorable “firsts,” not including retakes and others’ cameras as well! I’m not saying all parties have to be a circus, but this seems to be what we have experienced. On the other hand, the small and intimate birthday celebrations we have been invited to where there were only a few people (parents, grandparents or us as godparents), and a lot less fuss, it was a lot more relaxing, and we got to spend time actually playing with the child and interacting with the family as a whole. It seemed special, memorable, and we were honored to be included in their family event. There were photos, gifts, and a cake, but they weren’t the main emphasis–it was just being together and enjoying this time with each other that was the point. Interestingly, this is the kind of birthday I grew up with, and I always thought my friends’ parties seemed rather silly (although I did envy them all the presents when I was a kid!). As an adult, I still treasure those birthdays spent with my parents, grandparents and siblings, and I can remember every single one of them since the age of 4! I guess this is a rather long answer to your question and you have probably figured out my answer–“No” to a big 1st birthday party; a no-fuss party is the best way to go no matter what age, depending on the child, as they get older. Thanks for sharing your little pieces of life with us–I enjoy hearing and seeing them very much!!! Happy Birthday Kara!!!

  12. We’re debating on a kind of modified “big” birthday. After a little investigation into one of our little one’s favorite movies, “Bailey: The Lost Puppy,” I discovered that the wildlife refuge where the movie takes place is only a 3-4 hour drive from our home. So, instead of a big, blow-out party with family and friends, we’re tentatively planning her first big trip for her birthday.

  13. Now THAT’S the way birthdays were meant to be. Simple & beautiful! :)

  14. Such a sweetie!

  15. I love what you did for Kara. The big 1 year old birthday bashes are certainly not for the child at all, but for the parents. As you noted, a one year old is oblivious to the miracle of the first year of life. It is a time for YOU to marvel over the miracle of giving birth and the changes that occur throughout the first year. I liked that you made the cake and had the candle. She will look at the pictures in the future and appreciate. Save the birthday bashes for when they are old enough to actually WANT it. (that is IF they want it, my daughters never wanted it)

  16. Every first birthday for my first 4 children has been extremely simple with just a few friends, a cake, spaghetti, chicken tenders and salad. It is so much fun and I cherish those first birthdays. For my 5th baby I still have 11 months to have a birthday party for him. I don’t believe in the big fuss for a 1 yr old it is too much time, money and headache.

  17. small and intimate is ALWAYS the way to go. immediate family with grandparents if they are local and that’s IT! :)

  18. Those are absolutely gorgeous photos & wonderful memories. They grow up so quickly!

  19. Happy Birthday Kara!
    She is beautiful enjoy her they grow up too fast!
    I have three girls and my oldest is 25 and she is a nurse..
    God bless your Family :)

  20. We’ve went “big” for all of them except the oldest’s 4th party which happened to be 1 day after we brough his newest little brother home from the hospital. We had just one set of grandparents over & kept it simple since I could still barely walk properly from pushing out the newest big headed baby. Every other year though I have loved big parties. And especially because my boys’ birthdays are 10/19 & 10/21. It’s really the only big party we do, since I don’t host Thanksgiving or Christmas. I LOVE doing simple for Christmas though & my hubby’s birthday is 12.24! =)

  21. With my first, we did elaborate. However, now that I have four, we only do simple. It’s so better, relaxing, enjoyable, no stress, and they don’t know to miss all the frills!

  22. Happy birthday to Kara! The pictures are gorgeous and she sounds like so much fun!

  23. Happy Birthday to her. She is beautiful, and your pictures say more than 1000 words!!!

  24. We do simple birthdays for both our kids and have never regretted it :) Much to the dismay of extended family who want big feasts (I’m not interested, thank you)

  25. Zach turned one on May 12th and we were getting ready to pack up for our trip overseas to visit my husband on the 14th, so Zach didn’t even get a proper birthday party. I didn’t even make or buy him a cake or presents because we were so busy packing. I did dress him him and put a birthday hat on him but the entire day I just felt so sad and guilty that I couldn’t give him a proper first birthday.

    This year I’m going to do my best to make his second birthday rock out loud. I’m hoping his dad will be able to finally get his Visa so he can come to the US and we can finally be an actual family.

    Kara looked like she was in her own little world but I’m sure deep down she appreciated it (:

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