Dear Crissy

That time I invented YouTube

So, yeah. I had no absolutely nothing (and I do mean nothing, nada, zilch) to do with inventing YouTube. I joke. Big surprise there, I know.

Fun fact in my history as an internet-dinosaur, though, I was a very early YouTube adopter and was one of the first people creating personal vlogs for the site (don’t go lookin’ for them, they are deleted, because HELLO EMBARRASSMENT.)

In fact, YouTube founder Steve Chen and I even chit-chatted a bit through email, after he reached out to me letting me know he loved my videos, which were often featured in the personal blogs section.

He even implemented my suggestion for making comments threaded in 2005, and you can still see it on the old YouTube blog.

That time I invented YouTube

Yep, threaded comments were my idea. Because they never would have come around to that on their own.

Those old vlogs were pretty awful, but, I feel like an idiot for deleting them now. I am so hasty.

I really started thinking back on my vlogging history because I’ve considered doing more video content again. I feel like it’s time. I’ll probably keep feeling like it’s time right up until I see my chubby face on film. Then, not so much!

Oh, but in case I do decide to produce more videos? You can subscribe here. :)

Do you vlog?

    5 Comments on “That time I invented YouTube”

  1. Whatever Crissy, you are beautiful on camera! Go for it!!

  2. I want to vlog but I’m scared as hell to.

  3. I’ve been following some of my favorite YouTube vloggers for over 5 years now and it’s amazing to see how far they come in terms of their public speaking and video editing skills! I’m super camera shy but I’m going to start blogging soon once I get a good camera so I can improve my speech. I just have a hard time articulating my thoughts.

  4. I’ve dabbled a few times making small ones here and there. I feel like I’m not interesting or knowledgeable enough to do it on a regular basis. I usually do it because Influenster, BzzAgent, etc wants you to.

    I’ve recorded more videos than I ever published because I feel like I need to edit them, if nothing else to add title/endings to them. So then I get lazy because I just run out of time between working full time and kids, it’s hard enough to keep up with blogging but vlogging too! Yikes, no! Haha.

    I always say I will do it more…then decide against it! And I always see things going darn wish I was recording when that happened that would have been great for YouTube!

  5. I’m so shy and self-conscious that I could never do it. I even sometimes have trouble hitting “publish” on my blog. It’s amazing that I even have a blog – talk about putting myself out there!

    I admire anyone who has the courage to make a video and post it online. You’re my hero :)

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