Dear Crissy

The official gender reveal!

I’ve been openly discussing the gender of our new baby on Twitter and Facebook for a week, however, I know that there are probably some folks who missed the gender announcement!

So, while I won’t make you read the whole story to get in on the big gender reveal, you should!

That said… we are having a little….


Girl Ultrasound Photo

I honestly have no idea what I’m looking at here, but they tell me it spells girl. Boy ultrasounds are so much easier to read!

The long, frustrating backstory

On August 2nd, I happily visited my OB for the mid-pregnancy anatomy scan. You know, the BIG ULTRASOUND, the one where you are supposed to walk out knowing if you’re having a little boy, or a little girl? Well, my husband and I walked out happy with the knowledge that baby looked healthy, however, his or her legs were crossed, obstructing a good read on the gender.

What we didn’t mention to anyone except my parents, was that while the ultrasound tech said repeatedly that she really couldn’t get a clear shot, she thought that maybe, just maybe, it was a girl. She even printed a photo showing what she thought was the vagina, and she typed “GIRL BABY” on the image. She then said she was 60% sure that it was a girl based on this quick glimpse, and said she would try again in a MONTH. SIXTY PERCENT? That’s not much better than what I could gleam from a coin flip!

I also couldn’t help but think about how funny it was going to be if the baby was a boy, and we had this “GIRL BABY” ultrasound photo to tease him with when he was old enough to face a little friendly family ridicule.

I was pretty disappointed. The next day I made some calls around Columbus to see if I could get an appointment at a 3d/4d elective ultrasound boutique. I was surprised to find that they are all far busier than what they were in 2009, and most places told me they were booked up for over a month! I was finally able to get an appointment last Monday at First Expressions in Columbus, and my dad volunteered to drive me up for the appointment (couldn’t risk another lost day of work for my husband.)

A second chance for baby to cooperate

As the ultrasound began, once again, I felt like I might be walking out of an office with zero satisfaction. The technician said that baby was breech, legs were crossed, and also that I have and anterior placenta which was going to affect the overall quality of 3d/4d images. Great! Then, she told me that she was pretty sure which gender our baby was, and she called in one of the other technicians to see if she could coax baby into a better position.

The second tech said that she could very easily see what we were having, and she blurted out, “I am 150% sure that this is a little GIRL! No question, this is a little girl.” Of course, my response was, “Are you sure?” Ha! I was reassured again, and again, that this is most certainly an ornery little girl baby!

I would have been absolutely thrilled with a boy, or a girl, but, it was definitely exciting to find out. A girl! What a change… I am so accustomed to BOY!

I mean, I have already started buying adorable little baby girl things, just look at these Hello Kitty Newborn BabyLegs. UGH!

Hello Kitty BabyLegs

Moms of girls, what can I expect?

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  1. That is very exciting! We just found out we are expecting again (#5-already have 4 boys) and we are thinking pink… but will be thrilled either way!! Congrats to you and I love your blog!

  2. congratulations! my ‘baby girl’ just got married in january…she is 27 and she is my heart! you have alot of wonderful memories to make with your daughter! congratulations!

  3. Awww! Congrats to you!!!

  4. Congrats to your little girl, Crissy!

    Emerson it is, then? :)

  5. Your very own Doll! tea parties, dress up and much more! Congratulations! Those HK baby legs are adorable!

  6. Can’t compare having a girl to having a boy, because I only have 1 and she’s a girl, but oh my, how she rocks! Congratulations!

  7. I have a 3 yr old son and when I became pregnant with our 2nd child, I was secretly hoping for a girl. I played that “Oh as long as it is healthy” kind of thing, but when the ultrasound tech told me I was having a girl, I couldn’t help but scream out “OH my gosh, really? Yeah, I wanted a girl so bad!” Then I thought that if they were wrong, I would feel so horrible, but oh well, it worked out and they weren’t wrong.


  8. I have two girls and love it! There will probably be a “pink” phase, but it passed very quickly here. Girls are more whiny than boys (it seems to me), but less punchy-fighty. And having been a girl myself (duh), there are so many fun things to do with little girls (you could do them with boys too, of course, but many boys wouldn’t be interested I guess – making jewellery, painting toenails, playing dress up, having tea parties, colouring, pressing flowers…). My girls are now 9 and 7 and it’s great. We have our “moments”, giving me an insight into what the coming years may bring, but we’re close and have such fun, bopping away to Katy Perry or Glee, making our home pretty. They’re reasonably girly girls, but not too much, and that’s perfect for me (my younger girl seems convinced she’s a hybrid of Tinkerbell and Zorro, and she loves Lego and Beyblade tops). Congratulations! Girls are a lot of fun (and their clothes are nicer to buy!)!

  9. When I was pregnant, I waited until the birth of our child to find out what the gender was. I was prepared for it to be a boy, but I so wanted a girl. When I was told after I delivered (at home with a midwife–yes, it can be done!) that I had a girl, I was so happy, I can’t even tell you! She has been the best thing in the world for me. I thought she would be someone I could dress up and play dolls and house with. Nope. She is a tomboy! A girly girl like me had a tomboy!!

  10. Congratulations. :) As far as what to expect, FLOUNCINESS. I love my little girl (she’s almost seven), but dear god does she get flouncy and pouty. She’s oh-so-sweet though, so I can overlook the dramatics most of the time. ;)

  11. Congratulations!

    I have a 5yo boy and a 3yo girl, and my daughter by FAR has the bigger attitude. She definitely has the female, emotional pouty and petulant thing going on. You will never be able to escape pink, no matter how hard you try. You will be surrounded by fairies and glitter and hairclips. There will be dancing. There will be lots of tenderness and caring and hugs and kisses. Little girls are very different to little boys. Except when they are exactly the same.

    You will have a ball.

  12. One of each is great, that is what I have. Girls are so fun to dress up though.
    Also my daughter just had a baby girl 5 months ago and she had two ultrasounds too.
    Same thing happened with her, Lily had her legs crossed but the second time she
    said she was just about positive it was a girl.
    Congrats and best wishes!

  13. Congrats on the little pink one!! I think you can expect to swoon over pretty dresses, hai accessories and all things girly. When she grows bigger you can hang out doing lots of fun things like doing each others hair and nails.

  14. It gets worse! As the mom of a boy and a girl, I adore both, but have far too much fun (and have spent far too much money) on fun girl clothes. Often, we spend money on things I’m sure she can live without.

    Plus, G adores his little sister and has taken it upon himself to be her guardian. No one makes her laugh like he does, and she adores him, as well!


  15. Gratss!!!!!

  16. Girls are great but tend to idolize thier fathers. A boy is great because he tends to be crazy about his mom, but boys are more destructive. Either way, its a win win. (I wish I had had a boy.)

  17. Congrats! :-) SO excited for you!

  18. Wonderful! He’ll have a little sister! I only have a girl, but from what I see with my 6 boy nephews (all 7 and under) – girls are easier :) At least so far it seems like I have it so easy with a girl! Funny thing, she isn’t expensive to raise (yet). All her clothes are hand me downs, she loves them, she never complains, and she doesn’t really know what clothes shopping is yet (will be 3 in January). Though she LOVES to dress up, I provide her plenty of fun stuff for that!

  19. How nice ~ congratulations ~ I am sure she will be as pretty in pink as your are.
    My best wishes!!

  20. Congrats Crissy, I had guessed right !

    I love girls ! Better yet your husband is going to be a big sucker for this one !

    Just watch ! It’s so true with dad’s and girls

  21. Congrats! Girls are fun, altho I’m DYING for a boy haha. Well, for girls, lets just say be prepared to spend a lot of money because there are SO MANY cute girl things out there you won’t be able to control yourself, haha. Dressing up lil’ girls is so much fun, I’m on a headband kick right now for my second girl. Love ’em!

  22. Congrats!!! We aren’t revealing the gender yet of our little one on the wide web, but we both have a lot in common, mom to boys, and I too have an anterior placenta I’m a bit worried about.

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

  23. My daughter’s legs were crossed during our big ultrasound too!! So we weren’t able to find out if she was a girl or boy until she was born. I was devastated!! My son on the other hand was spread-eagle, lol. I don’t really have any advice on having a girl, but in my own experience, my daughter was 10x’s easier (my son wouldn’t let anyone BUT me hold him).

  24. Whining and lots of it! LOL But they cuddle more and givemore kisses!

  25. oh congrats!! Little girls are so much fun (I should know since I’ve got 3!). Really I can’t tell you what to expect differently, because I don’t know what it’s like to have a boy. Prepare to fall in love with pinks and purples, and dressing them up is always fun. Doing hair, etc. Girls are a joy.

  26. Yay!! Congrats to you and the family! I somehow, guessed “SHE” :)

  27. Congrats!! I only have one child… a girl and just wait for the natural drama to come in!! I think someone is giving Alex drama lessons : ) I was told that girls are way more emotional and dramatic and didn’t think anything about it until now when Alex can talk and walk and it is so funny watching her!! Hopefully we will get a boy next time!! Congrats again!! I am sure she is going to melt your heart!!

    What can you expect? lots and lots and lots of pink, frilly crap but i guess you’re okay with that! ;D

  29. Oh, Crissy, I am so happy for you! Little girls are so much fun! Hairbows, and ribbons, and tutus, and pink, SO MUCH PINK!!! The toys are different, the attitudes are the same, but about different things. Girls are more detailed. Boys are so ‘outside’. Take care though…my youngest girl was so much like my boys it was ridiculous. Such a tomboy. Every child is different, just like….themselves. Take them that way and enjoy every minute is the only advice I would give.

  30. How very exciting for you Crissy! Congratulations, little girls are so much fun!!!!

  31. Congratulations again!!! I love Hello Kitty btw. :)

  32. I have one of each. My son is a week older than Evan and very much “all boy”, just like Evan. My daughter is 19 YEARS old. I am constantly amazed at how alike and how different my children are. Girls are definitely less-destructive, though I wouldn’t necessarily say less active. And my son changes his clothes multiple times a day just because he can do it himself – so no differences there. Oh, you will be happy to know that girls will actually pose for pictures. Other than that they are both wonderful, both special, and every one of them is unique. So happy for you (and glad I guessed right!). Congratulations!

  33. You can expect to go broke, And we didn’t do the girly girl thing with my daughter, she did it on her own. I was trying to keep her away from the wearing a dress everyday but it came. She is 3 and refuses to where anything not pink or purple. Little girls are fun though. So much fun!

  34. I knew it!!!

  35. We are having a girl too! So excited!!!!!

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