Dear Crissy

Three weeks old

Three weeks ago today, at this very time actually, I was walking into the Labor & Delivery unit at my local hospital, and was hours away from holding my newborn. I had been having contractions for several hours, and the pain was becoming progressively worse. I was scheduled to have a c-section due to Evan being breech, however, I am actually glad that I had the chance to experience labor to some extent. I had contractions for 15 hours, and while I only made it to 6cm before going in for surgery, it gave me some perspective and at least a taste of a natural birth experience.

I can’t believe my newborn is 3 weeks old

He has already changed so much. He seems so much bigger, and he is certainly stronger! His little arms and legs kick and punch so hard that it’s hard to hold him at times!

Taking care of a newborn is such a challenge. I am exhausted, and have no real grasp on time and place. My life is like one continuous run-on sentence, punctuated with diapers, changes of clothes, feedings, and more diapers. That said, I am already sad at the thought of him moving out of this phase. He is so precious and and small. I know that this time is going to be gone before I know it.

I am a hundred times more emotional now than I was when I was pregnant with him, newborns are intense!

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