Dear Crissy

The house of snot

What is infinitely worse than a nasty cold? Your kid having a nasty cold, too.

Cold and Flu

Writing a blog post with general complaints about the common cold isn’t really something that I would normally entertain the thought of doing, however, when your family is in the fog of sickness, it’s really hard to focus on anything else. I have literally piles of work sitting in front of me, and right now, it’s hard to stay focused on any one thing for more than a moment at a time.

While Evan and I are both suffering with cold symptoms including sore throat, congestion, and a cough, it seems like he’s handling it a lot better. He’s till running around the house, smiling, and laughing between sneezing fits. He has moments when he runs out of energy and curls up in a ball on the sofa to grumble, but generally, it’s business as usual. I mean, this house isn’t going to look like a cyclone hit it on it’s own, you know?

If there is one thing that a toddler hates more than having his teeth brushed, or his hair combed, it is having his runny nose wiped. I’m pretty sure that most of my energy reserve has been spent in the pursuit of a little guy who absolutely loathes having his drippy nose maintenanced.

Personally, I feel like I need to take some Nyquil, crawl into bed, and sleep for about three days. Actually, three hours would probably do the trick.

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  1. you should try wiping the noses of 8 or so toddlers,i work in my church nursery and im always wiping

  2. :( We had a house guest come and stay unexpectedly and bring his flu with him. Needless to say both the husband and I caught it and missed a big event we were looking forward to all year! Hugs to you — we feel your pain! LOL

  3. Stopping by to let you know that I have given you an award. You can check it out here.

  4. Hope you feel better soon!
    My 10-month-old son had a temperature for the first time the other day, and I felt so bad for him because he really would have liked to play but didn’t understand why he didn’t have the energy for it… And today we’re both sick with a cold. Wiping his nose is hard indeed, especially with a tissue – he would prefer to hug me and blow my nose on my shirt instead! Eww!

  5. Yeah, I hate when the girls are sick. They will never willingly let me wipe their nose. I practically have to hold them down just to do it. I hope you all feel better soon!

  6. You just described the last 14 days of my life perfectly. I have decided that being sick and having two small sick kids to look after is my definition of hell. Several times over the past two weeks I have looked around and thought, here I am trapped in a hell that is literally of my own creation. Sigh. We are FINALLY feeling better, though the kids’ runny noses just keep lingering on. Yuck.

    Hang in there. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  7. Gosh, feel better soon. It’s not easy for a kid to be under the weather, coupled with parents. Difficult. Sending hugs :)

  8. Hope you and little guy feel better very soon ;)

  9. I will be the first to admit that I’m more of a baby when I’m sick than my son. It’s sad, really. :)

  10. Oh, Crissy! While I feel so bad for you, your title made me laugh. I have been down this road before and it is no fun at all when you all have it. I remember one time I was in bed with 2 of my little ones who also had it. I wish I was nearby to bring chicken soup!

  11. You could always just tape a big wad of Kleenex under his nose and call it a day….

    I kid, I kid…..(of course) :)

    Hope you both have a speedy recovery!

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