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Meet Louie – Our Elf on the Shelf

About two months ago, I posed a question to my Twitter friends. I asked them to tell me which Christmas books their children adore. I received several responses, but when one of my Twitter pals began telling me about The Elf on the Shelf, I knew immediately that I needed to do some more research on this book.

After spending about five minutes browsing The Elf on the Shelf website, I was placing my order, and soon enough a package arrived on our doorstep (from the North Pole, of course) containing a delightful book, and a cute yet undeniably borderline-creepy little elf. Our elf. Louie.

Did Mommy jump the gun on The Elf on the Shelf? Maybe. While Evan loves being read to, he doesn’t quite understand that this little toy should not be touched. I also feel a little guilty for choosing our elf’s name, when that was supposed to be my kid’s job. After two days of asking him what he wanted to name his elf, and being met with a blank stare, I chose a name that I knew he could pronounce perfectly. I have to admit, hearing him say “LOO-WEE” is just perfectly delicious, however, 9 times out of 10, he prefers saying, “Elf on Shelf! Elf on Shelf!” That works, too. Maybe he can just choose a name on his own next year!


A Christmas Tradition is an activity the entire family will enjoy. Based on the tradition Carol Aebersold began with her family in the 1970s, this cleverly rhymed children’s book explains that Santa knows who is naughty and/or nice because he sends a scout elf to every home. During the holiday season, the elf watches children by day and reports to Santa each night. When children awake, the elf has returned from the North Pole and can be found hiding in a different location. This activity allows The Elf on the Shelf to become a delightful hide-and-seek game.

Personally, I think Louie is sweet. I love the book, and I am looking forward to continuing this tradition each holiday season. I can only imagine that the ritual will become quite fun when Evan is old enough to really understand the story. Believing in Santa Claus is one of the brightest memories from my childhood, and quite honestly, I can’t wait to fib like crazy to my kid about Santa, flying reindeer, and magical elves for years to come!

I also wanted to note, that I’ve seen some wonderful posts from other bloggers about The Elf on the Shelf this week. In one of my favorite posts, @ComplicatedMama shares 15 Fun Creative Ideas To Hide Your Elf On The Shelf.

I asked my Twitter followers to tell me about their Elf on the Shelf. Following are some stories, and Elf on the Shelf names for your Christmas pleasure!

ELf on the Shelf Names and Musings

@SthrnFairytale Ours is named Charlie—this is his second year. The magic, fun and joy is priceless.

@gingeranderson We got it when my son was a little young (2) so he named it “elf.” I’m hoping that’s not an indicator of his future creativity. ;)

@ccnoffi We do. Our soon to be 5 yo named our Gaston. I have no idea.

@AndreaMemenas Our elf is Spike. My son named it.

@burghbaby Alexis named our Elf Chrissy because *she* is a Christmas Elf. Of course. This kid has good taste!

@Mommycosm We have an elf named Murray.

@fantasticmomma We are doing Elf On The Shelf for the first time. My kids named him Roger.

@SuburbanMatron My daughter named her elf Flower.

@hooeycritic we just started it this year – named him watson. He’s creepy.

@KristiMaristi we have an elf. He creeps me out & sits there on the shelf for 2yrs now. We have never even opened the book that goes w/ it. <— kind of died laughing on this one.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? If not, which books are special for your family during the holiday season? Oh, and while we’re talking about Twitter, did you know that you can follow @ElfonShelf? Yep!

I highly recommend purchasing an The Elf on the Shelf for your little one this holiday season, it is truly a special and fun family tradition!

    35 Comments on “Meet Louie – Our Elf on the Shelf”

  1. Louie is such a cute name! Ours is named Buddy.

  2. U named my. Cristy short for Christmas

  3. We named ours Elfis, a mix between Elvis and Elf. He likes to eat candy Kisses from our fridge, and drink my moms wine. He was playhing on the computer this morning.

  4. we named our elf joe but his real name is billybob joes short for billybob

  5. This is our 1st year w our Elf on the Shelf…our elfs name is Elfis Presley. Our child loves him already!

  6. im brianna and im 9. i am getting an elf today! im going to name it clause because of santa clause and its a perfect name for an elf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these elfs are cool because my friend marissa has one and it rocks and makes you get up and find it!!!

  7. I’m trying to find a name for my elf, and can’t wait to start this tradition! But, I’m not paying $30 for a creepy elf and a book! I LOVE the concept though, so instead I bought a cute elf at Hobby Lobby for $7 and I’m gonna name him so that the elf doesn’t just appear one year without a name. So as far as my son knows, he’s always been with us (my son is only 7 months old). I’m sure the story is cute, but money is tight and that elf is creepy.

  8. hello i just got an elf today, any name suggestions?

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  12. This is our first year with Elfie. The kids love him and talk to him and he is always on the move. He has left his mark around the house. He has partied with barbies and tracked toilet paper all over the house. He has also left the kids surprises on days that they listen to mommy. Elfie is awesome

  13. This toy was recently recommended to me by someone who said their child loves looking for the elf on the shelf.

  14. This is our first year with Elfie. The kids love him. He moves every night and has gotten into some trouble around the house. Partying with barbies and stringing toilet paper around the house but he is leaving small treats for the kids and we are amazed that he has gotten the kids to actually go along with his plan…To Behave

  15. You are a very capable person!

  16. Oh I need to get one of these!!!

  17. @DaddysDown Ours is Conner, because my 4 year old has a boy named Conner in her Pre-K class that she likes. Conner (the boy not the elf) better watch out. That’s my little girl. ;)

  18. This is our second year with our Elf, Pickles. This might sound terrible but we’re right in the middle of potty training and Pickles is a miracle worker. After every potty trip, our son Campbell runs to Pickles and tells him to go tell Santa.

    This book was worth every penny. Our boys absolutely love it and it makes Christmas that much more fun.

  19. It’s official, I hate The Bump lol. Crocheted blankets? Seriously?

  20. Ok – you’ve convinced me! I’m heading out to the store tonight to get one! I’ve heard a lot of good things, and can’t wait to start this new family tradition!

  21. Our Elf is named Markle and he joined our family last year. I did a post about him too. It is lots of fun and when he is older, it does help him behave :)

  22. I have Heard so much about this little dude in my short time being a blogger and have never heard of him before this. I think it sounds like something aim going to have to check out!

  23. This is our 3rd year with Murray. He arrives the day after Thanksgiving and goes back to the North Pole on Christmas night. He sometimes forgets to go home at night and relocate. *ahem* I’ve been assured this is because he either didn’t have anything new to report or the weather was bad.
    Definitely follow @ElfonShelf on Twitter. They let me know what Murray was doing before he arrived this year. The kids loved getting the updates.

  24. Thanks for the kind words and link up!

    Don’t feel guilty about choosing your elf’s name… I wish I had done that- or like you said, waited…. Now, its too far gone… He is forever “Elf THE shelf”, registered at The North Pole and everything. So very official. :)

  25. We are doing the Elf on the Shelf for the first time this year too! Pretty fun….as our Elf “Charlie” made his first appearance the day after Thanksgiving!

  26. OMgoodness- those elf’s have been around forever!!!! I will clue ya in, they are earlier than the 70’s!
    I remember when I was little in the 60’s we had one of the things, and I know my husband had one at his house because we found it when cleaning out his Mom’s house.
    They are creepy… the old ones had this little sinister plastic/rubber face, and our was stuffed with sawdust type junk but it basically looked the same with the long arms and legs *come to think of it I still might have the one my Mom had around)
    The story was basically the same- this elf would tattle if you were being bad.
    Maybe it got put in book form in the 70’s.
    Ha! Even will name it something eventually- we called ours ratfink behind it’s back- my Mom called it some cute name.

  27. My nephew has one named Townsend and the only difference is Townsend is a naughty elf and he does mischievous acts at night while Brandon sleeps…..Brandon told me this last weekend that Townsend was very naughty the night before because he had unrolled a roll of toliet paper all in the living room….Brandon had to clean up the mess to teach Townsend that he was being naughty! Now he has a naughty reindeer this year and his name is Paws! I really enjoy Brandon telling me the story of his elf and the reindeer!

  28. My friend did this with her kids last year and I thought it was so sweet. Every time I came over her son would show me the elf.

  29. Ah, thanks for using my Twitter reply. We started this tradition last year and on December 1st, Gaston will make his way back to our house from the north pole (okay, out of the closet). My kids love the Elf on a Shelf!

  30. This is the first year with our Elf on a Shelf. He is scheduled to make his first appearance on Wednesday. Let’s just hope I get over this cold before then or he might be a day late. ;)

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