Dear Crissy

This is motherhood


This is motherhood. Funny thing? This was one beautiful, shining moment amidst a day of tantrums. Tantrums are motherhood, too.

This photo makes me incredibly happy. I told Evan to smile at the camera, and he did it! How crazy is that?

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  1. Motherhood is the best…every minute of every day!

  2. Cute pic. The thing I have found through the years of mommyhood…just when you have a tantrum throwing day (mom too), when you look at them asleep in their beds later that night, you just want to climb in with them and tell them you’re sorry how the day went and that you’re sorry you ever thought they were less than perfect. I just love that part.

  3. If my hair looked that good on a day full of tantrums I would be one happy mama! :) seriously. You have cute hair!

  4. Those shining moments make the rest do-able. Loving your new look!

  5. LOVE this picture! Tantrums and Shining moments… yep, sounds like motherhood to me! Love it!

  6. aww such a cute and touching photo :) wish i could get mine to sit long enough for a nice picture!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!


  8. You are so beautiful! This is a fabulous picture.

  9. What an incredibly cute photo!! <3

  10. what a gorgeous photo! i need to take more pics of my kids with me – i am always wanting to go hide behind the camera.

  11. Beautiful!

  12. Another beautiful shot. He looks identical to you in this picture!

  13. yet another lovely photo! and it’s so true isn’t it….somedays the shiny moments are often surrounded by not so shiny ones, but it’s all part of the job and it’s an amazing one! just need to take it in strides. have a lovely weekend!

  14. Great moment caught on film. I love when the lovey-ness kicks back in after a rough patch in the day, especially a random hug.

  15. How cute! This photo surely warms my heart ♥

  16. This is a beautiful picture! It seems like whenever I get to the point of feeling like nothing is going right in a day with my kids, they do something little that totally warms my heart. Being a mom is such a one-of-a-kind wonderful experience!

  17. Beautiful photo Crissy. Wish all days wereas sweet as the smiles in the photos we take but you said it great, it’s all part of Momhood :)

  18. aww so cute! I love when they listen to you and you don’t think they will at all!

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