Dear Crissy

State of the Blog Address

Whew, what a year!

I’d like to begin by thanking those of you who’ve checked in with me via email over the past several months to make sure I’m okay.

I’m okay. We’re well, and safe, and just plugging along over here, ordering a lot of Door Dash. Thank you for caring. ♥️

Over the summer, my husband and I decided to press pause, and embark on traditional homeschooling for our kids.

It was a tough decision, as the children really love their Christian school, but it felt like the right move for our family, at this weird moment in time.

Homeschooling has been an unexpected blessing, and the slower pace has been what we’ve all needed.

With that said, I’m truly praying that the kids will be able to jump right into school in the fall. They are ready to get back to normal, and y’all, so am I!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit absent from this blog, and from my other one, too.

As it turns out, my anxiety-prone, introverted personality does not exactly qualify me to handle a global pandemic with ease. It’s been a tough year, as I know it has been for so many of you.

This year has made me so aware of the suffering of others. Dealing with world events has been challenging enough, but I know that so many people are also dealing with really hard life-events on top of everything else.

To those of you who have been impacted by the virus, my prayers and heart go out to you. Truly.

If you’re still reading, thank you, again. I’m really hoping to start sharing more yummy recipes with all of you again VERY SOON! No, really!

If you have a moment, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. A simple hello, an update on your life/year, a favorite new recipe, anything. ♥️

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  1. So happy you’re back and your family is well and safe!  Good for you taking the time to pause – much needed for all of us in these uncertain times.  Your recipes are most welcome in our household.  Take care! 🙏❤️

  2. Be safe, be well, love the ones you are with, look out for and after each other.
    Take things one day at a time, gaining strength from the day behind you.

  3. Just made the Doritos Chicken Casserole yesterday. It’s a keeper! Because we are trying to watch sodium intake, next time will use the unsalted chips and add spice with hot Rotel. Thanks for your recipes. Hope your children can go back to their Christian school. I am on Board of our Christian elementary and we have fortunately been able to remain open since Fall.

  4. So glad that you are well, I understand having to take a step back with all that has been going on in 2029 and now 2021. I am trying to keep my family safe and protected from the virus as deal with my health issues. I say a prayer each morning and night for all that have been affected by the virus. I have had family members sick with the virus and have lost some friends. Just praying that it comes to an end and we can try to learn to carry on with our new “normal”. God Bless and take care.

  5. Hello Crissy:
    I understand how you feel. We are living in very unusual times. Things are not the same and we are all overwhelmed sometimes about this Health Crisis. We have learned just to co-operate with the lock-down regulations & restrictions. All of us will have to be patient and hopefully, the future will look brighter in the World. Enjoy the Recipes in your emails.
    Best Wishes, Heather

  6. Hi! Thank you for your emails with recipes in them. They are good, the ones I’ve tried, and I appreciate it. God loves us all, as you know, so stay strong in your faith in Him! I’m glad you’re ok. I deal with the same issues, anxiety and being introverted, and it’s not easy. As I pray daily, I’ll pray for you as well. Have a great day!

  7. Hello, I hope things have calmed down and are going better this year so far!

  8. Hi! So happy to hear you are well.  This has been an upsetting, yet blessed year.  I say blessed because I think a lot of us have become thankful for the small things.  Enjoy your time with your children.  

  9. Hi Crissy 
    As I was reading a lot of people are trying to be on the cheery side, which is a good thing.
    As a couple of them has mentioned praying, faith and patience. I’m trying to get there. 
    My daughter in law is a elementary teacher. She loves teaching. Good luck with your homeschooling. love your recipes.
    Can’t wait for you to come back. Take your time. Family comes first.

  10. Thank you for the prayers, they really do help. Glad your home schooling is working well with you and things are doing OK for what we are in , Will be glad to see recipes again.

  11. Dear Chrissy,
    This has not been an easy time. Anxiety can be crippling. I speak from experience from many years. Always remember to deep breath. I so enjoy your recipes. My husband and I love your soups. We live in MA. We plan on trying many more. Our daughter loves your recipes, too!!
    Stay well. God Bless, Jean❤️

  12. I was wondering what happened. Thanks for letting everyone know.
    I have been cooking some old recipes that I learned from my Mom and Grandma, and some that they learned from me!!!!
    I have been keeping the grandchildren a lot (as usual for me) and they have been cooking as well! What fun!

  13. These days have been crazy! I thought I’d be ok because I like staying in and so do my kids – as it turns out… being TOLD to stay in and away from everyone is a lot harder than you’d think. I’m a hugger and I miss hugging those I love and I miss my extended family more than I ever thought was possible.
    It’s been odd shopping for groceries and I used to love that, it was the one thing I’d head out to do but where you can’t go out to many stores – comparing prices and getting a wicked deal is not possible.
    We’ve re-discovered the little things and the joys of watching everyone’s old shows over again.


  14. Chrissy, even if you weren’t in introvert..this year has reeked havoc on everyone’s emotional well being. It’s impossible to totally tune out the assault of ugly news and each event, riot, coronavirus update just serves another blow to your system. I’m praying you have a network of friends for sharing and loving to reassure that everything thing will come out ok. That your are worthy and loved. That God loves us so much he sent His only son to us. To live, to walk among His people, to die only to be resurrected so that our sins would be forever washed away. I don’t know how people without faith survive. I cling to my rock!
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Hello I love the recipes! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well.

  16. It has been a very difficult year. As a home child care provider I have ended up having 3 kids here doing virtual school. MY home is not my own any more with zoom calls all day long. I want school open again and not line up o get groceries. Stay well. Carrol

  17. BLESS Ya my dear! YUP let’s go forward with strength and the well deserved survival skills that helped us to endure 2020! Joyous New Year and welcome home!!!

  18. Hello!!! Love the recipes!!!!!!

  19. Glad to hear that you are ok!

  20. Hello love the recipes 

  21. Crissy it is nice to hear from you. I thank you for your prayers. Looking forward to start receiving recipes from you, Hopefully mine come out half as good.
    May God bless you and your family

  22. Hi Chrissy, 
    Thanks for the update!  I’m glad to hear that your family is faring well through these unorthodox times. I look forward to more great recipes soon!

  23. Hi Crissy, It has indeed been a difficult year for many and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. Here in Canada, the numbers haven’t been as high as the US but we are still having new cases reported daily and new deaths as well. I live in a small town and for quite a while we had no cases but somehow, someone brought it with them and we are no longer Covid free. Of course, the larger urban centers have been hit the hardest but no where is excempt. I am glad to hear you and your family are safe and doing well and were able to make the choice to home school for the year. Stay safe and I look forward to getting new recipes when you are ready to get back.

  24. I’m grateful to hear you all are well!

  25. So glad all is well, be it a little adventurous. Not an easy job, speaking as a past teacher. God’s blessings. . .take care . . .stay safe . . .and take advantage of this time to get to know your kids deeper and don’t be afraid for them to know the real you. . .a sister in God. . .Gail

  26. Chrissy, really missing your emails. Thank you so much for your kindness. Hopefully everything will get back to normal. I am praying for everyone, I had to many family members getting that virus. I haven’t seen my son and his family for over a month now. Please take care and God Bless you and your family. Thank you 

  27. I’m really glad to hear your family and you are doing well. My daughter has COVID-19 and it is a ongoing battle, she starts to get better then all of the sudden it is worse. It is scary she has a one year old who doesn’t understand why mommy can’t be with her.

  28. Hi Crissy, Lovely to hear from you again. Chin up – things will get better for all of us and we just need faith and a lot of patience.

  29. Chrissy!  So glad to hear things are getting better for you!  I’m sorry to hear you’ve struggled some.  But you mentioned prayer.  That is something I rely on everyday!  There is a bigger picture than what we see!  We have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who love us so much!!
    During this trying time we are all going through…I tend to have faith in them and hope for a better future.
    I also refuse to watch the news…there is so much negative and lies!  Continue to focus on your family and what’s important to you!  And keep blogging when you can!  You’re great at it!!

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