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That’s what you get when you live in the boontoolies

The phrase in the title of this post is what my mother said to me this morning when I called her to lament the fact that we spent last night cold, and in the dark, after our power went out yet again. First off, I’ve never actually heard the word boontoolies until now, but I can only assume that it means way out in the boonies, so I accept it. This comes from a woman who was raised in the boontoolies of almost-Kentucky, Ohio; she would know.


It’s almost inevitable that if I take a deep breath and look forward to the prospect of a relaxing evening, or getting some work done on my computer, the sky is going to open up and our power will go out. While it’s true, we do live in the boontoolies, the constant power outages are really starting to get on my nerves. It’s also true that when the power goes out the weather is always either extremely cold, or extremely hot, so being in the dark also means we’ve got a freezing or a roasting baby to worry about.

Last night, instead of immediately packing up the car and taking Evan to my parents house in town, we just covered him with a million blankets (sounds safe, right?) and weathered the wind storm until the electricity thankfully blinked on sometime around 3:00 a.m.

It could have been, and very often is, worse. At least we’re not still without electricity this morning, and the power was not out long enough overnight to cost us all the food in our refrigerator, now that is a bummer when it happens.

I am crossing my fingers that we don’t have to deal with this all winter, however, I am not holding my breath.

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  2. Candles are a must! :)

  3. Our power was off for about an hour last night but not due to a storm. All I could think was “How on earth did people survive before electricity?” Glad yours didn’t stay off long enough to ruin the fridge food!

  4. That photo really captures what it must have felt like. Glad it came on before the morning. That would not have been fun. You have hardwoods? Not sure my bunny slippers would have been up to that job.

  5. I hate when we lose power! It is good that your parents are so close. I bet your little one was all nice and snug and completely clueless that the power even went out. I love your mother’s word boontoolies!

  6. Sounds cold to me…several years ago, I made hubby get a wood burning stove so we wouldn’t freeze during out outages, but last year he changed it out for a pellet stove which requires electricity to run…easier to use, but not helpful during outages longer than 8 hours…oh well!

  7. That’s a funny word. I’ll have to remember it. We live in a small town but I wouldn’t quite call it the boontoolies. :) But it is still somewhat rural out here…the first couple of years we lived here our electricity was going out what seemed like all the time. It has lessened over the last year or so…but it still happens randomly.

    • Boontoolies is a jewel, write it down! LOL.

      I never get used to the power outage stuff, that and the huge spiders!

      • Oh yea! The spiders! They were really bad around here until they started building more houses. We still get some, though. We also had mice and rabbits until they built a school behind our house. I kind of miss the rabbits. :)

  8. Wow, that stinks…Why not look into get a generator, or if you can afford or want to take on payments get the house generator…IF the power goes off boom your home system would kick right on…You would have maybe 5 mins down time….ITS NOT cheap but SOOOOOO worth the money if you go through this all the time!

    • Dottie, my husband and I were just talking about investing in a generator last night. I think it’s about time we did it!

      • oh you so wont regret it…Coming from the Hurricane capital talking from experience…Unfortunately because I live in a TownHouse I cannot have the home generator but I would given the opportunity….Good luck to you guys……

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