Dear Crissy

Happiness is a fresh strawberry


Not every day is filled with fresh strawberries, soft warm breezes, and pink ruffled dresses — but today is.

Mother’s know what they will be missing someday. We can feel the ache of yesterday in every passing moment and each toothy grin. We know that there will be a day when we look around at an empty back yard and wonder how it all went by so fast.

Stop going by so fast.

summer strawberries

We’re at this perfect stage in late spring now.

It is summer-warm, but the humidity is tolerable enough.

The mosquitos aren’t out in full force yet, and grilled anything tastes pretty much like heaven.

Oh, and then there is this. A chubby, drooling, perfectly beautiful baby. Ages 5 and 6 months are so awesome. Sure, I am a zombie mother and have no physical memory of the sensation of sleep, but I have THIS, and looking at this caliber of cuteness is enough to rejuvenate me.

my beauty

The fact that Evan is old enough to have an intelligent conversation with the 5-year-old neighbor girl about an Amargasaurus is crazy.

His days are happiest when filled with running, jumping, watering flowers and digging in a dirt pile with a spoon.


It isn’t even officially summer yet, but we’re living it up like it is.

I complain about a lot of things, but when I look at pictures like this, I am really reminded of how lucky I am that I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn and leave my kids every day to punch a time clock.

I have worked really hard to get to this point, and even though there ARE days when I have to work at home and let Nick Jr. pick up the slack, I still feel pretty proud of the amount of amazing moments I have with the kids.

summer love

Minus the spiders, summer rocks.

Are you ready for summer fun?

    19 Comments on “Happiness is a fresh strawberry”

  1. I look forward to the kids being in Day Camp. They are exhausted from the heat and playing all day. The house is so quiet. I get to sit it the backyard and enjoy the peace and quiet. As they get older I even enjoy taking to the pool. It is so funny to see them showing me how great they can swim.

  2. Oh yes I am so ready for some summer fun. I get tired of the strict regime of the school year and all the activities. Just nice to slow down and have some family fun and take a nap in the

  3. We gave me son his first strawberry yesterday and we had to take pictures because it was so cute! I don’t know if the shirt will come clean but it was so worth it! I love the pictures of him in the floatie in the pool and all of the cute tank tops we get to put on him. I am so ready for all of this summer fun! But yes, it is going by way too fast!

  4. I love summertime and strawberries. Plus strawberry picking and making preserves are so much fun too.

  5. These pictures are so cute! I love summer and strawberries!! :)

  6. I am a full time college student and only have two weeks off before I start up my summer school classes. I’m treasuring this time I have with my three year old son Daniel and make sure we do something fun everyday before I go back. Your children are beautiful!

  7. Aw, this is such a beautiful post. We all complain but it’s the moments we realize how precious life is that make it all worth it.

  8. It’s wonderful to stop every now and again and just breath and take in the GOOD in life and the world, just like you did with these amazing pictures and your beautiful family :)

    And you’re right-I never knew cuteness could fuel someone, but looking at that adorable baby face just fills your heart and makes you wanna jump up and play!

  9. cute cute pictures!! I’m totally ready for summer. But this summer needs to last forever because I’m not ready to be the mom of a kindergartener

  10. Adorable!! Will your son be going to kindergarten in the Fall?

  11. I love the “EXCITED!!!!” look on the open-mouthed flying baby. My six-month-old has that expression on her face all the time.

  12. I’m so totally ready for summer! Since I work from home as well, I completely understand where you’re coming from.

    Business generally slows down in the summer, so I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with my kids!

    And yeah – summer can keep the spiders (and bees).

  13. Thanks for the reminder that even though I may be a little sleep deprived at the moment (newborn and a 3 year old) that it is all pretty great! I love this part of summer too. The bugs aren’t out in full force yet, but its nice to be outside!

  14. what a sweet and refreshing post!! time sure does fly!!!

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