Dear Crissy

This is Kara

I take all of these photos of the kids, and then hold onto them with the intention of adding them to relevant blog posts.

The problem is, those blog posts sometimes never materialize, and all I really wanted to do was share a photo all along.

So — here is this one.

This is Kara, through and through.

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  1. Your daughter is gorgeous! I’m sure someone already asked but I can’t find it anywhere, what DSLR do you use?

  2. Beautiful picture, beautiful baby. Sometimes short posts with pictures are the best posts of all!

  3. She is absolutely adorable!!

  4. She is so cute…..Love how all you have to do is look at a baby and you just have to smile.

  5. Absolutely adorable. I LOVE the dress!

  6. And she is adorable! :) LOVE the personality. :) I don’t blog, but I DO take TONS of photos of my girls with full intention of posting them and sharing with our far away family–it just takes so long to post them all. ;) Maybe I should endeavor a photo a day–that wouldn’t take too long . . . Right? :)

  7. Now that’s a joyful smile!

  8. Look at that smile – and those eyelashes! She is absolutely adorable. :)

  9. I love it! She’s such a happy little girl!

  10. Oh my gosh she is just lovely, that smile is infectious. Aren’t we so blessed to have such wonderful children in our lives…thank you for sharing with us, your followers!

  11. She sure is a cutie!

  12. So cute!! I have a Kara also but she will be 30 this year…

  13. Awww, she’s got the prettiest eyes :)

  14. Sweet! Such a happy girl! I love her dress, too!

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